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Jessica Sanders (born 1985)
Clay Mahn (born 1988)
I think there might have been an old art thread, but it's long dead. So here's a new one. I'll start it off with some work by younger/emerging artists I'm currently enjoying. Russell Tyler (born 1981)
Yeah, but you don't want the whole grouping to be MCM, even if the rest of the room isn't--in fact, it would only look even more conspicuous that way. Some ideas below. Some are indeed vintage designs, but none are mid-century American.I particularly like the Tab as a floor lamp for reading. Comes in different colors. Priced well. Never had a use for it myself, but love the design.Osgerby Tab (Flos)Michael Anastassiades IC Light (Flos)Kalmar Hase (Kalmar)Kalmar Dornstab...
Not sure if possible, but if you can fish the HDMI cable to your TV behind the drywall, you can wall-mount the TV and place all your media equipment out of sight. Then, no need for "TV furniture," which is always ugly.Will follow-up with some ideas, but definitely stay away from more mid-century if you are already paring the Eames and Platner together (is that already decided?).
Doesn't non-black leather clash with the Pio-chairs?
Well, that's a relief. Except for the Natuzzi situation.Tell me, does it look like something like this:Is it leather? Black leather?Do any parts adjust or move around to change it into something else? Was "lumbar" included in the product description?
So the Arco bisects the Pio-chairs? That is truly odd. Why not put it off to the side somewhere? I mean, one of the key design features of the Arco is that it . . . arcs. You have the freedom to place it wherever and still have the light fall where you want it to.You don't arrange all your furniture symmetrically, do you?Do you?
One Arco for each Pio-chair or is there a time-share sort of arrangement?
Did he get the Arco or did he get:I mean, basically the same thing, but just curious.
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