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No, it's not complicated. You are making the false assumption that three can be nothing redeemable in sacrificing "permanence." Say that one wants (or for whatever reason, needs) a jacuzzi, and the only affordable option is a plastic one. Moreover, further assume that the aggregate cost of repeatedly replacing a plastic jacuzzi over a lifetime is still less expensive than buying one that doesn't require replacement. I would see nothing wrong with that person's taste for...
Oh oops, missed them. I think we need something more simple and compact.I am really digging the Lulea by Lissoni, the more I look at it. For a third time:
This is inaccurate. The chair throws me to the floor.
Don't say hurtful things. Corbusier furniture, white walls and wood floors are his personal style.
Dude--the expense of getting someone to fabricate a new Bird chair cover in new fabric could very well cost as much as buying another Bird chair.
Ours is absolutely not an extravagant home. It's just a neat space to play around with.
You are such an idiot.
The point is that the LC7 is at least as practical as either.I like the Bird chair aesthetically. Apparently, some people with odd anatomies can actually sit in it without falling over, so great for them.The Bugatti is blegh.
Then I stand corrected.
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