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But hold on--wood veneer was traditionally implemented on a wood substrate, and in applications where the veneer was highly ornamental in purpose. In this case, the veneer is not some exotic wood that is exceptionally eye-catching, but rather very simple oak, which is meant to look like plain old wood and nothing particularly special. Put another way, to me there's a difference between using special wood for a veneer which could never have been a structural base, versus...
These are the chairs for the table (whichever we wind up picking): I can guess who will approve and who will hate.
Yeah, he followed up the Big Foot with the London and Sloane tables (you'd hate the London, too). The Sloane and London have steel internal structures to support the solid wood legs and table top, allowing for the thin profiles.I don't have a problem with veneer--I have a problem with something that is not made of wood attempting to appear as if it is. Hence, to me, the Morrison table in lacquer is a real beauty, whereas the wood veneer version is simply pandering. Dare I...
The second table is the Sloane table by Philipp Mainzer.Both tables show different approaches to the same problem. The downside to the Morrison table is that the diagonal seam between leg and table is easily visible from the sides--whereas, you point out, the seams are visible from the top on the Mainzer.If we were to do a solid lacquer color (say, white), the Morrison table is clear win. However, if we want wood, Mainzer's table wins hands down, as it is as thin, but made...
Stop it. You will ruin them for me.Table candidates:#1#2
That would force me to hate most of the classics, so I can't let myself follow that path.
The PK22 is "meh"? I bet you also thought Nirvana was overrated when you were a kid.
In process. Still need to get through contract signing and co-op approval.
Everything I like is awesome, so I don't understand the surprise . . .Sadly. They won't work in our new apartment. Neither will our round Saarinen, for that matter.
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