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Hans Wegner J16 rocking chair, manufactured by Fredericia (~$1,800 USD retail): Best deal out there, in my opinion. And looks great in almost any sort of room/interior. I was speaking to one of the big-time vintage Danish furniture dealers in NYC a little while ago and he was lamenting that true cabinetmakers were all but extinct in Denmark these days. However, he noted that, in his opinion, PP Mobler and Fredericia still do honest work nearly on par with the old...
No, I meant U.S.-made replicas--but, like I said, I don't want to jump into that vortex/rabit-hole of a discussion.
No doubt they deploy CNC, but even so, it still requires more one-off work to make than the Eames.Exactly to your point about being able to make a similar-quality, unlicensed version of the Model 45 for about half the price, take a look around at how cheap you can buy an unlicensed Eames lounge chair. In both cases, you are paying a premium to own the properly licensed/authorized version (not to open up that can of worms).
Hakone Table by Barber & Osgerby for Galerie Kreo Limited edition of 8 pieces
. . . because people putting together Eames lounge chairs for Herman Miller are getting paid minimum wage? Serious question. I actually have no idea. But comparing minimum wages is probably not the right place to start the comparison.And Herman Miller is a less valuable brand than Onecollection? Eames is less valuable a name than Finn Juhl? I don't think brand value is the distinguishing factor either.Bottom-line is that one chair is easier to produce than the other,...
Yes, but "Made in USA" is a brand too--and while Danish labor costs are particularly high, American labor costs are not going to be so much lower as to explain much of the cost difference.
Not sure country of origin has much to do with it. If you tried to make a chair like that in the States, the labor costs would be similarly high.
They make a lot more of the Eames (an understatement) and its production is far more industrialized. The Model 45, with its solid, sculpted wood frame and traditional joinery, requires a lot more skilled labor and craftsmanship.
Also, if you're still interested in the CB-50, BassamFellows uses Elmo leather from Sweden. Quality-wise, it is on par with Sorensen--that is to say, top of the heap. The options they offer on the CB-50 are all full-aniline and non-coated.
It's not just the thickness of the leather and the limitation of manufacture. It's also an aesthetic issue. Not all designs are meant to patina the way that sort of leather will and you will not be able to select it as an option. Or it could be even more arbitrary than that. Sometimes the designer or manufacturer has selected specific colors or leathers from the supplier that are acceptable for a particular product, and the leather you like might just not be...
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