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. . . why is Baume & Mercier in the thread title?
Well, I think the Lang 1's peers include dressy time-only watches from Patek, Vacheron, Audemars, etc. Even if they lack the big date or power reserve indicator, they still serve the same general purpose: a simple dressy watch in precious metal. It could very well be that the Lange 1's additional features require a thicker movement, but that just means the design trade-off may not have been worth it.Of course this points to a bigger issue: the proliferation of "dressy"...
Exactly. The style and design suggest an elegant, dressy watch. But the bulk of the case is just a tad too much--particularly when compared to its peers.Don't get me wrong, if I were absolutely in love with the watch on all other counts, this wouldn't be an issue.
It was the standard Lange 1, not the Grand Lange 1.
Speaking of Lange, in my search for my next acquisition, I tried on a Lange 1 versus a Patek 5296 yesterday. Love the Lange 1 in concept and for its design, but it did not wear well at all on me. Very hockey puck.
Problem is that whether a watch brand or a lifestyle brand, it's still just a brand.Very few high-end watchmaking companies have any continuous, legitimate connection to the storied histories that they market. Really, there's just a handful: Patek, Vacheron, Audemars, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Omega . . . and maybe one or two others. Breguet and Lange are both resuscitated brands that have only the most tenuous connections to their historical forebears.So, while I...
As I wait for my strat build to begin, I am realizing how absurd it is to be paying such a significant premium for one person to make the ideal version of an inexpensive guitar that was designed to be mass-produced on an assembly line. After all, the vintage models that are so prized were made by relatively unskilled assembly-line workers, not a luthier sitting at his bench. My only solace is that pre-CBS Strats are probably not nearly as good as people imagine--at...
It's being ordered. Will take 3-5 months. Masterbuilt by Todd Krause. Essentially a '57 Mary Kaye. White blonde ash with maple neck and gold hardware. NOS.I thought about a non-Fender custom make, but ultimately still want the "real" thing. Masterbuilt costs a bitch though.
Eh. Felt like a strat instead.
Sold my Les Paul.
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