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Have you officially killed the notion of double Eames lounge chairs?
Semi-traditional or semi-contemporary?
So, do you wear your shoes into the bathroom when you know you're going to take a shower, then take them off right before you get in? When do you out them back on after? I would have to put on a fresh pair of socks every time. Do you re-sock? I cannot tolerate re-socking.
Normal, non-ugly, semi-traditional:
No, semi-con/semi-trad.That is all exactly right.I said normal, not ugly.
I had to look up what the fuck you mean. I can't do a spoon pic because all of our spoons are in storage while we are installing stuff in our new apartment (hence the new light) and don't live there yet. Also, it would involve me making a 70-block trek just to prove the internet wrong.Happy to do a spoon pic in a couple of months.
I swear on the internet that I did.
I guess it's more of a mix between some semi-traditional and some semi-contemporary.
Do you guys who wear shoes indoors also wear shoes when using the bathroom? Cannot fathom.
There is a difference between caring and doing.
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