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Lol, reedo in an undercover jacket
I have worn my calf DR in both a snowstorm and now an ongoing storm/hurricane and the jacket looks just as fine as when I got it, if not even better. YMMV if your jacket is lamb, though.
Tried taking a photo outside, didn't work, had to edit a lot.
I got mine today. They are an amazing deal, the leather on mine is supersoft and the construction seems to be bulletproof. The only slight annoyance I've noticed about seems to be that they are a bit hard to put on, but that could be because of my high arch.
Yeah, I'm into that bedouin/whatever middle-eastern steeze, just don't know how to explain the geographican entity of the outfit, as the theme is supposed some geographical location or person(s). I need an alibi people
What theme would dropcrotch wool pants, white shirt and blazer be? Going to a theme party, want to look good.
I got a brand new pair for 260 shipped at B&S, but apparently New Zealand post is run by a pack of snails as its been two weeks and the parcel hasn't even entered the country yet.
Would like to buy your Common Projects sneakers in size 42. Preferrably white in colour and the models as listed in the title. Cheers!
Yeah, regarding the AS footwear I have a pair of distressed oxfords that actually is really decent shoes once worn in. Wore them to a Dillon Francis gig one night and that made them super soft, sole is tough too, stepped/hopped on tons of glass and it's still going strong. I also bought some sneakers which I thought looked like Carpe Diem sneakers or whatever, which were kind of a let down though, but again the quality in leather isn't bad compared to the price I paid for...
New Posts  All Forums: