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When I'm sure I'm going to keep the guitar.
A better pic:
It is beautiful enough, is what I'm thinking. Much more importantly, it feels and sounds great on first impression. I was playing it unplugged and forgot whether it was unplugged or the amp was just turned down real low. Very resonant and clear-speaking. When you strum, you can feel the guitar tremble in your lap.
If something used or vintage is of quality otherwise unobtainable, I'd strongly consider it. The problem with vintage LPs and Strats is that the prices are ludicrous (particularly in the case of the former), so whether they are better or not versus new ones is ultimately moot. Also, the newest stuff from Fender and Gibson is excellent and I'm going to venture that the vintage pieces are quite romanticized at this point.I could not care less who played my guitar and would...
A dinged up LP can be a beautiful thing.
Don't want a "display-case" guitar. I just want to be the one who puts the dings in it.
You miss out on the fun of getting something specially made.
If you asked for a certain shaped neck and you get something else, they are obliged to make it right. I've read lots of accounts of customers who have had their Masterbuilt orders tweaked, including one guy who did have his neck re-shaped.
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