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I don't trust that you won't buy a zoom lens with it.
Did you "upgrade" your point-and-shoot to a DSLR and stow it away somewhere? Or do you still use both, depending on the situation?
Okay, let me break this down for you. You seem to think I don't understand that you were asking a question. I do. I saw the question mark. The point is that it was an idiotic question.I'll bet a thousand dollars you own a DSLR. With a zoom lens.
If you don't see that Pio was asking about point-and-shoot cameras when he asked about point-and-shoot cameras in the point-and-shoot camera thread, God help the future of the human race.
He question was well-elaborated in his first paragraph long post, where he explicitly asked for a point-and-shoot recommendation (in a thread titled "Latest point-and-shoot cameras") to replace his Canon S100, a point-and-shoot camera.You know, you're right. Looking back, not clear all. Would anyone like a DSLR recommendation? There are like two whole companies still making them. Tough landscape to navigate.
Pio, prior versions of the Sony RX100 are still excellent, still available new, and much cheaper. See Amazon.
Yes I did fucking read. Pio asked: "Point-and-shoots?" You responded: "So . . . DSLR?"
So, it was sort of like asking "How are the wife and kids?"
It was literally the first answer posted in this thread. By you.
Also, I fucking hate it when someone asks for a point-and-shoot, and someone else recommends "upgrading" to an DSLR. It's not an upgrade. It's a totally different fucking tool that most users only buy because it is supposed to be an "upgrade." Even professional photographers carry point-and-shoots when they are on vacation. How the fuck else are you supposed to take selfies, feel comfortable asking a stranger to take a photo of you and your wife, or discreetly snap a shot...
New Posts  All Forums: