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The authentication thread is more appropriate:FAKE OR REAL (AUTHENTIC, GENUINE, ETC.) -- OFFICIAL AUTHENTICATION THREAD
When Stefano Pilati took over at Zegna Couture, everything became fashion pieces. If you review the catalogue post-2012 you'll notice that the Couture suits were designed without any sleeve buttons on the outside. This was basically the time I stopped paying attention to Zegna as a whole.
Third one looks suspicious to me. At first glance it looks like a Zegna tag, but some of the fonts and spacing are off. Here's a picture of a Versace Collection suit of mine: I've owned many suits that are Zegna-made, and this is probably the first time I've been this unsure of a Zegna tag, which is interesting. My tag looks crisper (taking into account the quality of photos), and the fonts are more consistent. Also, the tag looks narrower, and I feel like the...
OP made a thread on the same issue before this one. Shirtmaven, who is an esteemed and highly-regarded shirtmaker, provided an answer previously, yet more threads are being made by OP asking the same thing, but worded differently.
Sam Hober may also be a good possibility. They provide custom-made ties, and the owner David is a very good guy. If you reach out, he may have something close. I pulled up the Flower Ties section, and this is the closest I could find: http://www.samhober.com/flower-silk-ties-en/navyblue-light-lavender-and-white-on-light-gold-flower-silk-tie-27.html
Those are just pants made with seersucker fabric. I'm sure you can find them anywhere.
Now that RLPL has absorbed RLBL, their prices have gone up. For those who don't want to pay the premium, they should totally jump on this: FOR SALE: NWT RALPH LAUREN BLACK LABEL RLBL ANTHONY GREY STRIPED 42R--PRICE DROP
A catch and release for me: This is a gorgeous Zegna Couture suit that is new without tags, with basted sleeves and unhemmed trousers. It also has the original buttons, silk thread and extra fabric for mending. I've labeled it NWOT, though the tags are also there. Fabric is in a rich, deep navy with an alternating striping pattern of black shadowstripe and white pinstripe. It's subtle from afar and quite elegant. Whereas the "Couture" model is typically an athletic...
Definitely no to either auction. Charles Tyrwhitt has 2 tiers of shoes, both made by Barker I believe. The lower tier are made in India, whereas the higher one are made in England. You can usually tell the difference by the outsole, as the Made in England shoes are two-toned. The ones you're looking at are definitely the cheaper ones, and aren't worth the money especially if used. Go check out the CT website and you'll see what I mean. It's also hard to comment on...
It's legit, with the following caveats:The Roma model was discontinued around 2009(?), so if the suit was purchased new, it was likely a New Old Stock. The Roma is a more structured model, with strong shoulders and slightly more relaxed trousers. Based on the fact that your trousers are flat front, along with the way the internal label is stitched, this is likely the newer Romas, closer to the 2009 mark.I don't even know if the Roma model is offered as MTM anymore, and...
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