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I REALLY like these.The colour is simply beautiful!
I've been seriously considering these ready for summer.Surely they will be very comfortable!
Does any body know how one can create a PS like this?
Nicely put, thanks.I do love wearing them!!
Can I ask, do any of you wear your C&J shoes to the office or do you save them for special occasions? I rotate mine with some Church's for work but a small part of me thinks they are too nice/expensive to wear for work. What are your views?
Here are mine Hallam Drummond Alex
This is quite interesting.I have two pairs of C&J's on the 348 and want to downgrade my black Hallam's to work shoes, and get myself a pair of Weymouth's (which are a 337) for "best".Hmmmm......
Thanks very much!!
It's a single breasted, 2 button, 3-piece. The buttons vary in shade but are generally pretty dark.
Is it acceptable to wear Black shoes with a dark Grey POW suit that has Brown buttons?
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