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I would like to get a pair of Westbourne's but ideally I would like them slightly more red, a bit closer to the AS Moore in cherry. Could this be achieved but using a red polish?
I have sent you a PM regarding these. Thanks Owen
I will do.I do also have a blue linen single breasted suit I could wear. But it's brighter than navy and was worried it might be too bright.
I am going to a wedding in Sorrento, Italy later this year. It is a hotel, not a church wedding. Do you think a Navy double breasted blazer with cream trousers plus the obvious shirt and tie are acceptable? p.s. There is no dress code on the invite.
One in Navy certainly can. Especially with its different coloured buttons.I have one which has brown horn buttons and it goes perfect as an odd jacket.People will say no as it's part of a suit. But it looks good, so why not.
Very helpful.Thanks!
Can anyone tell me why my shirt buttons/placket doesn't seem to be centred , when the tie is?? It is off centre no matter what I do.
They are quite something, and I think they are quite gorgeous!
They are called the Stanhope. They are a MTO pair on the 342 last in Chestnut.
Latest pair of C&J loafers.
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