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I've been seriously thinking about a pair of Cottesmore's the last few days. I saw them while in the Jermyn Street store the other week and then saw a gentleman wearing a similar pair at the races on Saturday. I thought they looked great and would absolutely fill a gap in my collection.
Just resurecting an old thread, as I've been having this exact quandry today. I love C&J, they are one of my favourite brands, but currently I am swaying towards the Alfred Sargent's. They are quite sleek and I think would look great with trousers or jeans. That's a beautiful colour too with more burnishing, and the sole is rather pleasing to look at too!
Post deleted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAr49K8c2-M&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Thanks for those.The Carmina ones are nice but would like them to be more burnished.I already have some nice Burgundy ones so wanted something a little different.
I've been looking for another pair of double monk straps in a lighter colour than my Burgundy ones. The top pair in the below picture are from Scarpe Di Bianco and are what I crave but they are a bit too much at the moment, and I wondered if you think the bottom pair are an equal substitute?
If you wear shirt, tie and suit everyday for work, do you keep a spare White shirt JUST for best (weddings etc.) ?
Beautiful !What is that colour?
*double post in error*
I have been toying with just that!!
I bought a beautiful pair of Merton loafers this weekend while in Jermyn Street, London. They are on the 348 last and in a gorgeous Beechnut colour. When I went to pay I was told they are subs but with no sign of damage so I was chuffed to get the extra 10% off. But when I got them home I found this mark on the heel. Now I'm not so chuffed and am expecting to take a trip there again this weekend to exchange them for an unmarked pair. This isn't a small journey for me, but...
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