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Yeah we've been moved-in for about nine months. Place looks great overall, but I'm always spotting tiny details I want to fix up.
Not sure I ever talked about this. About a year and a half ago, we moved downtown and bought our current apartment in a ~150 year-old cast iron building. After an excruciating co-op and loan approval process, we then started what was supposed to be a minor renovation prior to move-in. Truth be told, the apartment was already in great shape and didn't need any repairs or changes, having been previously owned and renovated by an architect. We just thought to make a few...
Not a whole lot of design enthusiasm in the design thread. Any Maarten Van Severen fans?
Puffer Chair by Synette Lew for Moving Mountain, a Brooklyn design studio: I really dig it. I particularly like that it avoids the industrial, screwed-together-scrap-metal-look that typifies most other design startups coming out of Brooklyn.
That's the BassamFellows CB-51. Same as the CB-50, but with a wing back.Not sure many people will cross-shop BassamFellows and Ceccotti. The former is a sort of revivalist American modern. The latter is generic Italian contemporary.
Lex Pott for The Future Perfect:
But then you aren't paying for the design/brand premium anymore. Somewhat different calculus.
People who pay the premium for the licensed, authorized version of a design tend to care about the concept of authenticity--and where it is made matters in that respect. Hence, yes, I think there is a preference for American MCM designs to be American-made.Put another way: to the extent "American Mid-Century Modern" matters to people, "Made in USA" likely does as well.
People who pay $6,000 for an Eames lounge chair care if it's "Made in USA."
No, but I can see how you can apply a general rule of thumb to the industry, given similar business models.
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