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Matriculating this fall at HBS. I'm surprised there aren't more stylish gents from the board starting b-school.
Any SFers starting their MBA this fall?
Selling a cashmere and silk scarf I picked up on a trip to Vienna but haven't gotten much use of. It is in perfect condition with no snags or other defects. Will ship it with box, bag, and original receipt. Measures 11.8" x 70.9" Similar scarves on the Hermes website for $530 ( Asking $300 -> $250
Purging a bunch of my ties. Thought I would put them up here for you guys before sending them to ebay. A. Hermes - Navy Blue w/Red Chains (3.75" x 60") SOLD B. Hermes - Yellow w/Blue Polka Dots (3.5" x 57") SOLD C. Hermes - Navy Blue w/Red and Blue Chains (3.5" x 57.5") SOLD D. Hermes - Navy Blue w/Trumpets (3.25" x 54") SOLD E. Hermes - Blue w/Horseshoes(3.5" x 58") SOLD F. Hermes - Blue w/Brown Leaves (3.75" x 59.5") SOLD G. Charvet - Navy Blue w/Yellow Diagonal...
Just wanted to crosspost. I'm selling my watch over on timezone in case anyone here is interested. She's a beauty.
Final Drop. Price is now $150!
Price Drop! Now asking $180
Final Price Drop! Received these sterling silver cufflinks as a Christmas present and have been waiting waiting to unload them as they are not my style -- silk knots kinda guy. Ended things with the gf, so I no longer have to keep them around in case she asks about here they are. Link to them on the Tiffany & Co. website: Asking $200-->$180-->$150, PM if interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC Yeah, but just as annoying are those who offer $50 on something listed at $250. Or, those who want free shipping on a $12 item with $3 shipping. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell #91. You realize that you can buy end-of-season summer stuff on sale from Australia - and kick yourself for not figuring this out five years ago. Brilliant!
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