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I've been seriously thinking about a pair of Cottesmore's the last few days. I saw them while in the Jermyn Street store the other week and then saw a gentleman wearing a similar pair at the races on Saturday. I thought they looked great and would absolutely fill a gap in my collection.
Just resurecting an old thread, as I've been having this exact quandry today. I love C&J, they are one of my favourite brands, but currently I am swaying towards the Alfred Sargent's. They are quite sleek and I think would look great with trousers or jeans. That's a beautiful colour too with more burnishing, and the sole is rather pleasing to look at too!
Post deleted.
Thanks for those.The Carmina ones are nice but would like them to be more burnished.I already have some nice Burgundy ones so wanted something a little different.
I've been looking for another pair of double monk straps in a lighter colour than my Burgundy ones. The top pair in the below picture are from Scarpe Di Bianco and are what I crave but they are a bit too much at the moment, and I wondered if you think the bottom pair are an equal substitute?
If you wear shirt, tie and suit everyday for work, do you keep a spare White shirt JUST for best (weddings etc.) ?
Beautiful !What is that colour?
*double post in error*
I have been toying with just that!!
I bought a beautiful pair of Merton loafers this weekend while in Jermyn Street, London. They are on the 348 last and in a gorgeous Beechnut colour. When I went to pay I was told they are subs but with no sign of damage so I was chuffed to get the extra 10% off. But when I got them home I found this mark on the heel. Now I'm not so chuffed and am expecting to take a trip there again this weekend to exchange them for an unmarked pair. This isn't a small journey for me, but...
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