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Ha, beat me to it.
And Eastland's Made in Maine stuff is made by Rancourt.
@JackFlash JPress does for one.
The lace-to-toe really caught my eye, as something unusual and something that's really a big departure in structure. I'd want a different sole on it myself. I keep missing you at the shop! You still haven't seen my tall boots in person.
I KNOW, right?! Quite a departure. Thought folks here would find it very interesting indeed, perhaps @Portland Dry Goods for instance.
The lace to toe seems particularly radical for them.
Interesting boots being made by Rancourt: http://helmboots.com/collections/shop (They have a factory tour video and although they don't NAME the factory, anyone who has toured will recognize it instantly.)
@theinsanemao In regard to CXL stretchiness: I'm a 7E, and I am really, really glad that I got 7E. The last on my handsewn boots isn't narrow, but it's not too wide either, and the Chromexel stretched enough to accommodate my two outer toes and the tip of my big toe when I walk downhill or flex the shoes. But it wouldn't have stretched enough if my toes had felt at all compact inside the shoe. Just enough stretch to handle finnicky rubbing spots, basically. Hope this data...
Those shell rangers slay me.
Ah well, a man can dream.
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