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Part of new collection for Fredericia by Jasper Morrison:
Have you looked Kalmar lamps? Workmanship is top notch. Would think they'd be right up your alley.
Opted for the simplicity. Didn't hurt that it is much less expensive.
Thoughtful nitpicking and criticizing would be great.That's not what happens.
It's a moderately warm light. Not harsh at all.
I don't think it comes across as industrial at all. The design and finishing are too sleek and refined for that.In fact, any hesitation I have over the IC is that it may be too stylized and not serious enough as a lamp. The minimalist aesthetic complements our space and other things, though.
I very much like the Grasshopper. Less so the AJ.Problem with both in my case is that that I needed something less expected and also which doesn't cast strictly directional light.If I were to return the IC and switch to another to something classic, it would most likely be the Hase from Kalmar:
Not sure I'm in the mood for the drama and bad vibes.
Yessir.Pretty awesome complement for the lounge chair. Went with the smaller one though.
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