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The luxury SUV segment as a whole is indictable.
The one with the top that curves into the legs? Not the biggest fan.
Oh yeah, I have no issue with ubiquity. In fact, I think it can very much be an asset. I just know it is an issue for many.That floor lamp is very nice, and a classic of course, but we needed something less directional.
Looking for a round stool. Sometimes, the classics--no matter how ubiquitous or cliched--just can't be beat.
For reference: Piochair Grand Repos Eames Barcalounger DeLuxe
Err, define "same continuum"?
Hold on--of all the comfortable chairs out there, why would you spend $1000+ on a fugly one? I am truly baffled.
Who's saying they are pay premiums just for certain designer names? My distaste for knock-offs has nothing to with their lack of branding.You are not suspicious. You are paranoid.Neither of them would have posted the lounger you picked. I understand: you believe either that they would, and it would have been received differently, or if they wouldn't, it would be because it doesn't have the right designer behind it. You're still not considering the possibility all three of...
Okay, this is what I'm talking about.You're assuming that differences you can't see aren't there, rather than entertaining the possibility that you simply haven't refined your taste and knowledge enough to detect them.My critique of your lounge chairs had nothing do with who designed them.
Interesting analogy, though I'm not well-versed in music at all.The way I look at it, we each can choose: shape our lifestyles to fit pre-existing expectations or do so in a way that raises them. The fun of clothing, food, furniture, design, etc. for me is that each is an opportunity to increase my capacity for enjoying the pleasures of life. Eating more of the same pie versus finding a bigger, better one.
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