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I am more in your camp on this. I am generally not an accumulator. I would rather hunt down "the one."And I just looked up Kustom. That is some, err, value-oriented stuff.Anyway, I dearly love my Tone King. They are not made to be as versatile as a Matchless. Emphasis is on beautiful, clean, pure tone, which is why they are fantastic for layering pedals. In my own research, I found that lots of tone nuts raving over how virtually any pedal sounds good through a Tone King.
Gracie is playing coy:
Why Matchless?
Try my amp. Tone King Falcon. A perfect clean tone is exactly what I was aiming for. Pedals layered on top as you like. Ask Gome what he thinks of it.
Sounds like I definitely need a compressor then.Looks like I'm forced to buy yet another pedal . . . right?
They smooth out the peaks, right? Ultimately a more polished, but less dynamic, sound?
Can someone explain compressors to me and tell me whether I need/want one?
There isn't much of one. You have to hear it. The Tube Drive can drive pretty damned hard.Still, a Wampler Pinnacle is on the way. We'll see which stays: the Wampler, the Tube Drive, or both.I guess, alternatively, I could drop the gain a tad on everything after the BB "pre-amp" and drop the BB. But the BB is super sweet.
It has the most sparkly, smooth, luscious clean tone. Plugged in sounds strongly reminiscent of how it sounds unplugged. A good sign to me.
Holy shit this guitar sounds awesome. Between the BB, the Tube Driver, and the Caprid, I'm not sure I really need a straight-up distortion pedal. Not much of a gap to fill anymore.
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