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I don't see any pics attached, but if you're looking for double-breasted waistcoats, they are sometimes referred to as morning dress waistcoats. Charles Tyrwhitt has a decent selection. You can also find them at Ede & Ravenscroft. Suitsupply has started carrying a couple, but they tend to be quite loud. http://www.ctshirts.com/intl/mens-suits/separates/waistcoats/ http://shop.edeandravenscroft.com/collections/waistcoats http://ca.suitsupply.com/en_CA/waistcoats
Sorry, but it screams orphaned suit jacket. Furthermore, wearing dark trousers will create the "Northern Lights" look which, while doable, ups the difficulty. Not worth the investment IMO.
It's a typical A-2 flight jacket with shearling collar/lining.
Here's the contrary view: The shoulders on the smaller size don't fit you. It's creating divots on the sleeves. Furthermore, the waist looks a bit too tight. Because they're new I think you've still got a basting stitch keeping the vent closed. However, I expect that once you remove it, the back vent on the smaller size will flare out, because you can already see a bit of buckling right now. This is not to say that the larger size is a perfect fit. It's your call...
The authentication thread is more appropriate:FAKE OR REAL (AUTHENTIC, GENUINE, ETC.) -- OFFICIAL AUTHENTICATION THREAD
When Stefano Pilati took over at Zegna Couture, everything became fashion pieces. If you review the catalogue post-2012 you'll notice that the Couture suits were designed without any sleeve buttons on the outside. This was basically the time I stopped paying attention to Zegna as a whole.
Third one looks suspicious to me. At first glance it looks like a Zegna tag, but some of the fonts and spacing are off. Here's a picture of a Versace Collection suit of mine: I've owned many suits that are Zegna-made, and this is probably the first time I've been this unsure of a Zegna tag, which is interesting. My tag looks crisper (taking into account the quality of photos), and the fonts are more consistent. Also, the tag looks narrower, and I feel like the...
OP made a thread on the same issue before this one. Shirtmaven, who is an esteemed and highly-regarded shirtmaker, provided an answer previously, yet more threads are being made by OP asking the same thing, but worded differently.
Sam Hober may also be a good possibility. They provide custom-made ties, and the owner David is a very good guy. If you reach out, he may have something close. I pulled up the Flower Ties section, and this is the closest I could find: http://www.samhober.com/flower-silk-ties-en/navyblue-light-lavender-and-white-on-light-gold-flower-silk-tie-27.html
Those are just pants made with seersucker fabric. I'm sure you can find them anywhere.
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