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Is this still available?
I bought an indigo blue Ghurka Examiner No 5 off of eBay. When it came in, i was 98% sure I liked it. Functionality, it is terrific for me. I got it home and my wife and oldest son (13) have told me they think it looks like a big purse. Great. Now, all I see is a big blue purse. Freaking family.
I have been waffling between getting a 256 and a 24 hour bag. From what I have seen on here (didn't read all 400+ pages), it seems both are well liked. If you have experience with both, what are your long term thoughts? I am also looking at a VP bag. Terrible to have some many great options, right?
Those boots are great, but I want to know about those pants. I really like those!
Terrific. I'm making my first purchase. I think a suit, a jacket, and a shirt should do for now.
That is the jacket measurement from BOC?
Are there any current coupon codes? I have some items in the cart and want to press go, but really want to save a few bucks.
What is the length?
What is the sleeve length?
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