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Read the entire book over the past two days, and I concur with the comments previously made by other posters (have to admit I only gave the pre-hab chapter a cursory glance): 1. The book is an account of what has worked specifically for Tim. YMMV significantly. 2. A bunch of different topics are covered (great breadth) and they're all pretty fascinating, but the audience would be better served if the book went into greater detail on some of the subjects rather than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Leather I doubt the original tPF was made with malice. Poitron just isn't that bitchy. Its actually rather common to post blogs and other forum posts as a way to get conversation started - and think of how many dozens of threads there are about bad customer service. I think this one exploded as dramatically as it did is because SF is occasionally aware of tPF, especially after the Debacle of '07. There...
Happy except that I had to go back 331 posts to find your post from yesterday.
In bc I read every last post in this threak.
Price Drop...$65
Long time lurker, first time posting in B&S. I have an e-gift card for Sears ($88.14) which I'd be happy to sell for $70. I don't really have anything else I need to purchase at Sears this holiday season, so hopefully someone can take advantage of this. Will provide card number and PIN to first buyer that pays through Paypal. Check my feedback as a buyer in the buyers and sellers feedback thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stokely That's how you keep a bitch. She try to that helicopter into the back of her head. She ain't going nowhere after that. Gift Giving 101. ^+2
76 - you worry someone might find your WAYWRN porn folder on your computer and start to ask questions.
PM on #5
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