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I am a big fan of putting together slightly different whites in slightly different textures and materials.That said, this is all history. New setup is totally different, as dictated by our new space.
The goal is different. The interior decorator's job is to compose a setting that is appealing to some taste or preference presumed to be "better" than the client's own. Hence, the emphasis is on fashion, trend, social acceptance, etc, and thus fundamentally superficial. In contrast, an architect is supposed to be a sort of problem solver. They're supposed to figure out the best way to create a space that serves and enhances each client's lifestyle. This may include picking...
Our clumsily proportioned chairs in action:
That is clumsy and inelegant to you? Hmm.
That sofa proves that some things are indeed too ugly to love.
No, I really wouldn't. First of all, the fact that it can fold/unfold has negative value to me. It just means it can be ugly in more ways than one. Second, improving the material quality would not make the form and proportions any less clumsy.
How can something so ugly be perfect to anybody for any reason?
They probably just forgot and didn't mean to not give anything. We are guilty of that.
All you're doing is throwing out a number that feels right to you, given your experiences and circumstances, but which may have no applicability to pB at all. This is not a good "rule of thumb" scenario, particularly since one wedding involves family, which can be particularly political.
It will come. Give it a year or two and you will be drowning in babies that aren't as cute or interesting as their parents think they are. Education levels, career commitment, political disposition (even militant feminism) . . . none of it stops the babies. It just changes the way the babies are raised.
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