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Those are called slippers. Try making some searches for that instead of loafers.
Navy, to go with your tie.
Lately, I have become stronger in my belief in formality congruence. To me, as of now, black is reserved only for the most formal of configurations (meaning stitch caps and punch caps). That is why, although beautifully executed, I cannot get behind black monkstraps. The same goes for loafers, all things suede and, truly, derbies as well.
This is a great picture.
Go for the black tie option! There are not enough oppurtunities to wear ones dinner clothes. Go for the standard ensemble, you'll be sure to "outsparkle" all those who try to do something "fun" or "special".
In each case the shirt is a very pale blue. Thanks! [/quote] Both are fine, my preference is for the blue tie. Consider introducing patterns through the pocket square.
I would (for a business wardrobe) go: Black captoes Black punchcaps Brown captoes Brown punchaps Brown (suede) half-brouge (medallion) Brown (suede) penny loafers Switch black punchcaps for brown boots with a commando sole for overall usability.
Sorry to hear that, I hope you get your money back!
+1 on those vests. Would you consider those two pairs of pants interchangable between the outfits, Butler?
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