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I don't trust them anymore either.
That is not at all what I said or implied.My point was simply that aesthetic tastes are often influenced by other things that truly do matter to a relationship.
I bet there is a not meaningless correlation between political leftism and preference for postmodern furniture.
It's scary that I believe one's cultural, ideological, intellectual proclivities matter in a romantic relationship?If your aesthetic taste has nothing to do with how you see the world (or want to see it), I wonder how developed your aesthetic taste can possibly be.
It is not necessarily just about "appearances." A lot of more important character traits and values feed into aesthetic taste. Culture, lifestyle preferences, intellectual interests, ideologies, etc.
Design-milk Dezeen Mocolo
Looks like a Bertoia chair and Eames fiberglass chair got busy.
I dunno. I hear a lot from my friends/co-workers about that sort of conflict.
How many of you guys have girlfriends/wives that insist on very different furniture than you prefer? Not to stereotype, but I'm not sure I could stand it if I had to live with any flowery, cutesy, safely-eclectic taint.
Apparently, you can get some old ladies in Morocco to custom make you a Beni Ourain-style rug for a very reasonable price. Wondering whether to go authentic or have them spell out FOO.
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