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I just think it will be hard to find.
As to your questions: 1. Indeed it is and you should expect to. Common alterations include taking in the jacket body and adjusting sleeve length. Better quality suits can be altered quite a bit, but realize that there will be balance issues if you take it to far. The hardest alteration is adjusting shoulder width, it will most likely cost more than the coat to have it done right, avoid. 2. Frankly, I would go for a black dinner suit as your first. See also...
Off-black, I lol'ed
Hey! You should have a look through the black tie thread, if you haven't already. I couldn't get the first link to work, but the second one struck me as possibly a wool blend. You should avoid those.
I agree.
Haha! Good point I guess my own standard advice applies: Get to 10 yearly black tie events, after that one can get adventurous in evening wear.
Dreamt of rocking a standard get-up but with a very light colored lilac shirt with covered buttons. Skip the pocket square altogether. Even a faint paisley pattern to the shirt. I spend too much time on SF.
I think the pagoda shoulders are at odds with your intention to wear it casually. If you do patch pockets (+1 for chest patch btw!) and MOP buttons, I think a natural shoulder would be better. That is, if you do not have very downward sloping shoulders and actually need the build-up. I think it will look very good with white linen trousers, white shirt, navy knit tie and tan shoes.
Are you guys kidding? It will look awesome! It's spring/summer wear, cmon now. Isolation, with the shoulders you could risk having it look a little uniform-like with the turn-back cuffs.
All credit to OP: A friend found this in a book of essays and sent me a scanned copy. I've never seen it online. I have transcribed it here for your enjoyment. I apologize for any errors in transcription. - Archivist. Daily Express, 13 February 1929. Evelyn Waugh BEAU BRUMMELLS on £60 A YEAR. Of course, there is really only one way of being perfectly dressed - that is, to be grossly rich. You may have exquisite discrimination and the elegance of a gigolo, but you can...
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