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5296 is not the watch I'm looking at, but it is a good benchmark. The 5054 you referenced is far less comparable--it has an officer's case, with a hinged back, which adds another 2+ mm to the thickness. Anyway, I provided very specific commentary in my last post regarding the thickness required for the complications in question.I didn't say chatons impact performance one way or another. But they don't decorate anything necessary for the movement (unlike blueing of screws,...
Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat in rose gold, with Piaget ultra-thin movement. Sold already.
I won't dispute that the Lange 1 has a unique dial design. However, other than the big date, I don't agree its features should add any thickness versus the 5296 benchmark.Sub-seconds, for example, do not require the extra gear train that central seconds do--that actually ought to be a disadvantage for the Patek and an advantage for the Lange 1, not the other way around. Power reserve indicators also do not need to add thickness. Really, the only feature that does is the...
Yeah, definitely not wide enough.Also, would pick a different color.
Loved that particular Tank. Would recommend it any day. Very under the radar and underappreciated.Just wanted something else even more, that's all.Eh. Not sure I can get behind the notion of a business casual or cocktail attire watch.Yeah, but those serve a purpose.
Yes. Patek calls it "fluting" in their literature.
Extremely clever and elegant perpetual calendar display.
Then we should add Frederique Constant, Tissot, and Movado for good measure.
The 5227 mentioned above. Someone please tell me a good reason for the flutes.
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