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Disagree. Two millimeters is a humongous jump. It's like a second off a 0-60 time.
Classic men's dress is like mid-century modern design or mechanical watches. It is a highly mature form of expression, if not already past its due date. "Innovation" doesn't really make sense in the context.Do people still come up with new words in Aramaic?
By definition, men's classic clothing is a uniform. The set of components are pre-defined. The forms of the components are pre-defined. The way they are pieced together is pre-defined. Once you've accepted the format, your choices are limited to nuance. It is not an accident that nuance and consistency of execution distinguish the best dressed, most stylish men. Don't kid yourself.
You're right about the Radiomir. Still, the point remains, the 47mm 1950 Luminor and 1940 Radiomir cases are much larger.
It's nothing personal about you, David. The point is simply that, in the aggregate, the utility of this forum has drastically declined for me over the years. Without hashing out all the reasons, one key element is the shift in focus toward vendor participation. Anyone who stands to economically benefit from saying one thing or another is obviously going to be biased, no matter how nice a guy. Anyways, even assuming a perfectly objective person, a tailor's knowledge is not...
I have a Bergeon loupe that I've never used. Afraid.
I'm a lesbian too--again, depending on the angle.
Ha, I'll cut you a deal. The Styleforum Courtesy Discount.My opinion is that if you want a discreet, "normal" looking watch, Panerai makes no sense in the first place. It is a big honking watch, and designed to be that way from the beginning. Trying to tame and compromise it ruins the concept for me.Easier to attain just one 587 (though, not easy). Plus, I know the watch market, not the one for sneakers.
How many of those would I have to buy for a $5,000-10,000 return?
These jackets are really, really beautiful and definitely appear to share DNA with my own. What I love about them is the subtlety versus the cartoonishness that most Neapolitan makers (bespoke and RTW) are putting out these days.
New Posts  All Forums: