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Forum member @glenjay and author of the Old Leather Shoe blog (http://oldleathershoe.com/wordpress/), has had an all-natural product line for sometime now. However, that discussion thread is in the B&S board and is not bumped when new discussions arise: http://www.styleforum.net/t/336296/all-natural-non-toxic-shoe-polish The purpose of this thread is to have a discussion about this fantastic product in the CM section, where it belongs. I have no affiliation whatsoever,...
I'm running low on my GlenKaren cleaner and conditioner, and just found out about the water resistant line. Very interesting. Will place an order once I'm officially out. A big kudos to Glen for continuing to innovate.
Damn that's a good deal. I don't remember if they still do, but Campanile at one point made shoes for Canali.Edit: This needs photos:
This is from the site directly:http://riderboot.com/lasts-sizes/Ron is also very responsive to emails and questions, so don't hesitate to give him a shout. Given that he uses "D" to signify width, I'm pretty sure it's US sizing, which he normally does.Also, I've edited my original post because I didn't notice Ron stopped using the original name for the line. If possible, please adjust previous quotes accordingly. Thanks.
Ron Rider, of Rider Boot is having a clearance sale of his new line of shoes, (NAME DELETED) http://riderboot.com/product-category/going-going-gone/ Unfortunately it was a short-lived venture. From the description it looks like a number of complicating factors meant he couldn't keep this line going. The detailing is amazing, and I absolutely love the styling. EDIT: I've taken out the original name of the shoe line, because it appears Ron had renamed it "XXX".
Good god, it's back: http://www.styleforum.net/t/448794/8400-tom-ford-100-cashmere-overcoat-sz-40us-nwt
Staring a hole through my monitor...
If only this came with pants...
Benjamin? http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-ALL/oem/Benjamin/oemid/875947/start/401/total/589/Categories Ben is an affiliate here, so you can also browse that thread. The reviews are generally quite positive. http://www.styleforum.net/t/69315/www-ehaberdasher-com-affiliate-page
On a somewhat related note, I've also noticed that people in great clothes are offset by poor posture. Sure tailoring could fix that, but if the wearer stopped slouching, it'd be even better. However, like exercise, posture takes work, patience and dedication. I could go on about the benefits of it, but at the end of the day people have their own priorities in life, and it's hard to nanny someone into something that's for their own good.
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