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The overall setup and space is awful, even if some of the pieces aren't. It looks like a display in a middling contemporary furniture showroom. Or what a decorator would do to your living room if given instructions to do "soft contemporary" with a black-and-white theme.
We have the physical space. The issue is more aesthetic. Want things that are relatively spare and low profile.
Don't not like them, but too big-looking for the space I have in mind.
For the music lovers who can't stand the ugliness of standalone speakers:
Being stylish or well-dressed doesn't require one to wear "new" kinds of clothing, nor does it require that he stray from staples (like, say, a navy blue suit). Nuances, composition, context, and execution matter as much, if not much, much more. In fact, newness for the sake of newness usually yields bad results and is only good from time to time due to dumb luck. I'm curious as to why those on the other side of the debate believe it should be any different when it comes...
Sure. Throw that in there.
Okay. Kitchens! Island is "outside" of the kitchen, but adjacent. All cabinet surfaces will be white. Floors are a light grey-white oak. Options: 1. Marble counters both on island and in kitchen, with marble back splash 2. Marble counters both on island and in kitchen, with white/glass back splash 3. Marble counter on island and white Corian counters in kitchen, with marble back splash 4. White Corian counters both on island and in kitchen, with marble back splash 5....
Don't like.
It makes me sad because it means we can't cook civilized food in our apartment. Ever.
That's because a concrete and glass box is just plainly better than this:Shit-plus-shit is worse than shit-plus-not-shit any day, no?
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