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For what it's worth, I would have picked the SubC ND too. Regardless of price, I think it is the purer design. First of all, the original Sub had no date. Second, a date indicator seems silly on a watch ostensibly meant for diving, in which context it is far more important that the minute and second markers be clearly legible.Anyways, I'm glad you weren't tempted by increased exclusivity. That's no way to live.
I don't know if GO finishing is better than IWC's. It is definitely more ornate, but iWC finishing is as precise and perfect as they come.
If you can find a near NIB Mark XV, that would be my choice. Should come in well under $5k. The Explorer I would be my second choice, but I would look for the prior generation version (without the solid numerals) or a 1016.Both are extremely versatile. They can be dressed up or dressed down and can be paired with all sorts of straps (everything from NATO to alligator).At first blush, I very much wanted to like the contemporary Milgauss. However, the all-polished finish is...
Also bothersome. In my opinion, there should at least be three numbers.
Right on. This is typical JLC practice. Check out the Master Chronograph with the lone 12 o'clock numeral. In most cases, a longer or double baton would be better and less distracting.
Ambrosi "style" really doesn't have anything to do with the amount of taper. If you want less taper, they can give you less taper. What I particularly like about my Ambrosi trousers is the way they are shaped to match the curve of my legs, both front and back. Even really great tailors don't necessarily deliver pants like that. They are usually a straight up-and-down affair, which may fit perfectly, but lack such finesse.
Watch box recommendations anyone? High quality, for five or more watches, under $1,000.
IWC used to be my favorite maker. Before the Mark XVI, that is.Through the Mark XV, their pilot watches were incremental iterations of historical models actually used by military pilots (the Mark XI and B-Uhr, predominantly). Subsequently, the entire range was re-designed to evoke the romance and adventurism of air travel for a broader audience with less interest in design purity and more interest in flash. Hence, the newer watches adopted gimmicky styling cues from...
I may have the opportunity to buy a limited edition Panerai 587. Any guess what sort of premium these will go for on the used market?
It's funny how 10 years ago, the average WIS was anti-Rolex--too unrefined, too popular, too staid. Now, proper respect for Rolex is a mark of someone who knows their watches.
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