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Not sure there is an objective answer. Johnnie Walker Blue is excellent quality whiskey. It's just not very interesting to me.
It's a blended whiskey, versus single malt, which is what most of us have been discussing.Blended whiskeys are mixes of whiskeys from different distilleries. The advantage of a blend is that you can more easily balance out more extreme characteristics of each individual whiskey. Also, it can be done with exceptional consistency. That's why Johnny Walker Black or Platinum or Blue or whatever always tastes the same.A single malt is composed of whiskey from just one...
Opened these up last night:
Macallan 18 is excellent. It just isn't very interesting and is quite expensive versus similar quality stuff.
^^^ Why I can't believe some people are okay wearing shoes in the house.
Depends how Oedipal you are feeling.
Oban 18 is very nice, but it is almost never my go-to. It's a great intro to good whiskey without resorting to Macallan or Glenlivet. If you don't like A'bunadh, whiskey probably isn't your drink. I am settling into a single cask Balvenie 15. At first, I found it too rough and imbalanced. It has grown on me. Of course, I'm half way through the bottle, so there's that. Favorite right now is Glendronach 21. With the distillery's closing/re-opening, the whiskey is much...
A'bunadh was a crowd pleaser, but my heart still belongs to the Laphroaig 18.
That looks like a very different style than the mock-up of your new living/dining room.
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