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^^^ Big fan of Laurent Ferrier. The challenge with a lot of the independents is that their eccentricity and taste (or lack thereof?) can get out of hand. Ferrier and Journe are my two favorites because they manage to be unique but remain elegant and tasteful. Don't want my watch to try so hard to grab attention. But then, I prefer my Pateks serious and plain .
Funny--I feel just the opposite. I think the border around the date helps balance it against the baton markers for the hours. Also, if you are going to have a date, why blend it in? Might as well highlight it as a feature. Also the date font on the 3998 is a little odd for a watch design based on Bauhaus principles. Think the plainer, more matter-of-fact font on the 5296 makes more sense in that context.However, bigger issue with the 3998 is the case shape. It is neither...
That Hublot would have been a truly odd bedfellow for your SubC.
I like dressier watches to be in the 35-38mm range. To me, 40mm and up is pure sport watch territory. Hell, the Submariner is 40mm. Your "dress" watch shouldn't be as big as a Submariner.
That's partially why I think the 5296 is the basic Calatrava to get in the current line-up. At 38mm, the size is in the sweet spot for a dress watch. Movement fits the case nicely as well. Design-wise, it is a near dead-ringer for the iconic ref. 570, which is only different in that it is 36mm ("oversized" for its time), manual wind, and doesn't have a date. Central seconds were the default on the 570 and as common on vintage Calatrava models as sub-seconds.
Dopey, just so happens I was working on a post with current production Pateks I like. May not all fit your specific requirements, but take a look.51965296522757115146517052355396532753705950
Now here is a thoughtful, well-considered perspective. Agree with you for the most part.I like Lange very much, but the philosophy behind the brand and design is off-color to me. Don't like the synthetic history and overt grab at superficial symbols of tradition. Can border on pastiche.Agree that Patek case and dial design were generally better 10-15 years ago. But quality and caliber design has only marched forward. I would also argue that while Lange certainly puts more...
Not sure how the cleverness of Patek's marketing campaign indicts the watches. Seems to me if people had real knowledge of declining quality or other issues, they'd be able to speak to specifics. There have to be more than three or four people in this thread who actually know about watches . . .
I didn't buy the Panerai for value appreciation. I wanted an archetypical model, and the 372 is almost dead-on for the original 6152. Also, as it was about to be discontinued, it was my last chance to buy one new.Both that watch and the Tank are gone. Both great watches--the Tank in particular. Set my sights on another target. We'll see if it works out.
You made a silly claim that Patek finishing is worse than it used to be. You made an even sillier accusation that Patek finishing is "second or third tier." These statements are not supported by general knowledge of the watch industry and movement finishing, Patek's history, or specific examples. I provided you all of the above to demonstrate that your claims are false.Cocksack accuses Rolex of using cheap parts in their movements, without bothering to understand why...
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