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The jeans are fine, relax. There's nothing dad-like about the fit at all. I'm picking up my tailored washed out 501s from the tailor today, gon be good Besides, the washed out jeans fit perfectly in with the Our Legacy aesthetic.
How are you liking the generous fit jacket?
Literally cried tears of joy when Rosicky scored
The Our Legacy webshop declared my package in Euros and not in SEK, leaving me with a customs bill 3x the value of the ordered items The worst part is, I actually have to pay up since FedEx already have paid for the predeclared value, and I have to go through the customs with my case to get a refund
Kent $ is one of the few posters I wish would post less
I miss miran
^ The great sweat is exactly what the name suggests; a great sweat.
More Our Legacy I'm seriously considering only buying Our Legacy and the occasional Ervell piece from here on. The OL fabrics are amazing for the prize you pay, and along with Ervell the brands are just cool in general.
Oh how I regret not buying this season's bomber
The pictures are from their lookbook Yep. Really excited about them
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