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Assuming it was a special order, you could have reviewed the neck profile with your assigned luthier, no? Part of the benefit of the Masterbuild process is that you can try out the finished guitar just like you would a bespoke suit. They communicate with you during the making and can tweak to get it right afterward.
The wood and construction in an LP seem to greatly infuence its sound, maybe moreso than with a Strat (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). The historic reissues from Gibson Custom are all solid mahogony, with quartersawn necks, painted with nitro lacquer, and put together with hide glue. 1959 and 1960 reissues are made with lighter bodies (the guitars usually weigh in under 9 pounds). Also the necks are all long tenon, reaching further into the body. Amongst other...
Based totally on nerd-forum-hearsay, the Custom Shop reissue LPs are on a whole other level versus the regular production stuff, though the Japanese-made Epiphones are supposed to be a sweetheart deal.
That's how you know you didn't throw enough money at the problem.
Interesting question.
I don't want a giant guitar box with "Gibson" plastered all over it sitting by my desk all day. I'd rather my conspicuous consumption be less conspicuous in the workplace.
I got Vic Dapra's under-the-table appraisal of the maple top on my [delivered] Les Paul. Likes it.
Can I request that they be virgins? I didn't see the checkbox for that.
What is a reasonable discount off of MSRP for a custom order from the Fender Custom Shop? Trying to see how good the dealer's quote is.
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