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Excellent and helpful guide Matthewh. Those came out great!
Almost time to break out the Katahdins for another season.
I would pay to have it professionally altered.
Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent guide. Thanks!
Whats everyones thoughts on pairing these with a black leather jacket or charcoal pea coat? I always match my belt but whats the census on the outerwear?
Great thread. Tons of excellent information. Thanks!
Went to a store I had called earlier to pick up some Sno-Seal, and they didnt carry it. The person I spoke to on the phone thought I had just meant a boot seal that repelled snow. I was bugged cause I wanted to treat my boots, and it's hard to find Sno-Seal here, so I hopped in my Jeep and drove to the local Red Wing outlet. I spoke with the cobbler inside and asked him if they carried Sno-Seal. He said that they didnt and that he doesnt recommend that I use Sno-Seal as it...
Hey ASDF, Thanks for the reply. I was curious about that as well, and didnt know if anyone ran into any problems getting the boot resoled, or if it was a completely welted boot, or if some parts of the sole were glued at all.
Just got a pair of Katahdins for Christmas, and I love them. They are breaking in well, and are true to size. I was looking for a good waterproofing solution, and many people in this thread have mentioned Sno-Seal. Ive done a bit of research on it, and according to an article i read, if you are planning on keeping your boots for a long time, and eventually having them resoled, Sn-Seal is not to be used, and it is impossible to resole shoes that have been treated with...
New Posts  All Forums: