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Price Drop. $35
have an e-gift card for Sears ($51) which I'd be happy to sell for $40>$35. I don't really have anything else I need to purchase at Sears this holiday season, so hopefully someone can take advantage of this. Will provide card number and PIN to first buyer that pays through Paypal. Send any questions.
Selling a size 52 Charcoal Burberry Peacoat, NWT and garment bag on ebay...ends Saturday:
Selling a Sears e-gift card with $51.25 on it. Usable in store or online. Asking $40. PM if interested.
What would be the most appropriate B&S subforum for me to sell a charcoal Burberry peacoat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex C I'm interested to hear feedback on his "PAGG" supplement stack. I'm leery of the idea that a mix of herbal stuff and whatnot can be equal to an ECA stack, which is suggesting PAGG in place of. Today is day 8 of my PAGG stack. I'm doing it with the Slow Carb Diet. Will post results in ~ 3 weeks. Starting out at 69" ~160 lbs and 13% BF
I'll give it the old college try.
Dinner and a movie isn't my style. First dates are interviews, imo. I don't want to sit in a movie theatre for two hours where I can't talk to my date. On the other hand, if I were in junior high, this would be the date of choice because we would spend our time making out during some Pixar flick. My best first dates are in walking districts...ideally a place where you can hang out at multiple places and just casually stroll everywhere... A chill lounge for drinks and...
Count me in.
Bump for a pretty solid deal. I'm all shopped out for the next couple of months though.
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