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Does it only become pretentious if the carpet is mint green?
LAKE - GREEN from GOLRAN on Vimeo. LAKE - RED from GOLRAN on Vimeo. LAKE - BLUE from GOLRAN on Vimeo.
The conglomerate wood is an issue in this case because the original design was clearly made with solid wood in mind. No reason for table tops made of separate wood planks if using MDF and veneer.
Well, there are two versions of each of Pawson's tables. One is made by a carpenter out in California for Matin Gallery. These are each one-offs and made to order, using all solid wood. Starting price is $15k. The other version is mass-produced by Driade. Starting price is more like $3k and the wood is "conglomerate."
We are moving downtown. When in Rome . . .
I have been looking at walnut slabs all afternoon. Apparently, 15-20" wide pieces are relatively rare. Most are much, much wider, which would not work for a bench.
Familiar with Hearne--they supplied the German oak for our flooring.A couple of considerations: (1) I don't want to go through the trouble of picking a slab and sending it to a craftsman, and (2) Uhuru showed us slabs with more dramatic figuring (including the marbled cross-sections of grafted-on areas), but the price and size are out there. We need something less than 20" wide.
By this rationale, the very act of picking furniture is pretentious to begin with.Who said it is intentionally dissonant or dissonant at all?
Walnut slab under consideration. Red lines illustrate how it might be cut. Would prefer not to cut off the piece no the right, but the slab would be too wide otherwise.
I really don't. I have a strong sense of the direction I want to go in, though.
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