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Neither modernism nor post-modernism is a set of -isms. They are schools of thought that manifest differently in different contexts."MCM" is just a loose proxy for modernist design, in many different forms, over a certain period of time. It is not equivalent to "modern" or "modernist."
What exactly do you mean?
The point is most certainly not a strawman, nor do I consider modern vs. postmodern a mere matter of nominal distinction ("what is cheesecake?").They are two interconnected and, arguably, completely opposed philosophies that are much bigger than just architecture or design. Put another way, liking a modernist piece of furniture because it reflects modernist ideals or principles that one agrees with is not the same as merely liking the way it "looks." Analogously, one can...
For what it's worth, I disagree about needing more color. The scenery outside the windows and the artwork you have are color enough. Ostensibly, people will be around too. Furniture not being center stage is perfectly legitimate.
It is interesting to me that so many people in this thread dislike mid-century modern--and, even more interesting, why. For most, it is clearly a backlash to renewed mainstream popularity over the past 10-15 years and distaste for being associated with certain types of people (such as DWR shoppers . . .). To me, that is a bad reason to dislike something. People like good things for stupid reasons all the time. I fail to see how that makes such things any less good. That's...
I like it--though be forewarned, according to SH, your place is filled with "cheap shit." Have you thought of painting the trim and beams white? I'd do that and paint the fireplace as well.Personally, I prefer furniture to be neutral and in the background.
Agreed--but that sitting area is as much for daily use as it is for socializing with guests. There will be other seating available as well.
What are the surrounding walls like? If some color other than white, I'd leave the bricks as is. If white, then I'd paint them white.
It would go in a sitting area apart from the entertainment area--no TV.
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