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When the dress code is "sleeveless", I would have expected more tattoo sleeves instead. Or muscles. Or, you know, NOT farmers' tans...
Anyone need some Tom Ford shoes at an insanely reasonable price of $449? http://www.styleforum.net/t/404764/tom-ford-men-s-brown-leather-oxford-dress-shoes-sz-8-tt-9-us Brown adelaide with perforated cap toe, sized "8 TT" or 9 US according to seller. Worn 4 times only, with toe + heel taps.
Shirts: I'm only going by your numbers and can only assume you've measured yourself properly. If that's the case, you're not THAT oddly shaped. Kamakura shirts offers a huge range of fits for their shirts. At $79 each (with free shipping on orders of $139 or more), it's one of the places to check out before you start experimenting with MTM shirts. Anything MTM online is hit-or-miss. Measure your best-fitting shirt and compare it to their size guide. Also note that...
Less talky more matchy
#13, Canali, silk, gray with squares, is missing photos I think.
From what I recall somewhere, if it doesn't say "Made in Northamptonshire, England", they're made in India. Yes, they are made by Barker: http://www.styleforum.net/t/399419/charles-tyrwhitt-shoes-no-longer-mostly-made-by-loake You can usually tell from the soles which is which. The Barker models almost always have a 2-tone sole, while the India models are one colour only.
- Brooks Brothers, as mentioned - Suit Supply - Benjamin (http://www.ehaberdasher.com) - in-house label, official SF affiliate, receives great reviews all around. See their affiliate thread - Charles Tyrwhitt - can't speak to its quality, but they do also carry low gorge vests
I did not know of that blog until today. Coupled with your continuing wisdom on this board DWFII, I have to say that I'm learning so much more about shoes than I ever could have imagined. My wallet is not amused. Your presence here is ever appreciated.
5'11" and 175 pounds is around 38R to 40R, unless your weight is distributed very unevenly. That said, there's no substitution for trying things on in person. Remember that suit sizes only reflect what the designer imagines a person with a certain chest size looks like. That's why on the Buy and Sell boards, actual measurements of suits are almost always posted. +1 on Abboud, based on your list provided, though fit should still ultimately be the deciding factor.
Authentic but it's a made to measure, so it may fit differently than the standard model. 800 feels a bit high but not outrageously so.
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