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I want to point out that Ian was absolutely terrific to work with on this! I contacted him after seeing his post on SF. The bag I received is great, but it turned out to be a little to small for my needs (I am a traveling sales guy with too much stuff in my bag that I can't toss out). I will be putting it up on B&S this weekend if anyone is interested. This is really just another vote that the Clegg team and products are something that should NOT be overlooked.
How has this bag holding up? I'm thinking about getting one.
Is this still available?
I bought an indigo blue Ghurka Examiner No 5 off of eBay. When it came in, i was 98% sure I liked it. Functionality, it is terrific for me. I got it home and my wife and oldest son (13) have told me they think it looks like a big purse. Great. Now, all I see is a big blue purse. Freaking family.
I have been waffling between getting a 256 and a 24 hour bag. From what I have seen on here (didn't read all 400+ pages), it seems both are well liked. If you have experience with both, what are your long term thoughts? I am also looking at a VP bag. Terrible to have some many great options, right?
Those boots are great, but I want to know about those pants. I really like those!
Terrific. I'm making my first purchase. I think a suit, a jacket, and a shirt should do for now.
That is the jacket measurement from BOC?
Are there any current coupon codes? I have some items in the cart and want to press go, but really want to save a few bucks.
What is the length?
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