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Sure. Throw that in there.
Okay. Kitchens! Island is "outside" of the kitchen, but adjacent. All cabinet surfaces will be white. Floors are a light grey-white oak. Options: 1. Marble counters both on island and in kitchen, with marble back splash 2. Marble counters both on island and in kitchen, with white/glass back splash 3. Marble counter on island and white Corian counters in kitchen, with marble back splash 4. White Corian counters both on island and in kitchen, with marble back splash 5....
Don't like.
It makes me sad because it means we can't cook civilized food in our apartment. Ever.
That's because a concrete and glass box is just plainly better than this:Shit-plus-shit is worse than shit-plus-not-shit any day, no?
This makes me sad.
I dunno about that. It's a funky chair and as po-mo as they come. Can you even sit in it?Now, the Bird chair is an interesting case. Mo, po-mo, no-mo?
Oh interesting.Yeah, fucking Chinese people. Can't cook worth shit, what with their chronic cultural insecurity.
Maybe this:Today's (not-shitty) contemporary design/furniture landscape is filled with both modernist and post-modernist influences, in very roughly equal parts. Meanwhile, post-modern architecture seems to have receded far into the background (thank god). So, post-modernist furniture, like the Mr. Bugatti chair, may be less likely to find its way into new, contemporary architecture. Meanwhile, modernist furniture goes way back, to the earlier decades of the 20th century....
Just two!For purposes of my point, I am excluding "crappy" architects. I mean the greats. They seem to use MCM everywhere. See Peter Zumthor. In his own house.
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