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Hey all! This project aims to decipher the individual pieces that make up the male uniform, the business suit. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1940698496/uniform-of-man I have no connection with the project, but I think it looks promising and interesting. What do you think?
How about a stroller? It is a sharp look!
Sam, I like your style of writing and you seem to have a keen eye for social settings. Thanks for sharing your experience and thank you for thd picture update. Take care.
I say stay with all original options except the pants.
For two days of attire with no laundering and no additional purchases, I would go with: A: - Navy pinstripe suit - White shirt - Navy tie with dots B: - Grey suit, no vest - Baby blue shirt - Navy tie
Based on the information given I would recommend: - The gray suit - The white shirt - The navy tie with dots Options include: - Using the navy gingham shirt for a more British look. - Skipping the vest for a more informal look. I would not recommend doing both of these at the same time. Include a tv-folded white linen handkerchief in your breast pocket if appropriate. Good luck!
I'd be very interested in seeing pictures of that coat, but, surprisingly, I like what I'm reading! It seems like you have really done your homework.
I like it!Throw on a navy sport coat and you'll get away with a little fun in the chest pocket!
Just to be clear, I didn't recommend captoes because they are the most appropriate for evening wear. I just assumed they would be a better investment for your overall shoe wardrobe.
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