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Will this be purely decorative or do you plan to use it?Meg Callahan can do custom colors. There are examples with more saturated coloring on her website.
Meg Callahan
$2,000-3,000 range, depending on the design and size.
Sure. Been looking at these, myself:
Anyone have a recommendation for a bar cart or cabinet? Will stand alone.
Just tried Balcone Texas Single Malt. Not sure what to make of it.
So much fine furniture hate for a fine furniture thread.
That's why it pays to know a good upholsterer.
Tried some Bruichladdich Black Art (4th release). Holy cow. Walked out with a bottle.
Well, I put in my initial order: Bunnahabhain 25 GlenDronach 21 Single Cask (1994) Glenglassaugh 30 Laphroaig 25 Cask Strength Macallan 18 Never tried Glenglassaugh, but the price can't be beat for a 30-year-old whisky. Reviews are good. Interesting story. Revived mothballed distillery, etc. Need to order Balvenie 21 separately. One of my favorites. Would kill for the non chill-filtered travel version. The Macallan 18 is to make guests feel nice without dipping into my...
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