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FINAL MARKDOWN BEFORE I GO TO EBAY OR SOMETHING Cleaning out some of the pants in my closet for spring. They're $185 NOW $100 NOW $80 for all four and free shipping, or $50 NOW $35 NOW $25 each and not free shipping. To wit: 1. Steven Alan x Dockers 100% cotton. Size 33x32. Never worn outside my bedroom. $50 $35. NOW $25 2. Nudie Low Slim Jim. Size 33x32. Washed once, worn a lot. Nice fades, worn back pockets, and my tailor did some solid patches. $50.$35 NOW $25 3....
Penelope's in Chicago has mostly APC, Brooklyn Tailor, Gitman type stuff. Some good shirts though: I'll probably try to head over this weekend to see what they got in person too.
I've never caught a flash sale. How long do they keep it up for?
it's coming, guys. fixed gears, floral prints, straw hats, open toes. it's coming.
Damn I gotta go by there. Stopped into the Jack Spade on Oak a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised.
Quote: Originally Posted by beachbummer i'm definitely going to be Ke$ha for Halloween terrifying. i just pooped a little. i will you know which slightly torn white/gray shirt to wear?
i'm goin as that miner with the mistress AND the wife. boom.
Not long ago I consolidated all my scents - spray, stick, etc. Varvatos vintage for this guy. Consistency ftw.
best fuckyeah tumblr since fuckyeahprancingcera?
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