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It has something to do with the top button placement, as well as the length of collar points: http://propercloth.com/reference/top-button-placement/ Alternatively, products like wurkin stiffs are designed to hold collars in place: http://wurkinstiffs.com
Funny you would point this out. I noticed that the French word for cashmere came in front of - i.e. above - English on the tag. This had made me suspect strongly that it was made in Quebec.My guess then is S.Cohen.
The blue label only denotes that the FABRIC is from Zegna's mill, not that it's manufactured by them. A similar tag has a reddish background, and would say "Tessuto". Unfortunately, either because of ignorance or deceit, many sellers try to pass these off as suits made by Zegna. Zegna-made suits never have those labels.I think mainline Zegna's factories are only in Italy, Switzerland and Spain, whereas the ZZegna's factories are in Mexico and maybe others."John W....
This is a gorgeous overcoat. I especially love the turnback cuffs on the sleeves. With a combination of Sartoria Parma + Loro Piana fabric = http://www.styleforum.net/t/517315/raffaele-caruso-sartoria-parma-dark-grey-overcoat-coat-sz-42r-52r-6r-100-loro-piana-zelander-wool
The ice palace-climbing invisible car shattered all suspension of disbelief for me.
The concern is that Caruso makes suits for a significant number of brands. IIRC, Caruso's own lines (Caruso, Raffaele Caruso, Sartoria Parma and Ma.Co.) all have softer shoulders, while RLBL has very structured shoulders. Just because it's made by Caruso doesn't mean they are at all similar. It's like how Zegna makes suits for itself, Gucci, Tom Ford, Versace, Dunhill and others I'm sure I've forgotten. It would be like saying "I like how E. Zegna's Milano suits fit,...
Just to follow up, when I said sloppy I didn't mean the asymmetry on the front. Rather, if you look at the back of tie, you can see that the 2 edges of the tie, where they fold up to create the triangle, don't look very clean.Perfect symmetry can be possible, but likely not as a norm.
I'm sorry sir, but there is a prohibition of self-control in this thread. Please refrain from refraining .
The Brioni tie looks pretty sloppy. Even though it's self-tipped, the edges looks quite uneven. The font for "Brioni" also looks slightly off to me, as it's less slanted. If I had to call it, I'd say fake. The Borrelli looks better constructed, but other than that I can't tell.
I don't know who makes suits for Hermes, but if it's Belvest as stated above, then the fabric tag should be recognizable.Without being able to determine authenticity though, the suit itself looks pretty well-made. Look at the pattern matching on the sleeves and shoulders, as well as the breast pocket (the pocket flaps, not so much). If my eyes are correct, they even matched the fabric on the belt loops. Those sorts of detailing are labour intensive. If it was fake,...
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