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I picked the Tone King because it looks neat. I am awful.
Thanks! Super excited.This one is actually a 2014. The serial number is 4006--the sixth made this year. I think the only differeence versus 2013 is that they are now using hide glue for the fret board attachment, in addition to the neck join.Did Gomer send you a link to the demo? Would love to hear your opinion on the sound.
All mine! After a fifteen year hiatus, I've returned to electric guitars. 2014 Gibson Custom 1960 Reissue in Bourbon Burst, coming to my doorstep tomorrow, along with a Tone King Falcon in black and cream. The actual guitar is the one pictured below, from Wildwood. It's one of the "Benchmark" Custom Historics the dealers claim to be extra-special. Likely all marketing BS, but I appreciate that Wildwood shows you pictures of their actual inventory and puts up demo videos...
Will do, as soon as they arrive.And--WOOHOO!--found a revised Rodimus Prime.
I couldn't sleep last night. Hit by a pang of geekdom, I went on a Transformers Masterpiece buying binge. From 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning, I scoured the internet for all the characters I am missing post-MP08 (which is to say all of them, except for Optimus Prime).* I bought everything. I also preordered all the figures that will be released through the end of the year. All I am missing now is the elusive revised version of Rodimus Prime (MP09). The first release was rife...
I have no particular objection to tan/cream flannel. I wonder about the usefulnes though, since flannel is a cold weather cloth and tan or cream are generally warm weather colors.The key distinction versus fresco is that flannel covers a broader gamut of formality. That's partially why it's such an awesome cloth.
Back strap!
I don't think the new ones have number codes. Here's the one I ordered (19/20 ounces):
Awesome! Three meters of obnoxious early 80's sofa fabric tweed ordered.More, please!
He has a loose collar, too. No excuse, other than that he says he likes his collars loose. I would never tell anybody that it is correct.
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