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Analog delays are pricier.
Just to state the obvious, in case it isn't obvious: corruption is hardly the only obstacle to effecting optimal regulatory policy. Even incorruptible, well-meaning rule makers and rule enforcers are not omniscient. I am not familiar with how architect licensing really works, but I am not principally against the notion of professional licenses. To the extent they efficiently provide valuable market information, they are a good thing. Hairdressers and janitors perform low...
Spent all afternoon play testing my Effectrode Tube Drive against my Xotic BB. The BB is all kinds of awesome, but I'm pretty convinced the Tube Drive still blows it away.
Isn't that like three grand?
I'm a sucker. Been playing around with Gomer's Line6 digital delay. Decided I needed a delay pedal of my own. Picked this: Limited edition version of the 104M, with two more MN2008 chips, for 1.2 seconds of max delay.
But you already live outside the metropolis.
New dream: move out of Manhattan, buy an acre or two of wooded land off a winding road, and build something like this:
I'm not sure the prices are all that much better. Anyway, I am a no-compromise kind of guy. If it can't be Manhattan, it will be out in the country.
Maybe you scale back your ambitions and get a hamster? Or a goldfish? Maybe two?Sad but so true.Since we all die, that tends to imply it would be silly not to live in the suburbs.
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