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Some really nice Etro paisley ties, at great prices. Seller has them at $24 CAD each. If only they weren't so narrow... http://www.styleforum.net/t/411160/etro-and-duchamp-ties-24-34
That Rick Owens looks amazing, although those measurements look more like a large, not a medium, to me. Otherwise, I would've kopped.
For lack of a better word then, I take it the higher buttoning point on the sleeve is to allow for greater "hinging" at the button to open at the wrist, so as to accommodate for watches? I agree that I really like the collar. Unfortunately, I wear French cuffs exclusively, so it's not for me.
The pattern matching on that windowpane is uncanny, especially with the lapels.
Guilty.I've been wanting to pick up another RLPL suit, and unfortunately there's nothing my size. Someone can really clean up with this promo though.
Manufacturers (and some Kickstarter campaigns) are making sweatpants that masquerade as jeans, chinos or even dress pants. Would those be called "sweatings"?
From the last Friday challenge: http://www.styleforum.net/t/406527/vote-now-friday-challenge-1-aug-2014-you-at-your-you-iest-aka-when-you-met-sf/15#post_7279580 Not something I can pull off personally, but it looks damn good to me.
Level 1 reads like a stereotype of the absolutely most conservative business uniform one can think of. You know who wears Level 1 especially well?
I did a quick read of your prior post, and it looks like you managed to trigger the 2 biggest landmines on this forum: black suits and black shirts. Much like what you experienced in your black suit thread, there isn't any love here for black shirts either, because they rarely, if ever, look good with a suit. That said, certain fashion house like Dior are known for the black on black on black, so what do I know. If the black shirt is meant to be for work, I can tell you...
Fixing the link:http://www.styleforum.net/t/407150/sport-coats-david-chu-barneys-and-e-zegna
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