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They are gorgeous!!
That's really good to hear. Thanks very much.
I'm a bit torn between two pairs for my next purchase. I'm looking for a pair to go with light (stone wash) jeans, and a button down shirt, fairly casual. I've whittled it down to the Snuff suede Sydney and tha Tan Drummond. Which do you think would go better?
Do you think these are acceptable to pair with mid Grey and Blue suits for business?
Yeah I just wish the suede was a lighter colour also.The Carmina's do look gorgeous though!!
Thanks very much.So glad you said that.I just wish the Lowndes were in both a lighter leather and suede.
I've been thinking about getting a pair of Magnanni Francesco's. Most of my shoes are C&J an on the 348 last. My question is do you think these will be much "pointier" than the above? Many thanks
Wow !Those are beautiful.
I think you may be right actually. I was just going to the pictures in ye C&J catalogue.
Hopefully a quick question for you. What colour polish would you use on my Beechnut Merton's. It's perhaps a tad more red than Chestnut. Thanks OB
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