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Hirsh: You're welcome.
The old guy. Lolz
To me, peak lapels are just so much more festive.
But that would leave you with two unwanted pieces of clothing instead of just one. Skip the waist covering for now and make it right as soon as possible, I say.
Hmmm...I would recommend sorting the rise first. I dislike the overly long vests necessary to 'fix' low-rise pants.
Hey all! This project aims to decipher the individual pieces that make up the male uniform, the business suit. I have no connection with the project, but I think it looks promising and interesting. What do you think?
How about a stroller? It is a sharp look!
Sam, I like your style of writing and you seem to have a keen eye for social settings. Thanks for sharing your experience and thank you for thd picture update. Take care.
I say stay with all original options except the pants.
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