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I have a pair of APC NS that I like a lot in terms of quality and construction. They are exactly the amount of nice-ness I want. However, the rise is a little too low for my body type, and I would prefer something that fits more like a pair of 501s. Please recommend me something that is at the level of price and quality as the APCs, but with the 501-ish fit (most importantly higher rise than the NS) Thanks!
I'm an EE, not petroleum, so I know little about petroleum specific topics, but in most cases the math in different branches of engineering is analogous. I don't think you can project success as an engineer from a single calculus course. There are plenty of good engineers that did poorly in the first calculus class, and there are plenty of people that got A's in calculus who would get destroyed by a full engineering curriculum.That being said, I think pretty much...
Lol well said Harvey. If it were me, I'd probably be a little more vague and just send an email such as: "Dear X, I was reviewing my resume and realized that there was an error in my employment history. I started at company X in 2011, not 2010. I am not certain if this error is on the copy I sent to you, but I wanted to go ahead and clarify this just to be sure." Not suggesting that this is the best route, it's simply want my natural instinct would be.
Move to North Dakota and work on a rig. You will have some life experiences and make very good money. Pay off your debts, save up cash, and figure out what you really want to do in life. Hopefully by then you will have enough of a cusion to make the neccessary investment into your new plan. I dont see how you can live in NYC and do anything but pay rent without a college degree.
I have the Fidelity Investment Rewards. It's 1.5% cash back for the first $15k/year and then 2% after that. The only catch is that the cash back has to go into a fidelity account. Personally I just dump it into my ROTH to help me reach the $5k/year limit. I believe you can put it in a regular investment account and immediately withdraw but not sure. I buy almost everything on the card (including bills when I can) and pay it off every month. I'm pretty happy with it,...
My experience is that you can rely on tenants to trash to place regardless of what their occupation is. A goal in terms of home improvement should be to make it indestructible (for instance, have tile floors instead of carpet.) A good thing about a college location is that they may be reliable on rent (usually have steady loans or parent support.) One thing that is tricky is tenants with seasonal type of work such as construction.A bad part of a college dominated area...
My bad, I wrote my reply a few hours after I read the thread.
I recommend Iwillteachyoutoberich.com. I have mixed feelings about the "earn more money" portion (it has good advice but it is also a sales pitch), but the personal finance stuff is all gold. One of the principles is to do exactly the opposite of what a previous poster said. Pay yourself first with automatic savings systems, then spend the money that's left on whatever makes you happy. Don't worry about saving money by using horrible toilet paper. This is styleforum...
Exactly! I really like the NYT analogy.
My point isn't really to suggest that students of exceptional intelligence who are seeking a degree in the humanities should instead become mechanics. However, It's a readily observable fact that such programs don't prepare students for employment (nor are they intended to), and in contrast to past decades, employers are significantly less willing to take on entry-level employees with no relevant skill set.
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