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Someone's always putting out a nice looking lounge chair. Picking one is hard because there are so many good candidates. Picking a lamp is hard because most are blegh.
It is larger, but key is that our living room is more chair than sofa.
For what it's worth, some of our lounge chairs approach or exceed the cost of our sofa. Doesn't strike me as odd or wrong at all. We paid for what we liked.
Not sure why Room & Board, whether one likes it or not, should serve as a benchmark for reasonable pricing.For some, an R&B sofa is no different from a Knoll or Cappellini sofa that is twice the price. For others, the latter are different and better in some way, and therefore worth paying more for.
The Eames has a wide price range, depending on wood and upholstery chosen.
Is there some golden rule for how much a lounge chair should cost?
This is meant to be a productive line of discussion. We all thought you liked the way the Eames and Repos chairs looked--or at least I thought so. Now it occurs to me that your starting point may be completely different.
Okay, maybe we need to level-set.What are some examples of chairs you think are attractive and not fugly?
You missed the basic point: it is only a bad vase insofar as one insists on judging it as a vase. As a decorative object or sculpture, it should be assessed differently since the physical functioning no longer matters.This is perfectly logically consistent with condemning an ugly chair. I've explicated on why in multiple posts. In short: given that function is relative to environment, the extent to which a thing's form should be assessed versus its function should be...
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