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GHUFGHKUTHRGO:UHGR:OUH Of course. Moog 104M-SD delivered. It is a demoed store unit. All scuffed up. It's an $800 pedal. I called the dealer. They said their notes do not indicate that I requested a brand new unit. I said fuck you you stupid redneck cunt. You charged me the price for a new pedal, didn't you? They said their hands were tied as their shop does not do refunds and there was no special request for a non-demoed, non-returned pedal. I asked for the manager. The...
Chorus pedal . . . which is most awesome?
The Moog is arrived! Important question. Moog is pronounced "mogue" (rhymes with vogue). So is Moogerfooger pronounced: 1. Mogue-er fogue-er 2. Mogue-er foog-er 3. Moog-er foog-er or, inexplicably 3. Moog-er fogu-er
Try it at our place--if you can ever make it out of Brooklyn. Just be forewarned that if you show up with a beard and porkpie hat, the doorman has been instructed to turn you away.
Some of them are bigger than normal pedals, but most aren't. For a professional player, implementing a custom power supply shouldn't be a problem. Personally, I just don't want to pay for one.You need to try the Effectrode! I promise it is awesomness.
I don't know about that. You should try my Effectrode. I think it sounds every bit as good as my amp in overdrive, except it gives me even more control.That's why it pays to invest in nice pedals!
Another thing to keep in mind: it's a lot cheaper to buy pedals than it is to buy an amp. You can play around with effect pedals in a way you can't play around with amps.
Well, those original Klons are expensive because they aren't made anymore. Of current production boutique pedals, I think Cornish and Toneczar have got to be two of the priciest. Toneczar has ridiculous waitlists to boot--I believe something like four years for the analog delay.
Who the heck spent $3k on an overdrive pedal?
From a design point of view, I'm not they are very comparable. The Butler is a low voltage, starved plate design, running on one tube. The tube only clips the signal. The gain is driven by an op-amp, as in a typical solid state pedal. In contrast, the Effectrode is full voltage (hence my problems finding a power supply for it), running three tubes that drive both gain and clipping.Not sure which is better or worse, but they are different. I think the more common comparison...
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