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How one values the difference in user experience in either case is entirely subjective. What is not subjective is the financial cost of one thing versus the other.That said, I think it is a stretch to argue that spending more on your car improves functionality or convenience. In truth, the most functional and economically efficient cars are those aimed at middle-class families. Think minivans. You are kidding yourself if you think a Mercedes S-class offers greater than...
I think you've both misread. The choice isn't between no car and car. It is between less expensive car and more expensive car.
I just compared.
The only reason to buy virtually any furniture is "I like it and I have the money for it." The point isn't that you need good furniture more than a fancy car--it's that assuming you like each equally, the former is a less-bad investment as it does not depreciate to zero and does not drain cash after purchase.Again, it's not a matter of how much value is retained. It's that, unlike cars: (1) there is no inevitable need to replace, and (2) there is no cash drain for...
You can get a new, mid-size four-door sedan for less than $20k. The average price of a new car purchased in the US is $35k. In other words, people spend more than they "need" to on cars. For most, it is their largest lifestyle expenditure. Doesn't have to be that way.
When you step back, expensive furniture can make a lot more sense than expensive cars, where most people have no problem sinking more money than they arguably should. Most cars, with the rare exception of collectibles, depreciate to virtually zero value. Moreover, maintenance expenses only increase over time. In contrast, even though good furniture does not hold value and is challenged by a less active secondary market, it does not pose a cash drain after initial purchase...
Not sure there is an objective answer. Johnnie Walker Blue is excellent quality whiskey. It's just not very interesting to me.
It's a blended whiskey, versus single malt, which is what most of us have been discussing.Blended whiskeys are mixes of whiskeys from different distilleries. The advantage of a blend is that you can more easily balance out more extreme characteristics of each individual whiskey. Also, it can be done with exceptional consistency. That's why Johnny Walker Black or Platinum or Blue or whatever always tastes the same.A single malt is composed of whiskey from just one...
Opened these up last night:
Macallan 18 is excellent. It just isn't very interesting and is quite expensive versus similar quality stuff.
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