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Yes. I think the sticking point for some is simply when something is called a "vase" and its function is nominal.My perspective is that we should not get stuck on what things are called and start by asking whether any function we wish to ascribe to them matters within greater context.I blame Piochair.
All true, but the discussion around form vs. function had turned to a more fundamental question: how do you assess form relative to function as function approaches zero? If a vase is so poorly functioning that it no longer functions as a vase, why assess it as a vase to begin with?I posited that we should be more and more willing to assess things as non-functioning forms the less and less their would-be functioning impacts the environment to which they belong. Hence, one...
I didn't dismiss it. I raised a counter-point on the basis of your own criteria. On a sum-of-the-parts basis, it is hard to see many situations where a luxury SUV is the best choice, unless image matters.Why not a Honda Odyssey, for example?
But it is not a sum-of-the-parts issue. Versus a four-wheel drive wagon, for example, what precisely is the advantage of an SUV if you are not off-roading?
But why an SUV at all? Do you off-road? Even if you do, the vast majority are no longer designed for off-roading anyway (including the GL and Explorer). Need for all-wheel drive for inclement weather? There are plenty of more efficient sedan and wagon options. Do you need the extra room and capacity? Then a wagon or minivan would have made more sense. Looking for comfort? A sedan would have been at least as comfortable, with better ride quality. Obviously, fuel economy,...
The luxury SUV segment as a whole is indictable.
The one with the top that curves into the legs? Not the biggest fan.
Oh yeah, I have no issue with ubiquity. In fact, I think it can very much be an asset. I just know it is an issue for many.That floor lamp is very nice, and a classic of course, but we needed something less directional.
Looking for a round stool. Sometimes, the classics--no matter how ubiquitous or cliched--just can't be beat.
For reference: Piochair Grand Repos Eames Barcalounger DeLuxe
New Posts  All Forums: