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There isn't much of one. You have to hear it. The Tube Drive can drive pretty damned hard.Still, a Wampler Pinnacle is on the way. We'll see which stays: the Wampler, the Tube Drive, or both.I guess, alternatively, I could drop the gain a tad on everything after the BB "pre-amp" and drop the BB. But the BB is super sweet.
It has the most sparkly, smooth, luscious clean tone. Plugged in sounds strongly reminiscent of how it sounds unplugged. A good sign to me.
Holy shit this guitar sounds awesome. Between the BB, the Tube Driver, and the Caprid, I'm not sure I really need a straight-up distortion pedal. Not much of a gap to fill anymore.
Oops. Just discovered Photobucket was compressing and resizing all my uploads. Fuckers. Just realized they look like garbage. Corrected below. [[SPOILER]]
A better pic:
DS1? Wampler Pinnacle?
Well, turns out the terminology is all screwy. The Xotic BB is called a "pre-amp" by the maker, but it is not actually a pre-amp, just a very transparent overdrive with available low gain. I use it to add a little meat and growl, while keeping the amp perfectly clean on its own. The pedal does not transform the fundamental tone of the amp at all.The idea with the Effectrode Tube Driver (a proxy for a TS808/TS9) is to get more of a pronounced overdrive effect. A distortion...
My amp has three knobs.
Alright guys, pedal help. Gomer has politely pointed out there are holes in my lineup. Currently: 1. Xotic BB preamp 2. Effectrode Tube Drive overdrive 3. Wren and Cuff Caprid fuzz 4. FoxRox Aquavibe univibe What else do I need? Distortion? Wah? Chorus? Name badass boutique pedals and I will probably buy them. Also, need pedalboard help.
Oh, like you should talk.Anyway, bought it to try out. Fun!
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