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Thank you very much Charles for your faith in us and I hope we did not fail your expectations! Thank you very much as well for defending us. We do try to be honorable where we can.I would also like to apologise to all members of the forum who has tried to contact us unsuccessfully, and to thank all of you very much for your interest. We actually recently suspended our international sales as we had several issues with sizing with the old lasts that we had been using. This...
I can't confirm dinner but will definitely be there for drinks!
I'm in. Let me know whenever. Re: Attire, I would say as per gshen's invitation to his opening party: Suitably Dandy.
Thank you very much! A lesson learned, I think look books are the way to go for the next collection!
Hahaha, what can I say, man.. I'm a shoemaker not a photographer! I'll try my best! Meanwhile do check out the new link to our "professional" product shoot in the first post!
Thank you for your comments!We are aware that we cannot be considered top of the range in terms of quality, however, considering our pricepoints, we are also not competing on that level. Our basic aim is to provide good quality shoes at reasonable prices. For us to produce shoes of a certain quality at a set price point, unfortunately there will be compromises. The only compromise we have made in our shoes is the source of our leathers, choosing to use South East Asian...
Our shoes are actually built on a standard E width last. Unfortunately, while we try and accomodate to most kinds of feet, it is near impossible to be able to cater to everyone as much as we want to.Feedback from customers with high insteps and wider feet have been positive. If you wish, we can try to fit your to our shoes if you can provide us with a tracing and some measurements of your feet.
No problem! Maybe you could give us some feedback on what you would like to see in our next collection?
In this case, I would suggest that you go with our EU41, depending on the model you are looking at. It has been our experience that sizing up by 0.5-1 sizes gives a good fit.
Just a quick note that our shoes are now open for International orders! And of course, thanks to the guys who has reviewed our products!
New Posts  All Forums: