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Thanks. I shouldn't worry about it dwarfing the furniture?
No, converted industrial loft in downtown Manhattan.
Yes, I've replicated, though the new iteration is much smaller and female. Thank you for the congratulations!On floor lamps: how tall?Room height is 15 feet. Seating heights are all about 2.5 feet. Should we pick a 5-foot or 6-foot tall version of the same lamp?
Also, Chairish might work.
On second thought, the IC might be the right pick. Didn't realize it came in a larger size.Likely to go with the brass version, though the chrome is probably safer.Will make some calls.
Dixon is very hit of miss for me, but I particularly dislike this. It's just neato-look-what-I-can-do showmanship that is neither elegant in form nor expresses any clear design rationale.
Looked at the Flos IC. Maybe.The Moooi could be interesting, though would prefer something taller.Agreed--MCM backlash is amusing. Hard to imagine genuinely enjoying contemporary (as in current) furniture design while spurning MCM.
Also, if possible, would like a less well recognized design. Can be from a smaller maker.
Also,Eh. It's perfectly fine, but don't love it.
Someone will probably recommend the Jasper Morrison Glo-Ball. A reasonable suggestion given what we're looking for, but not a fan.
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