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After a nearly decade-long hiatus, I am trying to listen to new music. Essentially, my taste and knowledge stopped evolving when I graduated from college (2004). I grew up listening to 90's alt-rock (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc.), which I still very much love. In college, I liked the Strokes, the White Stripes, and Wilco (one of my absolute favorite bands). Now what? I find that most indie rock is too weak and/or gimmicky for me. I fucking hate...
You can only have one: Strat or Tele? Assume you already have a Les Paul.
Entertaining, for the moment, the notion that Brooklyn is in NYC (that is, the real NYC, which is actually Manhattan), I can assure you that it is absolutely, positively impossible that your guitar playing was the crappiest in NYC last night.
I wasn't addressing you directly, no. But the GL450 falls under my criticism.It has neither the comfort nor on-road drivability of a sedan, nor the off-road capabilities of a focused SUV, nor the utility of a wagon or minivan.What do you actually want or need out of a car? Summing that all up, luxury SUVs are virtually never the answer.
Yeah, no compromises. A SUV should be a motherfucking SUV. It should be able to climb rocks and maybe take a rocket blast or two. A concrete dining chair should be a . . . well, you know.The obsession with fast accelerating luxury SUVs makes little to no sense. It's just what people want when they don't know what they want, except that they want more and they need everybody else to know they have it.
I don't understand the choices people make in this thread.
Does Arcade Fire suck, or am I missing something? Because I think they suck.
Arcade Fire. I think they suck, but I worry that's just because I'm getting old.
Whatever sort of table it looks like, it's an ugly one.
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