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I like the MDF Italia aluminum bed:We use this bed from E15 (which Ikea rips off):
I'd shoot for more variance in pattern density and color saturation. As is, the scale of every pattern is too tight and similarly scaled. Combined with the mid-grey suit, mid-blue shirt, mid-red tie, and intricate, multi-color accented, cream/beige backgrounded pocket square, it's all too muddy and washed-out looking.Also, I'd prefer to see some curvature to the shirt collar. Straight-lined collars like that always look sharp and unnatural on a human neck.
I don't think "Neapolitan" styling cues ever took hold of the mainstream suit-wearing public--at least, not in the United States. While soft, natural shoulder lines, shirt-set sleeves, barchetta pockets, etc., certainly did become popular amongst menswear enthusiasts, they never became prevalent amongst guys going to work in midtown Manhattan. I don't think the average suit-wearing man in America can spot a lapped seam or tell you what "spalla camicia" means. Sure,...
Weird place to put a chaise longue--is your foyer the sort of place where one would want to lie down and relax?I'd think a bench would make more sense.
Bourdain is known to spit out his food off-camera after tasting it.Speaking of Jose Andres, we had an amazing dinner at Minibar a couple months ago. One of the best meals I've had in recent memory.
Ha--interesting. Bourdain is probably better known to the general population, but it's hard to miss Ripert if you know food.Did Bourdain swallow?Not surprised Bourdain's food wasn't great. On the few occasions I can recall that he's cooked for his TV shows, the results were not very well-received. Also, don't think he was ever a particularly accomplished chef, right? Especially when compared to a guy like Ripert.
Don't think he's been a "badass chef" since the early 00's. Aside from his annoying way of using French to say French-origin words that have long been anglicized (Meesh-lahn for Michelin, and even worse, looth-ee-ay for luthier), he's always put on a good show. He's got a knack for engaging the people he meets.
We had a Dyson. It was a piece of junk. Terrible build quality. Weak suction. Ugly. We switched to a Miele and have never looked back.
It's an enjoyable series, but one of the episodes features a furniture designer named Mats Christeen. He makes some truly awful stuff--particularly clumsy and cartoonish iterations of Brooklyn "design."So bad:
See here. If located in the New York City area, Prestige Furniture & Design and Simon's Upholstery are the best for mid-century modern classics, with the edge going to Prestige for overall quality (but for more money).I don't know how much a Womb chair would cost to re-upholster, but a sofa would be ~$2,000 for labor at Prestige and $1,200 at Simon's (in either case, not including fabric and delivery costs).
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