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Nope. The fancy-foo fixture is gone for good.
Eh. Not a parent, but while I would happily commit anything and everything to raising a child as best I can, I don't believe that would require me to pick different furniture.You have not seen the new furniture we've picked. May be in for a surprise. I was not kidding--we have changed our point of view. We don't want to a live in a contemporary design museum.
No--not sure why that would change our approach to furniture.
SG, can you post a drawing of what this table/bed is going to look like? That's what I meant earlier. Impossible to place in context otherwise.
It's not fatigue. It's waking up.Common style in what sense? The two chairs are extremely, conspicuously similar. The cant of the inset rear legs, the seamless integration between the legs and arm rests, the pronounced backward tilted seat, the raised backrest, etc., make for a distinctive combination clearly strongly influenced by Wegner's Round chair. Show me a third chair that is equally similar looking.
There you go sexualizing furniture again.
It's too pointy.
We had a pendant before. It creates a very strong mood. We did not want that.
A pretty blatant rip-off of Fukasawa. Odd too, as both design for Maruni.Look, everything is theoretical until it's real. We just realized that maybe the best thing isn't the "best" thing. There is something to be said for normalcy. It's not a light you ooh and aah at. It's just a nice enough light that adds a little warmth to a small space.
Right. Realized we were over-thinking things and decided to just go with what feels nice.It's not a "contractor special." Went to the store and picked it out. Seriously, wife and I realized as much as we enjoy design, maybe we don't need to obsess and try so hard.Seriously--don't like it?
New Posts  All Forums: