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I have a small tear near the little toe on my Park Avenues. Now I am afraid to use them, because I think it will just get worse. What on earth should I do?
The pockets are meant to be opened.
Agreed. I find smoking increasingly stupid.
The first one is marvellous!
Effortless. Maybe I could suggest a tad wider pant leg for, to my eye, improved balance. Other than that, very nice. Impeccable styling, let the cloth speak.
That's marvellous. Everyone, see how lovely pleats are?
Buy blue. Focus on cut of shirts and suits.
That's awesome! Just not for actual wear.
Buy solid navy blue ties, possibly with very small, repeating, white patterns/embroidery. Remember that ties with sheen are for evening wear. Buy well-fitting light blue and white shirts. Learn to tie an excellent knot.
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