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The point is that the LC7 is at least as practical as either.I like the Bird chair aesthetically. Apparently, some people with odd anatomies can actually sit in it without falling over, so great for them.The Bugatti is blegh.
Then I stand corrected.
Is it in Japan? Or at least part of a Japanese-style home? Or a sushi restaurant?
I was going to say: "welcome to Chinatown." But that would be mean and racist, or something.Looks like a craftsman got too carried away with his craft to temper it with taste and artfulness.
The bird chair is not for the faint of heart. Your life teeters in the balance.
Well, they're good enough for this dude:
Maybe these:
Maybe some iteration of an LC7? Not sure it works great as a lounge chair though.
Too square and blocky to be in the vicinity of the Knoll. Also, I don't like how the cushions inevitably collapse.
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