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You guys both possess firmly entrenched hipster-esque qualities, so it is hard to say. Booth lives in Brooklyn--big points. And supposedly he wears a suit absolutely everywhere completely unironically, which is actually incredibly ironic, so again, big points. But Gome only wears bright green or yellow pants. His haircut also gets way more hipster cred.
I've never eaten dinner at the same restaurant three nights in a row. "YOLO?"In fact, I might drop by and pick-up some duck egg rolls on my way home from work.
Wildwood Guitars.
No, it is completely solid mahogany. I just spec'ed a featherweight body. Mahogany can vary greatly in weight.The original '58-60 Bursts were almost all between 8 and 9 pounds. It was the later ones, particularly in the Norlin years, that got to be super-heavy. It has to do with the quality of mahagony. Older growth, high altitude mahagony that has been dried for a longer time will be lighter in weight. Today's reissues have returned to using quality mahagony, though its...
That is insane. My LP is 7.9 pounds. Granted, the Custom is heavier, but four pounds??? Nuts.
Don't buy the Klon hype. Check out this comparison versus a Spaceman Saturn V: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94KKdjqWV2A
But the barre chord is built into my muscle memory. Less thinking, more doing.
I just play it like a barre chord and skip the low E while strumming.
I want a ring modulator.
I read this and burst into laughter--for no apparent reason whatsoever from my coworkers' point of view. They are looking at me funny.Actually, I looked into the Klon. The original is too 'spensive. The reissue from Klon (the KTR) is supposedly not made very well, though they just now are re-releasing it, as made by a supposedly better factory.
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