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We have a Tom Dixon copper ball. It's a piece of crap in terms of quality control, but it's a nice looking lamp when you don't look too closely at it.
Thanks to fewer health regulations, Africa would be the perfect place for spraying unplasticized nitro.
The newer one has a slightly thicker neck based on raw measurements, but I had Gibson soften the shoulders a touch versus the harder 'C' profile standard on the 1959 reissues.Both guitars are Sunrise Teaburst. The newer one has more pronounced flame, but also more mineral flecks. It is arguably more "vintage" looking for that reason. But then, a lot of vintage Bursts seem pretty fleck-less to me.I had the pickups wound to specification. The neck pickup is 20% underwound...
All, please light candles and say a prayer on my behalf today. My new guitar is out for delivery with UPS.
Gibson Custom 1959 Re-issue Les Paul #3 inbound . . . Should have it in hand tomorrow. Will compare with the one I've already got. This one is a special order. Super-light, about 7.9 lbs. 20% underwound pickup in the bridge position and 10% underwound at the neck.
There is a lot of misinformation here. It seems that you are equating "full frame" with Nikon/Canon full-frame DSLRs, which are indeed quite large. However, they are not large because they are full-frame. They are large to accomodate the mirror mechanism and added electronic functionality.Second, your comment that Micro 4/3 brings you close to "35mm format" is confusing. Full-frame is the equivalent of "35mm format." If you want to see the potential for how compact a...
Here's how I think about it. First, the best lenses tend to be those designed for full-frame bodies. Second, one of the huge advantages of a mirrorless body is that it can be easily adapted to take lenses made for different mounts.Hence. looking at the bigger picture (ha ha, get it?), I would not focus (oh man, I kill myself) on what proprietry lenses are made for this or that system. Rather, I would get the best camera with the largest sensor possible in my budget. If you...
Try out the Wren & Cuff Caprid fuzz.
When I'm sure I'm going to keep the guitar.
A better pic:
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