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1. Quality and workmanship don't lead to a maintenance-free product.2. Floor samples may have suffered significant abuse. People tend to treat their own stuff better.
You could get new non-display model from Flos for $2500 with a single phone call.
Is the $2,100 price including discount or used or not for an authentic lamp?
Why not just take MCM literally? Modernist design originating in the mid-20th century. It may or may not overlap with any number of other distinctions.
Yeah, but you know the real thing is $3,000 at retail. Historically, you've chosen to spend less on something different from your original interest.
Too lazy to find the eye-roll smiley.Let's just cut to the chase:
Digging these lamps.
Wikipedia has some interesting tidbits on the origin of the term:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-century_modernProblem with this categorization is that it ties "modernism" to particular places and times. Intellectually, "modernism" and "post-modernism" don't reflect different eras, but divergent (and opposed) schools of thought. A contemporary designer can be either a modernist or post-modernist (or some blend of the two, I guess).Corbusier is perhaps the archetypical...
2.5 feet at the back of the sofa, not at the cushion. Total height.Brick walls are painted white.You are right--I thought the shorter one was a bit taller. Now that I look, it is only 45" without the globe and 53" with. That is too low regardless.The taller one, then.
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