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Unbel, the search is on! Thanks again!
I would say my navy is medium dark, it has notch lapels. My situation certainly does, I am becoming more and more certain that is the direction I should take.Thank you for your enlightening questions.
Again, I am sorry for the incomplete information I have provided. In fact, five of my suits are flannel (both grey "solids", the herringbone and blue DBs and the black and white plaid), this is Norway after all!
Dopey, I gather you would suggest french cuffs and a fly front for a db shawl collar?
I want to thank you both for discussing my situation. Patrick, I will definetly look into adding more solids- Unbel, what would you suggest?
Gentlemen, whats your take on button-up shirts with black-tie? Sometimes or never? How about barrel cuffs? Currently unsure of sources, but aren't some advocating stiff-fronts only for white-tie?
It was not my intention to seem determined, would you suggest continuing with navy and charcoal solids for a while longer?
Thanks for the response! The charcoal's and the mid-grey's patterns are both very subtle, bordering on solid (at least from more than three feet away), a look I very much like.I am thinking next should be Air Force blue and then, maybe, petrol, both in medium weights.How does that sound?
Heh, yes, 'free trial' is a much better choice of words. That is excactly right! In return they get very happy customers, their communication at the customer service level is also wonderful. I'm using the Norwegian/Swedish-site, YMMV.
Funthread, I'll bump and play: Ok, so I have: Dinner clothes Navy solid (3p) Charcoal plaid Mid-grey bird's eye Dark grey herringbone (DB) Dark blue plaid (DB) Navy check (DB) Black and white plaid Khaki linen Seersucker (DB) Where should I go from here?
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