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There are distinctions without a difference and people who say so when they don't understand distinctions.
Evidently not enough. These are terrible.
My bespoke Camille Fournet (Lavabre Cadet) gloves are waiting for me at home--excited to try them on!
This is meant to be sarcastic, but it might as well not be.
What about non-comedies? Favorites in recent history: Firefly Rome Game of Thrones
My 16 oz. Thornproof is the same way. Compared to my other jackets, it feels like plate armor. Ironically, it's probably the odd jacket that draws the most compliments for fit. It just doesn't feel the best to wear.
I thought you were done with vests in general, though.
When I ordered my first suit from Rubinacci--the dark grey one I wore to my wedding--he suggested a grey/beige linen vest with cream piping to go along with it. I was like wtf. But then I saw a similar combination somewhere else and I was like whoah wtf that's fucking awesome.
How long ago did you pay for that Shattuck suit, though? Also, a three piece would not be much over $6,500 from LH. If you fly to Naples to pick up your stuff from Solito, you can drop by LH to pick up stuff too, which drops the price significantly below what you paid Frank.
I have no idea how he's doing now, but it took a lot to recover from the fiasco of his first mult-year run at U.S. business.Of course you have to take risks. I'm not suggesting that he doesn't visit the U.S. I'm suggesting that ad hoc visits are unappealing to clients who want a regular tailor. It's exactly those sorts of clients that tailors want most, no? Moreover, based on precedent, you don't get a lot of those from marketing on Styleforum.
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