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I would (for a business wardrobe) go: Black captoes Black punchcaps Brown captoes Brown punchaps Brown (suede) half-brouge (medallion) Brown (suede) penny loafers Switch black punchcaps for brown boots with a commando sole for overall usability.
Sorry to hear that, I hope you get your money back!
+1 on those vests. Would you consider those two pairs of pants interchangable between the outfits, Butler?
I agree with the above and would like to add recommendations for jetted pockets. As far as I have understood, there is a much greater freedom for individuality in daytime formal wear. However, these are some of the guidelines I have picked up: Wear grey, heavily patterned trousers (large patterns preferable). Wear a double breasted waistcoat. It can match the coat, but certainly does not have to. Wear a white collared shirt. The coat, black or oxford grey (herringbone...
I am concerned the vest is a little to long. Personally I would prefer to have the whole waist (waist seam on coat, rise of trousers and length of vest) higher on the body. Given that such operations are impossible and would entail new clothes all together, I would prefer the short coat (possibly with bolder patterned trousers). By the way, thanks for posting pictures. We need more contemporary examples of formal morning wear.
Nice looking examples everybody, I will follow this thread with interest.
Midweight worsted solid navy, charcoal and medium gray. Then add light grey or dinner clothes per your requirements.
Sounds great!
Unbel, the search is on! Thanks again!
I would say my navy is medium dark, it has notch lapels. My situation certainly does, I am becoming more and more certain that is the direction I should take.Thank you for your enlightening questions.
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