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What about the Palisade table/chair collection from Hay, designed by the Bouroullec brothers? The long table is ~$1,500 USD retail. Side chairs are ~$200 each.
I use the Cappellini Lotus by Jasper Morrison for my home office. Comes with different back heights, with and without arms, with and without wheels, and in different base finishes.
I look forward to being a crotchety old man with a bad back and a beautiful sofa.
For what it's worth, the price point is significantly lower than what you'd pay for top tier makers. Not sure something from a similarly priced competitor like Hay would be any better.
I like his Whirl chair best:Those stairs are a bit unusual as most of his work has some, at least theoretical, usefulness.
Sarah Crowner (born 1974)
Andrew Zimmerman (born 1968)
Michael Zelehoski (born 1979)
Rana Begum (born 1977)
John Houck (born 1977)
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