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Custom Shop LPs are all nitro-finished. I think many of the regular Gibsons are too. However, the lacquer formula has changed over the years. The nitro used on original 50's LPs had much less plasticizer than today's. Thus, the vintage finishes are harder, more brittle, glassier, and prone to weather checking. The current nitro is a lot softer and malleable. It will not weather check, unless purposely forced under extreme conditions--even then, the checking is minimal and...
Yeah that would have been a contender, but I'm not sure it's better than the Moog. Lots of complaints about noise when the DMMTT 1100 is pushed toward its maximum delay setting.The Memory Lane 2 was discontinued a month or so ago, so availability is an issue. Also, based on what I've heard in demos, the Moog has smoother, creamier repeats. Others have described it as more "musical." That's what I'm looking for. Incidentally, it seems like quite a few people are dumping...
No way . . . in excellent condition they are around $1,000. Even then, you are stuck with all the reliability and maintenance issues associated with old mechanical tape delays.As far as drawing lines, let's keep in mind that the Fulltone with foot switch is over $1,500. That is twice what I paid for the Moog. That is a magnitude of difference, not an incremental one. Further, if you want the best, new, non-mechanical analog delay available, the Moog is a good candidate....
Only $1,300:The foot switch is only another couple hundred.
Building your own analog delay pedal doesn't bypass the hurdle of expensive chips. They don't make them anymore, so prices are only going up.Seems like even the best digital delays can't quite replicate the lushness of true analog. That said, there are a thousand other reasons to prefer digital. Digital gives you crisper, more perfect repeats, longer delay times, and infinitely more control.
Yeah, NOS Bucket Brigade chips have gotten extremely expensive--the MN3005s especially.
The MXR Carbon Copy is pretty inexpensive ($140). But most will be much more. The EHX Deluxe Memory Man is probably the absolute standard of the genre and it's over $300.
Like the Vertex Axis?
Had dinner at Dovetail with my wife tonight. Fantastic meal. The star was a buckwheat-encased poached egg on a bed of mushrooms. Best dish I've had in a while.
Analog delays are pricier.
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