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What do you think?
Naoto Fukasawa for Maruni.
Forgot if I posted already. Yes, I know it is clearly influenced by the Wegner design.
Not invisible, though.
Hi-fi speaker options that aren't hideously ugly and obtrusive are hard to come by. I care about audio, but not as much as I do about aesthetics. We might install invisible behind-the-dry-wall speakers, but those are probably an even bigger compromise. Hard to find useful reviews.For what it's worth, the company's fancier console has the turntable built in, and reviews seem to indicate they have successfully mitigate the vibration issue.
Haven't decided yet. Other variables at play. If we do marble kitchen counters, that opens up the option of a Corian table. If we do Corian counter tops, the table will have to be something else (white gloss lacquer, some other color lacquer, or wood).Not a great way to show off their own stuff. Usually the manufacturers do a better job.
The stools are awesome.
I am okay with the sofa, though not in black. Something so massive in impression, to me, benefits from lighter coloring.The chairs seem like they could be nice, though can't see the fronts, though I am growing irritated that so many modern chairs come on metal sled frames, as I would rather mix-up leg styles in a single room.Tables do nothing for me, though I wouldn't necessarily hate my life if I had to look at them every day. The double-table thing, also, is not to my...
New Posts  All Forums: