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I would pick a different leather in a different shade and texture. Darker brown, polished calfskin would work. Pebble-grain would suffice, maybe in a warmer chestnut color. Alligator/crocodile would be great. The concept is to add enough difference to complement but not so much as to clash.Alternatively, you could move away from a leather belt altogether. Ribbon, surcingle, woven fabric, etc. are no-brainers, assuming they aren't too casual for your context.Not sure what...
Fit aside, this is "solid." However, contrasting the tie and jacket texture is key, as they are both navy, and not accomplished here. A finer textured tie with a sheen would have been better. Also, tie would be nicer in a darker, inkier blue.
Not digging the matching suede belt/shoe combo.
I'm not proposing that a buttondown collar is the only solution. The point is that spread collars are by nature more formal. They should not be rumpled, ever. There is no issue pairing them with a tweed jacket, but doing so does not make wrinkling any more permissible. In short, the collar looks bad on its own--a more casual ensemble does not mitigate.Agreed. A "solid" effort should be a starting point, not a goal.Leaving aside the issue of purple shirts as a general...
Which points were subjective?
Sup gang. Need recommendations for a blue woolen flannel with widely spaced white chalk stripes. Or a plain grey woolen flannel glen plain, without overcheck. Or anything. Hope Manton remembers he gave me right of first refusal over his LL triple check.
Based on photo, the blue of your shirt is too purple. It looks much more urban/city than it would with a greener cast.Neat pattern of pocket square is also at odds with outfit. Belongs with a suit.Shirt collar is blegh. Too straight to look at home with a tweed jacket. Too soft and rumpled to look good otherwise. All around bad.Jacket looks a little tight. Too much tension around your mid-section. Uncomfortable to look at, if not uncomfortable to wear. Doing bad things to...
WTF happened here.
The second one, but mostly because the first is ugly.
We are a no shoes household. While there are plenty of cultural reasons others wear shoes indoors, you can't tell me with a straight face that there is no meaningful sanitary difference. Think about all the shit (figuratively and literally) that you walk in with your shoes that you would never think to touch with bare feet.
New Posts  All Forums: