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I tried pricing this a couple years ago. Since Established & Sons is not widely distributed in the U.S., it was hard to get much of a discount. I believe 15% was the best I could do. Best bet may be to buy from a European dealer and cough up the price of shipping.
I neglected to pre-order so I stayed up late last night looking for places that were stocking them as of midnight. Turns out the Best Buy near my office had some available to pick-up in store. I got the last one.I'm going to use my Leica M glass and probably buy the Zeiss Batis 2.0/25mm.I am still advocating the RX100. Even the earliest version is noticeable upgrades versus the S100. The sensor is much, much bigger in the RX100 (1 inch versus 1/1.7 inch). Also, it has all...
A faster card may not be helpful. S100 is not exactly a speed demon.Also, because Pio's issue is now solved and I don't have anywhere else to share the awesomeness:
Y'all's problem is trying to get in and out of Manhattan in the first place. Live/die here or stay away are the only real options.
I don't trust that you won't buy a zoom lens with it.
Did you "upgrade" your point-and-shoot to a DSLR and stow it away somewhere? Or do you still use both, depending on the situation?
Okay, let me break this down for you. You seem to think I don't understand that you were asking a question. I do. I saw the question mark. The point is that it was an idiotic question.I'll bet a thousand dollars you own a DSLR. With a zoom lens.
If you don't see that Pio was asking about point-and-shoot cameras when he asked about point-and-shoot cameras in the point-and-shoot camera thread, God help the future of the human race.
He question was well-elaborated in his first paragraph long post, where he explicitly asked for a point-and-shoot recommendation (in a thread titled "Latest point-and-shoot cameras") to replace his Canon S100, a point-and-shoot camera.You know, you're right. Looking back, not clear all. Would anyone like a DSLR recommendation? There are like two whole companies still making them. Tough landscape to navigate.
Pio, prior versions of the Sony RX100 are still excellent, still available new, and much cheaper. See Amazon.
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