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Croc can be worn up or down the formality scale. Extremely adaptive.
Do the Nomos on navy matte crocodile. Same color stitching.
I hate when collar edges are perfectly straight. This is how Charvet is cutting mine (on the right):
Why is a lack of versatility or variety a demerit? Knowing what you like is not a bad thing and dressing with consistency is its own sort of courage.
I hesitate to respond because you are so damned obtuse. One more try then I'm done.1. I'm not saying there are zero well-dressed men in Naples. I'm saying there are far, far fewer than popularly imagined by the likes of Styleforum geeks, iGents, etc. (I say that as one of them). I come to this conclusion the same way I would about any other city, by visiting and observing how common it is to spot a well-dressed man in highly trafficked areas. You suggest there are certain...
Well, I'm not really looking to learn much anymore, that's true. However, the "utility" I want is insightful, thoughtful discussions about style and clothing. There used to be me much, much more of that--and there were virtually no tailors or vendors involved, save for Despos chiming in every now and again.Bottom line is that stylish, well-dressed men don't necessarily need to be technical or product experts (though they often know a thing or two, just out of pure...
We each have our own level of preference and tolerance for repeating the exact same outfit, yes. But that is a separate (though related) point. All I'm saying is that the jacket-and-tie outfit is highly pre-defined and itself a uniform, so people who denounce the uniform approach to men's classic dress really don't understand men's classic dress.
In fact, if my high school geometry is still coherent, the bigger the watches compared, the more that extra two millimeters matters. The surface area added gets bigger and bigger. So, even though the percentage difference in surface area between 42mm and 44mm watch is greater than between a 45mm and 47mm watch, the absolute difference is greater in the case of the latter, all while your wrist size remains constant.
By the way, that's partially why the white shirt and white square combination sucks. No nuance.
That is one iteration of the uniform, yes. Another is a tweed jacket, flannel trousers, blue shirt, and cream silk pocket square. Same components pieced together the same way. The difference is in the details.
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