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Peking duck with caviar sounds like the Bijan of Peking ducks. So, yes, shit.
Now, I'm trying to remember how things went down at my first fitting. I definitely have a noticeable drop-off from my clavicles to my shoulder points, though my shoulders are more or less even from left to right. There was no correction for that, as you can clearly see the drop-offs in all my jackets and it would be an easy fix.
Yours are pants in that they exist.
Don't you mean Genarro was lecturing Mariano as if the latter is a deep-pocketed village idiot? People in the know have told me that's how things actually go down.
Yeah, dude. NYC Chinese food totally blows. That goes for the much vaunted Flushing as well. Good Chinese chefs follow Chinese families with the most money to spend on Chinese food. Generally, Chinese American families seek to stay out of the city. The poor ones associate it with Chinatown and view the suburbs as a socioeconomic step-up. The rich ones were never in the city to begin with.The exceptions are the more fashionable, inventive Chinese restaurants, which I have a...
Those are clearly pants, not pents.
The best Chinese food is found in upper middle class suburbs. There is probably an ideal McMansion per capita ratio to predict which restaurant will have the best Peking duck. I haven't figured out the precise figure, but let's just say it is high.
A more savvy option would be to hire the cook who makes the chicken and pay half the price.General Tso's chicken can be awesome, by the way. On the one hand, anybody ordering it from a take-out place is going to get shit. Shriveled-up scraps of uncrispy maybe-chicken in red syrup. On the other hand, ordering from a good restaurant will net very different results depending on whether you're Chinese. They tend to give white people anonymous chunks of "premium" white meat. ...
Do you think they made that assumption because you are a foreigner? I think you paved the way for me when I got there, as they knew in advance I wanted to look like a shriveled-up, grumpy old Neapolitan.Matuozzo started pinning me up real tight in my try-on shirt. I told Simona that I wanted to be fitted like an old man and she quickly and noticeably changed strategy.Maybe it's like going to a Chinese restaurant as a white person. You've got to prove your chops.
They "fixed" whnay's and Luca's jacket shoulders are very squarish relative to the traditional "old man" style they have traditionally done. Maybe they are trying to be more modern, but personally, if I wanted my shoulders corrected, I probably wouldn't want Rubinacci in the first place.
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