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They do! If you'll have the time, you should do the full Rancourt tour of their factory store and @Portland Dry Goods! Oh, and by God take the factory tour, their leather selection alone is a thing to behold.
Oh, I should add, the blake boot was a bit tight on my pinky toe, and they told me they could stretch that out a bit for me, as different widths aren't an option. I hadn't seen this service mentioned, so I thought I should say.
Hi everyone, long time no post! I popped into the new Rancourt store yesterday while in Lewiston. It's beautiful, the staff very friendly and helpful, and I learned some things in person that totally changed what I want in my next purchase. When you walk in, it seems dark and closed for a second, and then the motion detector kicks the lights on and a bell rings, followed shortly by someone to help you. The shoes on display are all from their ready made collection, and...
Holy Moses those look incredible. May we see them on?
@David Midecem, all of Rancourt's shoes are Blake stitched. The welts on the outside edge are purely ornamental. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method, but if watertight is what you're angling for, it's not your best option.
Still loving my tall loden CXL boots from @Portland Dry Goods. Interestingly, I have not needed insoles anymore as they've aged. Still not as snug as I'd like, but less foot shifting. Photo by girlfriend Emily Felger.
Ha, beat me to it.
And Eastland's Made in Maine stuff is made by Rancourt.
@JackFlash JPress does for one.
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