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There are all the brand boutiques and the big ADs (Wempe, Cellini, etc.), but I assume you don't need to be told about those. In my opinion, much more interesting are the vintage / independent shops.Michael Ashton and Madison Time offer two extremely well-renowned Patek collections--perhaps two of the best in the country if not the world. Prices can be steep compared to less well-known dealers, but they have a lot a rare and hard-to-get pieces in original, unpolished...
Can highly recommend that Tank. It was a joy.
Other simple gold dress watches for ~$15K retail: Reverso Grand Taille ($15,800) Geophysic True Second ($17,500) Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat (~$18,000) Vacheron Patrimony Traditionelle Small Seconds ($19,500) IWC Portuguese Handwound 8-Days ($20,000)
100%.Whether $15k or $25k, that is a lot of money to spend on a watch that is a compromised design. It only really makes sense if you must have a new Lange for some reason.
You already have the Patrimony? Why even bat an eyelash at the Saxonia, then? I'd take your existing watch any day.
All true, but the CB is 39mm, so the 8.6mm difference will look meaningfully smaller compared to the 9mm difference in the 37mm Saxonia.
Also, the unusual, "untested" automatic winding system this guy is talking about is the Pellaton system, which was designed by IWC in the 1940's and has been used by the company since. It is actually one of the innovations chiefly responsible for IWC's post-war reputation and status, as it is extremely efficient, yet simple.One of the 5000 caliber's strengths is winding efficiency. The engineer's intent was that the automatic winding would keep the power reserve at a...
It's not that there will be any issues. It is a perfectly good movement. The point is that the bigger case is a wasted opportunity to make it even better.
Did I say that every bigger movement is perfectly executed? I thought I was quite clear: smaller movements face more limitations. If given the opportunity to make a movement bigger, there is no reason not to other than time and money.The 5000-series movement is not weak in all the areas I pointed out. Its specific weakness is rate stability, which is a compromise for longer power reserve without resorting to two barrels. Most long power reserve watches need more than one...
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