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There is also something about new stuff
Pio, if you buy from an authorized dealer, you don't need to worry about buyer's remorse. Generally, they will let you try things out for a couple of days. Return if you don't like. No problem.
You are sort of a Fender slut, though.
Okay, I just spent three minutes back reading on this. Pio, do you not agree that different tube amps of the same wattage will differ in perceived volume? One 15 watt amp being too loud does not mean others will be. Anyways, it sounds like your BJ could have been perfectly suitable if you didn't rely solely on the amp for distorted tones. Add pedals. That's part of the fun.
No, I mean, what was the "debacle?"
BH debacle?Just do some reading and YouTubing. Buy from a good authorized dealer, and return if you don't like it.
My Falcon is very suitable for our tiny apartment. I cannot push it anywhere near its limit, but I don't need to for it to sound good.
What is the backstory here?Pio, why don't you just get an integrated amp? Why the head/cabinet setup?
15 watt Royalist head is $2,200. As with all boutique amps, there is essentially no negotiating on price. That is, unless you buy it along with more stuff . . . say, a guitar.
If your goal is to replicate the tone of such songs as precisely as possible, yes.But I'm not so interested in that. More interested in beautiful noises, regardless of how accurately they mimic this or that musician who I have no hope of sounding like in the first place.
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