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When I played, back in middle and high school during the 90's, the boutique pedal scene hadn't yet emerged. Almost all pedals were Boss pedals. I had some random Digitech distortion pedal I played through my solid state Fender amp. Everyone had a DS-1. A friend of mine had a Big Muff that I remember envying.
Are you channeling StephenHero? Please stop.Well, as I pointed out above, even the greatest players still use pedals. So, it's a little amusing how forumgoers across the internet will often chime in with the deep wisdom that you don't need pedals.Is the Effectrode overkill? I don't think so. I've tried a half dozen overdrive pedals over the past two months, including lots of other boutique pedals and old standby pedals like Gome's Tubescreamer.The real tubes seem to effect...
Won't this increase the perceived volume of the amp, or am I thinking about it wrong?But plenty of great guitarists use overdrive and distortion pedals, too. Mayer and Gilmour come to mind. Is it not a valid to prefer how a pedal clips your signal over how your amp does it? Maybe you like the clean tone on your amp but want a different distorted sound than it can offer.Anyway, we can debate whether overdrive or distortion pedals should be used, but the more important issue...
Guys, not that hard to understand. My amp is single channel. I keep it clean. If I want to overdrive or distort on the fly, I need a pedal. The Effectrode is fantastic for that purpose since it uses real tubes to clip the signal, running at full voltage (hence the huge current draw). It sounds most like an overdriven amp, versus a mere effect pedal.
The Effectrode Tube Drive. It runs three tubes at full voltage.
Sadly, none of the Voodoo power supplies have an outlet that goes anywhere near 1,200 mA.
Need help figuring out a power supply for my pedal board. Problem is that I have a couple of pedals that require massive amperage (1,000+ mA), and one that is AC. Voodoo and Ciocs don't have anything that works. What now?
Obviously a better player can play better--but not all 50's LPs sound equally good in the same hands. Some '59 Bursts are known to be total duds.There is no mystical power at work here. We're talking about wood, steel, and magnets. It only makes sense that wood density and weight would effect tone. I might suck, but I still get a better tone out of some guitars versus others.This has been debated again and again on other forums. Wood resonance matters because it influences...
Second rate? wtf
The connection is the issue of optimal regulation.Even when regulations, such as zoning laws, are implemented by well-meaning, uncorrupted people, they can still be extremely wasteful. After all, they determine a priori how a particular resource should be allocated, although the best, most wealth-producing use may not be something conceivable by rule makers.Professional licenses make it harder (or legally impossible) for unapproved people to do a particular job. Thus,...
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