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One third of all deliveries by UPS or Fedex go similarly awry for me.
ARUGRUHGFUCKUPS Guitar and amp were supposed to be delivered by 10:30 this morning. UPS tracking status now says they made a delivery attempt at 10:29 but nobody was there to receive the packages. Gomer can attest to the profoundly offensive absurdity of such a lie. Our building is armed to the teeth with 24-hour doormen. No fucking way UPS attempted delivery. Called customer service to rage. They don't even know if they can deliver today anymore.
I have matches waiting.Is he coming over to play? We can swap dicks.
I ordered mine from El Dorado:
I'd like to hang it on the wall in our living room, but I'm terrified it will fall down.
Interesting. Any word on these "Benchmark" guitars sold by WIldwood, Rainbow, Dave's, and Music Zoo? Supposedly they are a cut above normal production Custom guitars and handpicked for those few retailers.Everything is coming tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime! Including a kickass leather strap.
I didn't know a Custom '68 was even an option.
It's back in Maryland. Probably needs serious servicing.
Ah, but there can be no number two for me. No mo' money.
The big difference is that I'm a one dick kind of guy. I might look at other dicks, but ultimately, I like to focus all my attention on the veiniest one I can get my hands on.
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