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I don't think it comes across as industrial at all. The design and finishing are too sleek and refined for that.In fact, any hesitation I have over the IC is that it may be too stylized and not serious enough as a lamp. The minimalist aesthetic complements our space and other things, though.
I very much like the Grasshopper. Less so the AJ.Problem with both in my case is that that I needed something less expected and also which doesn't cast strictly directional light.If I were to return the IC and switch to another to something classic, it would most likely be the Hase from Kalmar:
Not sure I'm in the mood for the drama and bad vibes.
Yessir.Pretty awesome complement for the lounge chair. Went with the smaller one though.
Assume you found an object and had no sense of what purpose its maker intended. Your first impression is that it's a nice-looking ball. Then, you meet the maker. He tells you: "That's not a ball. It's a sports car. It just doesn't have an engine, any moving parts or any space for a driver or passengers. It's rather ball-like, I suppose." Does the object then become ugly to you? Maybe it is ugly as a sports car--but as a ball, nothing has changed since your initial...
Nothing wrong with CNC, but it may go along with other cost-cutting measures that are detrimental.
Is this really true? Everyone's got CNC machines. Seems many of the great Danish cabinetmakers, for example, are no more. What's left is mostly mass production--even if it is very good mass production--with much less hand-finishing. Wood quality is also worse. From what I understand, PP Mobler is the closest of the remaining major producers to doing things the old way, reflected in the pricing. In comparison, some of the Carl Hansen I've seen has been disappointing. Fritz...
Are your other furnishings of the same style or do you mix it up?
There is some fetishizing of doing things the same way, but I think the bigger factor is that there's just not enough demand to scale production. Most mainstream population does not like modern design and furniture.Whoah, hold on. Who said I don't care how much I have to spend on things? I'm saying you're drawing arbitrary lines in the sand.To your point, the Eames lounge chair is a substantial portion of median household income. Let's assume your number: 10%. Don't you...
That's fine for you. But you cannot extrapolate a universal "right" price for a lounge chair based on your personal preferences and budget.
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