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That is an atrocity.
It's hard work eeking out useful discussion in this thread.
It's probably more of a concern when you are talking about an apartment versus a house, where foot traffic over the same spaces can be far more frequent. That said, I agree, it is highly theoretical and extremely, extremely unlikely to be a direct concern of ours during our ownership of the place.
The major downside to engineered is the limited number of times you can refinish. However, if the top layer is thicker, the problem can be mitigated or potentially completely eliminated. With a 7mm top layer, there is as much refinishing potential as in a 3/4" solid hardwood floor--in both cases, hitting the the tong/groove will limit your refinishing before thickness of the wood becomes an issue.Then one has to consider the advantages. Engineered is more stable--which can...
Lookin' at wood. This is unfinished French oak, live sawn and 8 inches across. The first pic is a solid plank. The second is engineered, with a 7mm top layer. Choosing between solid and engineered--the latter is actually a little more expensive. We can theoretically go wider than 8 inches with the engineered as well.
What--you don't like those either??
Another chair contender:
I don't understand the Cesca chair hate. I don't think anybody here has ever liked one of our dining room chairs.
Should I be looking for something more throne-like?
It has nothing to do the history of application, any perceived cheapness, or a value judgment about quality. I wouldn't own so much plastic and metal screwed-together furniture, if that were the case. The fundamental point is that I put no particular premium on the intrinsic look of wood. I like it mostly for its tactile qualities (highly subjective). I am not an expert on how these things are constructed, but from what I've personally experienced, veneer on MDF does not...
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