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Of course, furniture should perform its job well. That's not the hard part when it comes to chairs, tables, etc. Good design should economize and refine a thing's form as much as possible while still fulfilling its defined purpose."Comfort," as traditionally construed, is an enemy of good design. First of all, in playing to the lowest common denominator, it limits design from improving and elevating one's lifestyle--which really great design should do. Second, things...
How do you figure? The lamp I posted "would actually give off light" as well. Not sure why that is doubted.
Thanks. Familiar with all the Flos/Artemide/Foscarini/etc. offerings. Curious about things outside that core that may not immediately come to mind. Also, if not obvious, I have a strong modernist/minimalist leaning. Will not consider anything ironic or post-modern. Can tolerate some fun in my furniture but don't want it to be funny.Digging this at the moment:But may be too similar to the IC light to be in proximity.
Is dorky worse than fugly?Hold on. I post a lamp. You question it on the grounds of functionality. Then Find Finn posts this:And all you can say is that it "looks sweet?"
Not bothered by people not liking the lamp. Annoyed that people who spend time in a design thread so rarely have anything thoughtful to say about design, good or bad.Why assume that?
Turns out that the shorter IC lamp works quite well for our purposes. Though, having it in person now, it is clear why the taller one is generally the right choice. This one is only 4.5 feet tall. Really only works if paired with low seating.
Ah, there it is.
Beginning to remember why I don't spend more time in this thread.
No like?Want a lamp.
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