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Thanks for the response! The charcoal's and the mid-grey's patterns are both very subtle, bordering on solid (at least from more than three feet away), a look I very much like.I am thinking next should be Air Force blue and then, maybe, petrol, both in medium weights.How does that sound?
Heh, yes, 'free trial' is a much better choice of words. That is excactly right! In return they get very happy customers, their communication at the customer service level is also wonderful. I'm using the Norwegian/Swedish-site, YMMV.
Funthread, I'll bump and play: Ok, so I have: Dinner clothes Navy solid (3p) Charcoal plaid Mid-grey bird's eye Dark grey herringbone (DB) Dark blue plaid (DB) Navy check (DB) Black and white plaid Khaki linen Seersucker (DB) Where should I go from here?
I must say I have been very happy with TailorStore. Indeed they made me submit my own numbers, but they offer a 100% perfect fit guarantee! This is how it works: 1. Take measurements, select fabric, submit. 2. Receive shirt and wash per instructions 3. Put on, take pictures and send to TailorStore. 4. They suggest alterations to the measurement and subsequently gives FULL store credit for the first shirt. 5. Adjust numbers, pick fabric, submit again. 6. Receive new...
No way!The shoulders could, concievably, be more optimal, but overall nice fit!
None at present, but when I do I will frequent it in my new rig!
Oh, thanks for asking, I am happy I have a somewhat complete rig, but I will most likely go for SB peak next time (or at least something with a higher buttoning point).Also bought about 15 kilos of fish last night, but that is another story.
Wearing black tie right now: 4x1 shawl Double pleated Punch caps Button up, barrel cuff White cotton square All in all, pretty mediocre.
I put, among other things, "Fine English Shoes" as one of my interests. Then I got asked which maker was my favorite on the second interview (the right answer was C&J).28, got the job, very happy!YMMV
Well spotted!It will be easier to just change my profile, don't you think?
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