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Terrific. I'm making my first purchase. I think a suit, a jacket, and a shirt should do for now.
That is the jacket measurement from BOC?
Are there any current coupon codes? I have some items in the cart and want to press go, but really want to save a few bucks.
What is the length?
What is the sleeve length?
Had time to get the measurements?
Ben - is the fabic on this suit as delicate as the numbers would seem to be? I was thinking about getting before I noticed that. 200s 14 micron seems like it could not handle traveling very well. http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/stile-latino-suit-36r-4537.html I'd plan on wearing it once every couple of weeks and I spend a lot of times in planes, rental cars and meetings.
This may be a dumb question but I'm good at those. I just cleaned my shoes with reno mat. I have renovateur and meltonian brown creme polish. Should I use the renovateur and then the brown meltonian, meltonian then renovateur or skip the renovateur? Thanks.
What is the jacket length?
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