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The whole camera market is undergoing a sea change. Lower end, point-and-shoots are a dying breed, as casual shooters rely more and more on their iPhones--for good reason, as most people take better photos with their iPhones than they ever did with a dedicated camera and are okay with the lesser image quality. Prosumer/hobbyists still buy point-and-shoots, but they tend to be much pricier and more capable. At the high end, DSLRs are also facing extinction, even if the...
It will take better photos than most know how to with an interchangeable lens system.
He wants a point-and-shoot. What's with all the interchangeable lens suggestions? Best point-and-shoot on the market is the Sony RX100, mark IV. Not even really debatable.
Maybe the trick is to buy stuff worth reupholstering.
The Hay Soft Mags is $4k or so:
That's because it's on a boat and anything on a boat is fun.
Your wife sounds like a fascinating woman.
If you don't think the Eames is comfortable, there is probably very little in the modern/contemporary universe that will do.
The Eames chairs are beyond ubiquitous, but I don't see that as a bad thing. They are still beautiful chairs to me and work with virtually anything.What do you mean by "one of the only LR pieces that are doable" and "better beds ever designed?"
Do you need all the doodads? Looks very 90's techie bachelor pad chic, which is not a good thing to me.
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