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Stitch, both those watches (44 and 42mm) are significantly smaller than the 1950 Luminor or 1940 Radiomir cases (both 47mm). I have not seen a wrist on which the 47mm cases don't look big. They replicate the dimensions of the original watches (and hence, in my book, are the only Panerai watches to collect in the long term), which were worn over wet suits. If you have a wrist on which such a watch doesn't look noticeably big, you have monstrously huge wrists.Take a look at...
Panerai watches with "Marina Militare" dials have always been rare, and this one is a near perfect replication of one of the few original Panerai archetypes. I think it will easily be in the $15,000-$20,000 range within a year's time.
None of you have considered the ascot angle.
It's a beautiful watch, but quite contrary to what one might believe, the Radiomir type cases often wear much larger than the Luminor ones. Without the crown guard of the latter, the former is all dial.
No, not the 372. Checkout my new posts over the past couple of pages. PAM587.
It should. Secondary prices are around $13,000-15,000 now, versus $10,400 at retail. As production completes and people on waitlists realize they won't get one, prices will only go up.
Well, I didn't buy it to necessarily keep it. The intention is to leave it unworn and sell--unless I absolutely love it, which I'm not sure about. It is highly redundant vs. the 372, and needlessly more precious.
Numero dos.
Big box.
Collar stays are for pussies. Discuss.
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