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Oh, thanks for asking, I am happy I have a somewhat complete rig, but I will most likely go for SB peak next time (or at least something with a higher buttoning point).Also bought about 15 kilos of fish last night, but that is another story.
Wearing black tie right now: 4x1 shawl Double pleated Punch caps Button up, barrel cuff White cotton square All in all, pretty mediocre.
I put, among other things, "Fine English Shoes" as one of my interests. Then I got asked which maker was my favorite on the second interview (the right answer was C&J).28, got the job, very happy!YMMV
Well spotted!It will be easier to just change my profile, don't you think?
Hey! Just to let you know, they are out there! I was lucky enough to find this today: http://www.ebay.com/itm/350700299046 With a little TLC from my altercationist, I should be able to live in it all (brief) summer!
I recently got one. I think it may be too much for my Nordic complexion.
Pictures here would be just lovely!
I am hereafter looking for opportunities to somehow justify a deep-red smoking jacket.
I agree with this. There are definitely sleeve issues, but overall good length and nice fit.
Agreed, very nice shoulder and chest shape. I personally would not have gone for those elbows, but nevertheless looking good!
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