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Eh. Felt like a strat instead.
Sold my Les Paul.
Unattributed coffee table, though cool, estimated at $2-3,000 seems rich: http://www.wright20.com/auctions/2016/03/design/393
Just answered you.Those are not the same as the ones I posted and are at a much different price point.
Only the cheaper ones are printed, which sell through a couple retailers like Matter Matters. Prices for those are only a few hundred dollars.The ones I posted are not printed and are quilted in the traditional manner.
His gorgeous Superleggera chair: His blegh take on the folding chair: Compared to:
Awful.Awful.AwesomeMeh. The Superleggera is much better.AwfulAwesome.
Will this be purely decorative or do you plan to use it?Meg Callahan can do custom colors. There are examples with more saturated coloring on her website.
Meg Callahan
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