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How long ago did you pay for that Shattuck suit, though? Also, a three piece would not be much over $6,500 from LH. If you fly to Naples to pick up your stuff from Solito, you can drop by LH to pick up stuff too, which drops the price significantly below what you paid Frank.
I have no idea how he's doing now, but it took a lot to recover from the fiasco of his first mult-year run at U.S. business.Of course you have to take risks. I'm not suggesting that he doesn't visit the U.S. I'm suggesting that ad hoc visits are unappealing to clients who want a regular tailor. It's exactly those sorts of clients that tailors want most, no? Moreover, based on precedent, you don't get a lot of those from marketing on Styleforum.
See, if you've never met with or worked with any of these people, you'd come to just that sort of simplistic conclusion. The truth is, Salvatore Ambrosi is not a bad person. He just got in over his head. He and his father are absolutely geniuses at making pants, but evidently have no clue about how to operate an overseas business in the U.S. Salvatore would be the first to admit that.Rather then schedule regular visits, he would send out e-mails to first gauge interest, or...
New Girl is funny, but too cloyingly cute. Zoe Deschanel could be hot, but chooses not to be, which is annoying enough. Add to that the bipolar-fairy-pixie-girl persona and it's simply intolerable.Brooklyn 99 is great.
Ah, another disinterested party.
What a pile of idiotic drivel.I have zero interest in dissuading people from using Gennaro. I do, however, despise the ADD-riddled, misty-eyed naivete that runs rampant on this forum and which is exemplified by your posts. By self-admission, you have no longstanding working relationship with any tailors. Yet, you are advising Gennaro on how to build his U.S. business, and your approach is exactly the same which has led Ambrosi and Solito to reputational ruin on this side...
The thread can hurt him. I hear Styleforum clients are painful to deal with. How many will show up just to peruse swatch books and ask questions about spalla camicia? Can you imagine having to make a suit for an archtypal_yuppie or Grammaton Clitoris?
I would have told him and his son that "coming out" on Styleforum is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, others advised otherwise, despite the warning signs presented by historical precedent.
Curb Your Enthusiasm and Louis are both hilarious. But--I'm not ashamed to say it--most of the time I watch TV, I want a feel-good experience. Similarly, I no longer have the patience for the sort of mopey, sad bastard rock music I liked when I was in middle school.
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