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Sorry, just saw this. Where are you located?I've done the diligence on re-upholstering services in the NYC area. The two best I know of for contemporary/modern furniture are Simon's and Prestige Furniture and Design. I've used both for reupholstering my Florence Knoll sofa.Prestige is a bit pricier, but they have the stronger reputation and do a lot of work for the manufacturers themselves. Knoll, for example, uses Prestige to re-upholster the furniture in their showrooms...
Paul Kremer (born 1970)
Then I am much younger. Or you are much older. Or both.
Uhh, depends how old you are. And how old I am.
Anyone live with soaped floors? Currently, our floors are oak--lyed and oiled. Considering re-doing them with a soap finish (after lying first). We never expected the oil to be particularly durable, but it is more painful to touch-up than expected. I suspect, having lived with soaped furniture, that soaped floors might be easier. Even though they may stain more readily than an oil finish, it seems they would also be easier to clean, touch-up, re-soap, etc.
I grew up on hardwood floors as well. Both floors and the staircase of our apartment are hardwood; we never thought to change that because of our daughter.If I recall, certain people in their early 30's were put off by the idea of someone in his late 20's spending more on a sofa than they would on a couple pairs of bespoke shoes.
Maybe I'm a less vigilant / thougthful parent, but why does that make a difference?
Might I add, the Florence Knoll sofa is actually quite comfortable for us. The key is that it is for sitting--not for anything else. If we ever need to recline, there are other options in the house. And when we do fall asleep on the Knoll, the discomfort reminds us to move to our bed. Also, that sofa pissed off so many people here for no rational reason, it still brings a smile to my face.
Okay, now when will she let you get rid of that carpeting?
Also, if you need a bench, the Jasper Morrison's Botan by Maruni in pine works outdoors. We use one in our foyer.
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