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Between the three, you are bound to agree with at least one.
I like the sofa better positioned as illustrated: (1) putting it opposite the wardrobes means most of the people sitting in the room will always be facing away from from the windows and light, (2) moviing the TV opposite the windows will put on a lot of glare, and (3) where it is, the sofa works as a nice divider between your eating and living spaces. However, I would move the Eames chair and reorient it to face the sofa at an angle, so the living space is more social and...
Very curious to see how this would work. Hard to imagine.
This still doesn't look right. I really think you can only do one and one only.
Hard to imagine a space where two Eames lounge chairs would make sense. How are you arranging?
Nope. All for personal consumption. Fortunately or unfortunately.
Nope. I buy a lot of furniture.
Yes. But more importantly, that stool is an abortion in its own right. It is an attempt to adapt a well-known design to a different form and function purely because the design is well-known. It's a fake in the worst sort of way.Do people really move their legs much when sitting?
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