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One year for Jason Smith or one of the "lesser" master builders. Three years for Todd Krause, who makes Clapton's guitars. John Cruz is so backlogged he is no longer taking new orders.Five to six months for team-built, and a lot cheaper, too.
E-mail from doorman says it was delivered! First hurdle crossed. Now let's see if FedEx returns to take it back.
This time the guitar is being shipped FedEx. What is the probability that it actually gets delivered today?
All of the above.Also, please let me know your univibe suggestions. Yes, I already ordered one.
Univibe suggestions?
I did. I've spent a lot of time reading threads there over the past few weeks, actually.Seems R9s are slim pickings now. That is confirmed by chats with Wildwood, Vic Dapra at Guitar Gallery, Dave's Guitars, Mark's Guitar Loft, House of Guitars, etc. For whatever reason, not a lot of strong tops are coming out of the factory. In fact, one vendor gave me a link to view all of the Custom Reissues ready to be shipped out from Gibson (the selection that dealers pick from) and...
Not telling which until I make sure I like it and keep it. I will only say that it is either a new one or the one I sent back and possibly had repaired.Spent a lot of time looking around and harassing dealers. I've looked at over two dozen 2014 1959 reissues. Nothing better out there.
Bought it.
If a new guitar happens, you are both sitting in the back.
Some people think shoulder divots and pa-fucked shoulder lines are imperceptible as well.
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