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Laphroaig is my favorite. Always have 18 stocked. Wanted to try 25 cask strength as well.Talisker, Ardbeg and Laguvilin don't do much for me.Balvenie 21 I also normally keep around. It is Port wood aged.Highland Park I need to try.Not familiar with Springbank. Will need to try.Macallan 18 is readily available everywhere. I did read recently that many of the distilleries, including Macallan, are being forced toward NAS. Aged supply is thinning.
After a boisterous winter holiday, my whisky inventory is virtually 100% depleted. Need to restock. Looking at the following selection to last me the next year or so: Aberlour A'bunadh Balvenie 21 Bunnahabhain 18 Glendronach 21 or 20 single cask Laphroaig 15 or 18 Laphroaig 25 Macallan 18 I like to keep things varied. Trying to keep total expense under $2k. Anything suggestions?
Think you're screwed.You can attempt fashion-shaming her. Modern is currently on trend. See Restoration Hardware's strategic re-focusing.
Take a look through here:http://www.dezeen.com/interiors/residential-interiors/
Think it depends on what you'd be using them for. The complexity of the Nakashima chair makes it work much better as a standalone chair than as multiples around a table. The Chair is better as a dining chair, but there are other Wegner designs I prefer for that purpose.Does it have to be MCM or will contemporary modern work?
Let it never be said that I don't contribute to this forum.
Exactly.The interesting thing about Jasper Morrison's crate is not its pricing, but what it reveals about prejudices and snobbery. Considering the work and materials required, the pricing is not ridiculous at all. An Artek 60 stool is $300 at retail, but constructed of plywood without any glued joints and requires self-assembly. Corbusier's simple box with dovetail joints is $700.To my mind, Corbusier and Jasper Morrison ought to be applauded for restraining themselves...
Why would anyone go through so much trouble to make the middle half of a bench useless?
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