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Who says the other stuff isn't being used? Happy to report on anything I can, but not sure what one needs to know about using a chair or a table, etc.
I had tried to forget about those . . .
The classic Parsons/Krefeld table is a significant milestone, but innovations in materials and technology have allowed the design to advance significantly since mid-century. If one today wants a minimal table reduced to its simplest form, there are better and more refined alternatives.For example, the aforementioned Marten Van Severn did lot of highly innovative work in the 90's:Then there are the many series of tables done by MDF Italia over the last 10-15 years. Below is...
Just trying to keep this thread going. Odd that there seems to such distaste for discussing design in a design discussion.Isn't this getting old yet?. . . because they are too cool for the design threak or not cool enough for the design threak?
Our TV is already an OLED. It's very thin and unobtrusive--but it's still a giant black rectangle.
Could not find a great way either. Anyway, you'd still wind up having your furniture somewhat oriented around the television, hidden or not.
Right, so cool chair, yes?
Yeah, I had all of our media wiring hidden behind drywall. All devices are hidden away in a media closet. So, all you see is a TV on the wall--now, if only I could make that go away.There was a week or two where we tried to convince ourselves we could live without a television in our living room. But then Game of Thrones came back on and we realized we are nowhere near cultured enough.
The back half of the room was lower than the front half.Very interesting potential explanation.I didn't say the rot was spontaneous. We have no idea when it happened. Again, the building is 150 years old. It was converted to apartments 30-40 years ago. Who knows what's transpired along the way.
"Accent wall" is the answer to no question ever.Why don't you just mount everything to the wall directly and fish the wires up and behind the drywall? Also, there are in-wall speakers you can get and even behind-drywall speakers which are actually invisible. Audio quality will not be the greatest possible, but who cares if you just need decent TV speakers.
New Posts  All Forums: