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Depends--are you one of my bosses?
Again, if one were to actually use them, he wouldn't need to rely on interviews and their English skills to know what they do.
So, let me understand, your position rests on Luca's English? Hiring a "stylist" in the U.S. will get you a person who does something very different from what Mariano or Luca do. I don't think they mean "stylist" the way an American speaker of English means it. They only started using the word "bespoke" a few years ago. For a long time, they were saying "made to measure."
Do you similarly assume Despos is just trying to talk up his own business? Or that umbelgrazzo is just trying to drive blog traffic?Obviously, every perspective is prone to bias and selective information, but it's curious that you've singled out mine in particular.
Actually, if you can muster the reading comprehension, all actual Rubinacci clients have posted similar experiences and perspectives in this thread. But again, please carry on the show. Let's hear more from what other tailors and non-clients have to say.
Actually, I've been in the kitchen many times. Had pictures and info all over my blog. In fact, once I watched my own suits getting made over a weekend on a rush basis.But please, carry on with your assumptions.
TRIGGER WARNING I was going to say something, but I'm waiting for more people who have never worked with Rubinacci to tell me more about how Rubinacci works.
Mariano is not a "front of the house" guy like you might see at a Savile Row firm. I find there is a lot of tortured effort put into attaching a known title to him, when in fact his position is very unique. After all, he owns the business. The house is his house, so "front of the house" doesn't really capture what he brings to the table. He doesn't work in front of the tailors or in conjunction with them; they are his employees. Neither does "stylist" fit, as again, that...
I pretty much always know the fabric type and color and pattern I want. Sometimes, I have a particular merchant or mill in mind, too.I will be happy to look at what a tailor shows me that I haven't thought of, but truly novel new colors and patterns in suiting are rare and generally don't interest me, so the strong likelihood is that I've done enough diligence before ever stepping in the door to know what I'd like within a very tight range of possibilities.
I see it for 13.5K USD, from Malaysia.
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