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Quote: Originally Posted by Amelorn Most American men have forgotten the great breadth and diversity of shoes available. The problem is that other shoes are simply much less comfortable than sneakers. Most american men don't care about being stylish, they just want to be comfortable. I personally only wear sneakers when I am either at the gym or running, but when it comes to comfort, I prefer my New Balance running shoes over any of my more...
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town i happen to agree. other than A&F being a stereotypical frat boy/high school thing, i've always felt their clothes are pretty decent quality. i've had tees, polos, sweaters, and jeans. i don't like the style anymore now that I am an adult, but i can still appreciate that the clothes are built better than the other mall brands. My college experience is that A&F is the mark of someone not in a fraternity. ...
Yep, I know nothing about the UK law school system. Perhaps the legal job market isn't so harsh there. I was simply pointing out that fresh off of acquiring 100k debt would not be a good time to start a business. Glad to hear that isn't the case.
I have big4 accounting friends in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver, DC, and NYC. It seems like you can do that awful job for meager pay in whichever city you'd like.
Why the hell did you go to law school if you want to make a startup? You probably need to spend the summer working in a law job if you want any hope of being hired. I assume your parents are paying for the school and thus you don't have any debt?
Austin is pretty unbeatable in this department, but outside of high tech and government the demand for entry level jobs far outweighs the supply. Baltimore looked lovely in "The Wire"
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 if it's you just find math "boring", but "easy", stay with it. the first 2 years is hell. it weeds out the people that aren't cut out for it. if you are having difficulties with the math, then it's probably not for you. Agree with both posters above. I was always extremely good at "high school math" and did well in Calculus, but in the harder math classes I struggled. Luckily in actual engineering...
Quote: Originally Posted by krnxbab0 OP, I was just curious as to what major you were in undergrad. If not a troll I think EE or possibly CS are the only majors that could result in those choices.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Awww, so I guess one shouldnt send an email fucking them and telling them they are dumbasses who dont know what they are missing and will live to regret their mistake in not hiring oneself when their company go down in flames due to their complete incompetence. Never said I haven't taken that route with a different company!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I sent it after the interview- I would only reply to their rejection if it was positive and personalized, such as the company about 6 months or so back that wanted to hire me and another vastly senior applicant both. In that case, it's worth a little effort since it might pay dividends in the future. I've had a rejection that led to a job offer a few months later. It was a similar situation where they were...
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