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As I wait for my strat build to begin, I am realizing how absurd it is to be paying such a significant premium for one person to make the ideal version of an inexpensive guitar that was designed to be mass-produced on an assembly line. After all, the vintage models that are so prized were made by relatively unskilled assembly-line workers, not a luthier sitting at his bench. My only solace is that pre-CBS Strats are probably not nearly as good as people imagine--at...
It's being ordered. Will take 3-5 months. Masterbuilt by Todd Krause. Essentially a '57 Mary Kaye. White blonde ash with maple neck and gold hardware. NOS.I thought about a non-Fender custom make, but ultimately still want the "real" thing. Masterbuilt costs a bitch though.
Eh. Felt like a strat instead.
Sold my Les Paul.
Unattributed coffee table, though cool, estimated at $2-3,000 seems rich: http://www.wright20.com/auctions/2016/03/design/393
Just answered you.Those are not the same as the ones I posted and are at a much different price point.
Only the cheaper ones are printed, which sell through a couple retailers like Matter Matters. Prices for those are only a few hundred dollars.The ones I posted are not printed and are quilted in the traditional manner.
His gorgeous Superleggera chair: His blegh take on the folding chair: Compared to:
Awful.Awful.AwesomeMeh. The Superleggera is much better.AwfulAwesome.
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