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Does this really require explanation? Among other things, expectations and means play a big role.
You could say the same thing about any other number as well.
I don't know where this $200 number comes from. For some situations it has to be too little, and for others too much.
You forgot: jar of pickles conspicuously missing a pickle.
That's great when you can make it work.
Is she stuck watching the dogs while you play on the swing? Doesn't seem fair.
Tell him how much it will cost. Then he can spend the next two weeks looking for a "just as good" version that qualifies for Amazon Prime free shipping and we can all argue over why it isn't.
For that reason, you would not be allowed to sit on it. Or on anything, maybe. We are considering a "Gome No Sit" rule.
Then rub it in. Rub it hard.
I take the 1/2/3 normally. It seems faster and cleaner than most others.
New Posts  All Forums: