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If your goal is to replicate the tone of such songs as precisely as possible, yes.But I'm not so interested in that. More interested in beautiful noises, regardless of how accurately they mimic this or that musician who I have no hope of sounding like in the first place.
I am more in your camp on this. I am generally not an accumulator. I would rather hunt down "the one."And I just looked up Kustom. That is some, err, value-oriented stuff.Anyway, I dearly love my Tone King. They are not made to be as versatile as a Matchless. Emphasis is on beautiful, clean, pure tone, which is why they are fantastic for layering pedals. In my own research, I found that lots of tone nuts raving over how virtually any pedal sounds good through a Tone King.
Gracie is playing coy:
Why Matchless?
Try my amp. Tone King Falcon. A perfect clean tone is exactly what I was aiming for. Pedals layered on top as you like. Ask Gome what he thinks of it.
Sounds like I definitely need a compressor then.Looks like I'm forced to buy yet another pedal . . . right?
They smooth out the peaks, right? Ultimately a more polished, but less dynamic, sound?
Can someone explain compressors to me and tell me whether I need/want one?
There isn't much of one. You have to hear it. The Tube Drive can drive pretty damned hard.Still, a Wampler Pinnacle is on the way. We'll see which stays: the Wampler, the Tube Drive, or both.I guess, alternatively, I could drop the gain a tad on everything after the BB "pre-amp" and drop the BB. But the BB is super sweet.
It has the most sparkly, smooth, luscious clean tone. Plugged in sounds strongly reminiscent of how it sounds unplugged. A good sign to me.
New Posts  All Forums: