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You haven't been paying attention, then. His comments about Rubinacci's approach to fitting his shoulders was in response to my own comment about Rubinacci generally not correcting for dropped shoulders.Nobody is saying you have to build-up the shoulder to fix the issue you are talking about--because you aren't talking about what everyone else is talking about. One more time: to raise a lower shoulder to the height of a higher one, you obviously need to add padding to...
All kidding aside, check out how his right shoulder is lower than his left. To even them out, they'd have to stuff some padding in there.
Everyone loves a Christmas miracle, even the Foo.
I don't think that's the issue Matt was addressing, but I could be wrong, and it looks potentially due to the way he poses for photos. Hard to imagine one would purposefully tailor a jacket to bunch like that or that it cannot be corrected.
This is like OCBD collar "roll." Except for like four people on the entire internet, nobody actually knows what they mean when they compliment or criticize it.
I know of a once highly trafficked blog that could use some help with content creation . . .
I don't know what we're talking about anymore. I don't see anything I'd call "collapsing" on his jackets.
Matt was very clear. One of his shoulders is more sloped the than other, due to his golfing. So, there are two problems: (1) accommodate the sloping, and (2) getting the more drastically sloped shoulder to look even with the less drastically sloped on. You can solve the first problem without building up the shoulders at all. It's just a matter of getting the pattern right. However, then one shoulder will remain "dropped" compared to the other. To get them even, you have to...
You can correct for the slope of a particular shoulder by adjusting the angle of the jacket's shoulder seam. This will make the jacket "fit" the shoulder in question. However, if one shoulder is higher than the other and you want to even them out, there is no choice but to build up the lower one.
I'd like to try Hakkasan. The New York Times review was stupid, as it fixated on pricing (who would ever want to spend good money on Chinese food, after all?) and displayed blatant ignorance ("small eats" is a direct translation from the Chinese phrase, not some awkwardly made-up terminology).However, I do cringe at the notion of adding caviar to Peking duck. Competently prepared, the dish does not require more saltiness and the flavors are so robust as is that I fail to...
New Posts  All Forums: