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Ah. They look to be incredibly great shape if they are that old!
what size would 400d be? I'm looking at some old Brooks Brothers shoes on eBay. Not sure if they will fit or not.
Pleated or flat front pants?
Is the 17.75" shoulder from seam to seam or outer edges? As noted, this is larger than your other jackets, but how does it fit in comparison?
What is the neck size on the epaulet shirts?
Oops. Looks like I missed that the first time I read the description.
How wide are those lapels?
I recently made a big leap and had a MTM suit made for me. I am usually a thrift/ebay/alter guy. I wanted to get some feedback on the jacket. It has a couple things I am questioning and wondering if I am just being overly picky or just off on my thoughts. 1. Is the pocket placement too low? The jacket came in a little long and they shortened it. I feel like it make the pockets low, but the button stance doesn't seem to be too off. It was shortened somewhere around 0.75"...
Searched for about 20 minutes before this post and found my own answer a few minutes after. Club word was dropped after 1985.
New Posts  All Forums: