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Tindari paper cord ottoman from Flexform:
Trying to learn the new subway lines I will have to use. WTF is the 6.
We always just give what feels right. That is a combination of how much we like the couple, how close we are to them, and whether there is any precedent (usually in the case of family weddings). The latter is only important because people in close circles do talk and we don't want one relative thinking we care less about them than another. It's unnecessary drama if nothing else.I've never liked the "cover your plate" rule. A gift is a gift, not payment.
It's interesting what characters different people sympathize with. A surprising number of show watchers dislike Tyrion and like Sansa, who is a a superficial, whiny little snot. I would suppose it is related to how people feel more sorry for kidnapped girls when they are pretty and princess-like. Tells me more about people than about the show.
This sounds like a terrible design, toddler or not.
Ah, I see. You have to view it in context.
I find Macallan 18 sort of . . . boring. Like the Davidoff of whiskies. Perfectly competent and balanced, without discernable flaw. But booooring. But then, I'm a big Laphroaig fan. If I want Sherry cask, I much prefer something like Aberlour A'bunadh. Depending on the batch, it is either good or fantastic.
Dear God.
That said, we still give gifts if we can't make the wedding. Whether we attend doesn't really change what we give.
A childhood friend of mine had his wedding in Ireland--which made sense since the girl was from Ireland. However, the wedding was in the middle-of-nowhere (several hours from Dublin). On a Wednesday night. It would have required taking a week off from work. Didn't go. I always wonder if weddings like that are engineered to exclude as many invitees as possible while still technically inviting them.
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