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What do you not like about the Eames? Many plastic designs are heavily Eames influenced so hard to say what would be okay with you without knowing more.If metal is a must, have you looked at the Bouroullec Steelwood chair? One of my favorites. Metal frame with wooden legs and seat. The wood components can be finished in a color to match the frame if you don't want the look of wood. All white or all black could be nice options.Of course, there is the Chair One (without...
Why does it have to be either? I meant some other chair in plastic.
Not a big fan of the Emeco. Why does the chair have to be metal--what about plastic?
Two Danish modern chairs don't make for a "DML" apartment. The place is so hyper contemporary as is, it can stand some more organic looking stuff.
We have considered the Eames, but upholstered.
Someone find me a rocking chair.
None of the proposed layouts would ruin that option. The space in front of the fireplace is left free and clear. You can eat and/or copulate however you want.What, she doesn't look game for hardcore carpet picnics?
Nooo. We already got him to move the Eames out of there!
Before my conversion, I was looking at this one (but not in black):
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