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The lighter is not a bad idea. Alternatively, how about a nice pair of cuff links or a fountain pen? I was offered a car or a watch. I picked the watch because I knew I'd wear and keep it forever, versus a car, which eventually isn't worth fixing.
Gorgeous day, amirite?
But even T-Bone used an amp. If you really want to get down to it, aren't those gimmicks too?
How does one distinguish between gimmickry and non-gimmickry when it comes to electric guitar?
Currently, his own signature Dunlop Crybaby. Before they gave him his own pedal design, he used various Dunlop wahs.
Oh, forgot, I do have a uni-vibe--Foxrox Aquavibe. Awesome pedal.
How useful is an octave pedal? I am in the midst of rationalizing my effects. Getting rid of the ring modulator. Getting rid of redundant overdrives. Getting rid of a booster that sounds nice but I won't really miss. Any other must have pedals for fairly straightforward rock guitar purposes? I have overdrive/distortion, fuzz, delay, reverb, and compression. There seem to be a lot of boost pedals people think are indispensable, but I am having a hard time imagining what...
No, it does not have modulation. You have to pony up for one of the full-size 'Foogers for that.
As opposed to the full-featured, full-sized Moogerfoogers, the Minifooger pedals are all true bypass.I have the Minifooger Ring. Very cool. Though, it is for sale, as realistically I have little practical use for it.
Did you take a look at the Moog Minifooger MF Delay? About $200. Supposed to be fantastic. Analog. 700ms max delay.
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