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Some time around 2004, JLC harmonized their Reverso line-up (before throwing back into chaos multiple times over the next decade) and added guilloche to the dial of the Grande Taille model. If you are looking at a no-guilloche Reverso Grande Taille, it is pre-2004.But then, all Reverso Grande Taille watches are at least pre-2009, when they were replaced by the Grand Reverso 976, which was itself discontinued in 2014. As far as I am aware, there is no large case, classic...
Well, each specific brand has a specific problem. The downward market shift is just forcing them to each bear with reality.JLC will likely have to bring down prices and rationalize its model line-up. They have always been more of a volume, value-for-money player. High-end, haute horologie exclusivity is not in their DNA--despite where they have tried to push and market themselves. I don't understand who's buying $30k+ JLCs. Hell, I barely understand the market for JLCs at...
I'm not sure I understand the "more limited editions" versus "limit more editions" issue.However, I have thought for quite some time that the high-end watch market is becoming increasingly over-saturated with pretender brands. There are true blue chips (Patek and Rolex come to top of mind) that may sell fewer watches in the next year or two, but will not need to meaningfully restructure their pricing model or model line-ups. They will soldier on as they always have,...
Are you e-mailing or calling? Get them on the phone. Blatantly asking for discounts by e-mail is not the right strategy. Call, tell them you are interested in a few different watches. Name a few, even ones you aren't really going to buy. Ask them about availability and pricing. Then ask them for best possible pricing on the one you actually want. Negotiate from there.Try the larger dealers. They will be sort of hit or miss. Almost all will give you some discount. Many will...
I'll reiterate the same advice as before: call around to European authorized dealers. You will find that the prices versus grey market will be comparable, but you will have the added security of working with an authorized dealer, which is extra important when you are talking about wiring large sums of cash overseas.
I think the JLC is the easy winner of the bunch:One of the best looking models they've put out in years. The others you've mentioned are very meh in my book. That said, these are all very different watches. Not sure what your criteria are.What about a Rolex?
That's why I'd prefer to pick an AD in Europe, rather than a grey market dealer--would feel much better about wire payment.
Holy bat lugs, Batman.
But then he won't get the benefit of a VAT reduction. Buying from Europe is key.
Yeah, that was a circus. I don't begrudge them for being the first two in the U.S. to get the watch and for getting special treatment; they are important brand ambassadors, after all. But the "article" lacked any substance. There was no meaningful review or report on the watch. Just gushing back-and-forth on how awesome it feels to be first in line and how awesome Rolex as a company is.
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