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Now all you need is a round trip ticket to Naples and a few days off from work to to pick it up! But that's okay, it was a deal.
Do Gennaro and his son know that you have never ordered more than three or four suits from a tailor, or that the vast majority of the interested parties that can be garnered from Styleforum will be, similarly, samplers? Others have tread down this path and it has not gone well.Unlike you, I've actually worked with Gennaro and do care about what happens to him and his family. The approach you are taking is potentially reckless.
Sucks. Too obvious. Timing is always off, as if they're perpetually waiting for slightly stupider viewers to catch-up with each joke before delivering the punch line. Modern Family is much better at doing a similar thing.Friends was a fantastic sit-com. One of my favorites, actually. Comedically, not as "good" as Seinfeld, but that isn't the only reason one watches a show, right? The cast developed a magnetic chemistry that made viewers want to follow them through each...
Who said anything about committing to 12 years? I just mean that a regularized schedule is key to getting good service from your foreign tailor. People will not be happy if the visits are sporadic and trail off. Genarro and his son will not be happy if their reputation is hurt by this venture.Out of curiosity, do you have a regular tailor you work with?
I think you are missing my point.There is no shortage of Neaopolitan tailors visiting the U.S. nowadays, and they typically charge meaningfully less. So, it stands to reason, if one is willing to pay more for Gennaro, he must particularly like Gennaro's work. Yet, the most prolific examples of that work (which have been through Rubinacci) are repeatedly criticized here.That all makes me wonder to what extent the criticism is real or whether people simply want to buy the...
Gennaro is not close to half the price. From what you describe, he's $3,700 CMT per suit, or roughly $4,000 all in (assuming standard cloth). Rubinacci is not anywhere near $8,000 per suit--more like $6,000, given the current dollar/euro exchange rate. If you can avoid VAT, it's more like $5,000.Also, since you are working with them, you may want to advise that they commit to regular visits. Trying to gauge interest beforehand implies they'll stop coming whenever there is...
Your point is a response to a proposition never made. No one ever claimed that a stylist alone is better than a tailor alone.Many of those photos are of Iammatt's clothes, which Gennaro worked on while at Rubinacci. Matt's shed light on at least a few key decisions made through dialogue with Mariano. Hence, I don't think it's fair or accurate to use his clothes as examples of what Gennaro would have executed on his own, for better or worse.Out of curiosity, what is the...
The Matuozzo collars are actually a bit too high (my fault for asking for them that way). This causes them to buckle a bit over the tie--not in a good way.
I was being sarcastic.
Chris, I'm having trouble understanding this. If you were to add more length over the shoulder, hence pushing the points further outward, the jacket would just drop-off even more and exacerbate the effect others are talking about.
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