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Please tell me that's a Goonies reference?
Two amazing new brown things this week. Ravello Chukkas and some Handy Sazerac! Life is goooood.
Another vote for the shell wallet from Ashland - this is the "Black Marble"... it sits in my front pocket with my keys sometimes (!) and is the perfect way to carry my custom "Blade Runner" bank cards (said with a straight face). It's hopefully the last wallet I will ever buy. I adore it.
Just came back from a trip to Paris and the South of France (The Gers). I took my LeatherSoul Navy and Tan Saddles (keeping the dog poo off of them while in Paris was no small feat - they don't talk about THAT in the travel guides) and their Vintage Indy boots (which got very muddy stomping around Carcassonne, St Puy, etc etc etc!). I have to brush the dried earth from the nubuck... but now they have been to "exotic" locales like my old 405s, which I'd always take to...
Got these in last night from Need Supply. My Christmas present from the wife (I got them early, too!) - she is the BEST.
That's what I figured, thanks. I called them up and the guy said they will match the antique edgetrim, which sounds good to me!
Heh, I did think about plugging it up with goo, but I also adore these shoes and am happy to give them a rest and rotate in something else while it goes away for repairs. I assume the perfectly circular blow out was due to lot and lots of walking on concrete? I think I twist my foot a little when I walk, so I'm sure I ground the leather down. But the hole is indeed weird. It wasn't like that when I wore them last since I give my soles a quick check when I put my shoes on...
There are, but I don't know the reputation of any of them.
Was about to wear my favorite Alden saddles to work today, and noticed this HOLE in the sole. It's strange, like a cavernous void - you can stick your finger inside and underneath/around the hole very easily, as if it's a sinkhole where the silt/gravel/backfill has washed away. Is that a normal result of the sole "blowing out"? I'd like your advice on where to send this for a resole. I read that Alden takes "forever", and I really do love this antique edgetrim. B. Nelson...
Just got my NRO shells, finally. First day wearing them!
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