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I'll have to say it's actually older than 5 years. While Zegna changed its fabric tag from yours to the new one in 2012, the Roma was discontinued around 2009. If the pants are flat front, then I'd say the suit is closer to 2009, but still older than 5 years. IIRC Trofeo 600 is their top line of fabrics, based on a competition they hold/used to hold?. I think a Trofeo designation makes it below that, but still above base.
They probably date from early 2000s for the following reasons: - Zegna changed fabric tags in 2012, and you have the previous version - That version of the fabric tag was used from early 2000s until 2011 - In the mid-2000s, the black Zegna label had a large Z in the background - After Zegna stopped using the large Z, it used white pick stitching to attach the label - Since the tag you have still uses black thread, I don't think it was made after the large Z phase - I...
If you're looking for quality, rather than Ferragamo specifically, what about Equus Leather? http://www.equusleather.co.uk You can read about them in this very forum: http://www.styleforum.net/t/260644/equus-leather-bridle-leather-belts-official-affiliate-thread
Don't forget that age of garment also plays a role: the cut may be dated, or just normal wear and tear. When I first started building my wardrobe I made that mistake, of scooping up suits at what I thought were great prices. However, as I grew more comfortable with my own style, I realized that they were ultimately a loss because they either didn't fit right, or didn't work with my colour scheme, or were just older-looking than I expected. Don't let the price/brand...
Just to add: Mainline Zegna's factories are located in Italy, Switzerland and Spain. If the suit came from any of those places, there's a very good chance it's of a higher quality. ZZegna is made in Mexico, and maybe another place, I'm not sure. If the suit came from there, it's likely fused or at best half-canvassed. I think there's also a designation of the "Zegna group" or some such, where the place of origin is not specified. If that's the case, it's almost...
Between mid-90s to early 2000s, likely closer to late 90s.
I don't see any pics attached, but if you're looking for double-breasted waistcoats, they are sometimes referred to as morning dress waistcoats. Charles Tyrwhitt has a decent selection. You can also find them at Ede & Ravenscroft. Suitsupply has started carrying a couple, but they tend to be quite loud. http://www.ctshirts.com/intl/mens-suits/separates/waistcoats/ http://shop.edeandravenscroft.com/collections/waistcoats http://ca.suitsupply.com/en_CA/waistcoats
Sorry, but it screams orphaned suit jacket. Furthermore, wearing dark trousers will create the "Northern Lights" look which, while doable, ups the difficulty. Not worth the investment IMO.
It's a typical A-2 flight jacket with shearling collar/lining.
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