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Going to Copenhagen on monday, it better be over 10 degrees by then. Was -5 degrees over here this morning, any temperature with a double digit is gonna feel tropical now
wow thats a very feminene looking dude then
you know that's womans ss right
Nice avatar ! They are doing checked shirts this season, check out their site and tbs for examples.. I agree though, still think A/W11 was their best season for shirts
[[SPOILER]] Pants are too tight and makes the shoes look humongous, hat doesn't work as well I'm afraid. The jacket does also look a bit too small.
most of the times I just stick with doing the opposite of what sf recommends. It's the best way
FWIW I'm probably getting the soles on my pair resoled on the cost of the store so I'm very happy with that. On the other hand, had I not gone to the step of contacting the store about the problems I've had with the boots in wintery conditions I would have been left with a pair of boots that is useless in snow. By that conclusion, a pair of boots bought in the a/w season that I cannot use for most of the season. I'm not using them for hiking, mountaneering etc. either,...
I was looking for a day to day winter boot that would at the same time look good and at least perform adequately in snow, WIth the sole that is currently on the boots, only the looks requirement is fulfilled. I have hiking boots for hiking, but they are too clunky to wear every day with jeans etc. So I guess the only utility I was looking for was to be able to walk in snowy conditions, and at the same time keep me adequately warm, which I don't think the shoes are making...
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