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Looks authentic to me, for 2 reasons:- Fabric tag is one I recognize- I've only seen 1 or 2 fake Brionis, and neither had the cross-stitching sewn on the Brioni label. I believe it can only be done by hand, and I doubt any counterfeit operations would bother
The more you buy, the less temptation there is for the rest of us. Take one for the team!
Ever since going to the gym on a regular basis, I've slowly crept up to a size 42. Hence, my loss is everyone else's gain. Up for sale are 5 suits that I wish still fit. They were all part of my work rotation at some point, and are in pre-worn but excellent condition.Rather than try to set individual prices, I've simply made an arbitrary call of $250 225 USD each OBRO. Items are located in Canada. Shipping is free within Canada; please add $20 USD to the US, and PM me...
When building a wardrobe, versatility is crucial. I have doubts about the first. It looks very similar to seersucker, which to me screams summer attire only. Also, being such a light colour, doesn't really make it the most conservative jacket. The second jacket on the other hand feels much more versatile for all 4 seasons.
I've always liked this article because it prescribes guidelines rather than specific items, which in the long run may be more helpful: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/07/24/large-man-style/
That looks like a trouser tag, and I can see the waistband above it. I just checked my Roma, and indeed the fabric is listed at the top. I'm not able to date it, except to say that it's definitely pre-2012 when they switched to the new tag.
Anything from MalfordofLondon is 100% real. He is a completely trustworthy source, and used to operate an Affiliate Thread on these boards. Great guy too.
I recently made the decision to move away from blues and into neutral tones. I've also never really appreciated DBs. This has created much self-doubt: FOR SALE: RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL NAVY DB SUIT - 40-42 R/L. FINAL DROP It's from the esteemed @inimitable and the price is now insanely reasonable. This baby needs a new home.
From the seller: "Make me an offer" FOR SALE: SUITSUPPLY NAPOLI 40R STRIPED GREY 3 PC SUIT NEW Do it. DO IT.
Better than this one?http://www.styleforum.net/t/448794/8400-tom-ford-100-cashmere-overcoat-sz-40us-nwt
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