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Ah well, a man can dream.
@RancourtCo Well I must tell you, I love the look of it, and the height is everything to the utility of the boot for me. If someone offered me the better fitting Clymer boots, I would keep these. (Unless they were in shell.) Now that you guys have the laser clicker and you don't need to order a new set of dies to change styles, I wonder if you might consider offering high Clymers. This whole forum drooled when I posted my boots, so I know you'd be able to sell some. If you...
@RancourtCo Interesting, why does the Clymer fit differently, and in what ways? I can tell you that the tall boot fits very well in the toes, rather like the loafer I tried on after my factory tour. That part cannot be improved. The laced part of the instep is crazy high. My Red Wing boots, which are a size larger, in fact, still don't completely close together in the instep. On the other hand, my tall boots can be closed and even overlapped and still not quite be snug,...
As someone for whom most every shoe becomes a balmoral, I feel your pain.
Yup. You really shouldn't need pads and tight lacing to hold your heel in. The shoe, when laced gently, should be narrowest at it's opening and then expand out around your foot and heel and then curve back under. People endure a lot of pain at the tops of their feet trying to cinch laces down hard enough to hold their heel in place, when this could be corrected by simply altering the pattern for the rear of the shoe.
Most shoe makers really need to bring the heel cup IN at the top, to actually CUP the heel more. Alden is pretty good about this, White's is uncanny at it.
@pwkd Late? You were the first reply, dude! To answer your question, I've only worn these boots in my size- everything else was a size eight or nine sample. I don't know if the seven eyelet is the same pattern with a higher shaft, or whether they're entirely different. @RancourtCo, how say you? I will say, I haven't seen dudes with 5 eyelet boots have this issue, whereas I have seen dudes with 7 eyelet boots have it. Like @TH3515, who has to bend his over, which is crazy.
The boots make me really want a pair of loafers now, because the parts of the fit that AREN'T the laced parts fit me so, so well. Oh lordy so well.
Actually, it takes those insoles AND special double thickness kilties I made to fill the space.
Break in continues to go well. The toes are just about perfectly stretched to each of my toes, and the ankles have creased beautifully. However, for going down hills and walking in unsteady rocks, the issue of their excessive roominess elsewhere in the boot had to be addressed. Even with a substantial insole, the boot's sides close well before snugging up on my foot, even in winter mountaineering socks. I've become ptetty good over the years at skyving and trimming...
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