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I'd personally NOT get a messenger bag ... even though I use one all the time. But I get compliments on mine sometimes, its made by Roots. They're in your price range anyway.
You want to do this because you're annoyed she's banging him on the side, not banging you on the side. Yes?
Those shoes are pretty bad.
I'll also mention since you asked for 'quality' that 200 bucks for a half canvassed suit seems pretty good.
BB fitzgerald is a pretty young cut, especially if you slim it in a bit. Last I checked they had clearance fitzgerald cotton suits for $200. Been considering getting one.
I did not notice a weight difference from my Raybans.
Ordered 6 recently. Got them in about 2 weeks. The only drawback is that there is no visible logo to let everyone know what fine socks I have. I remedied this by removing the turkish stamps on the package, and then pinning them to my socks. I've been getting knowing nods from other well hosed gentlemen during my morning commute.
Keep in mind that goodyear welted shoes are resoleable, so assuming you care for them properly, they'll live longer then the 50 pound shoes. Does it fully offset the price? Maybe not, but over time, the price difference between low end goodyear welted shoes and cheap shoes is probably small. As for ties, I'm fussier with when I'll spend on them now compared to what I see in stores. If I were wearing ties more, I'd have already picked up a sam hober grenadine and...
If my size 10's don't fit, I'll flip then easily then, heh. Like the burnishing. I'm planning on hitting them with some medium brown.
Ordered a pair in the reddish brown. Sadly I won't be able to report on them till october since they're going to be a birthday gift.
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