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'Spensive!The one I'm thinking of getting has a gold back and a real sapphire cabochon. The less expensive Tank Solo XL appears very similar but does not have those things.
Camille Fournet. I had a bad experience with ABP.
What color strap on the rose gold Tank? Navy Bottle Green
More pics:The dial has a very, very subtle pearly, parchment tinted sheen.
Blah blah blahNow help me pick a watch. Cartier Tank LC Extra Flat or Panerai 372?
You'll need to post before and after pics!Some manufacturers will not give you back original parts if they replace them, for fear of fueling the counterfeit market. Hopefully Omega is more lenient.Though, I wonder if new hands will look dissonant. They will be perfectly new, without any patina. Usually when in need of replacement hands, collectors seek OEM ones in a condition similar to the dial's.If it were me, other than fixing and servicing the movement, I'd just ask...
Dino! I was hoping you'd chime in.I absolutely love the discontinued Privee version of the watch. The movement bridges are very elegantly shaped (though I could do without the interlocking C's).The new Extra Flat also uses a Piaget movement, not an F. Piguet. It's based on the 430P caliber (renamed 430MC), except I'm sure it is not nearly as aesthetically modified as the Privee model.Do you believe this new Tank has any collectibility? Or will it just be yet another of the...
At this moment, leaning ever so slightly toward the Tank Extra Flat.
Nah, I want a whole bunch.Maybe the answer is to get the Tank AND the Panerai.
I'd be surprised if they offer to repaint the dial--they are more likely to simply replace it. In either case, I would advise against doing so. You have a significant vintage watch with all genuine, untouched parts. Replacing the crystal will not harm value, but replacing virtually anything else will. Take a look at what happens to vintage Rolex Submariner prices when it turns out the dial is a factory replacement dial. Or IWC Mark XI prices when the lume has been...
New Posts  All Forums: