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Really, really hate this. The applied Roman numerals are way too clunky and blingy. The only thing worse is the lone baton at 9 o'clock. It looks like a mistake.I liked the previous generation Datejust with the thin batons.
Another balmoral and some sort of monk strap.Yeah, pricey.They can only do the initial meeting this time around. Will have to return in the future for a fitting.
Aside from my Charvet shirts? Bespoke gloves and bespoke tortoise shell glasses. Honestly, not looking for any other large purchases.
I don't think my wallet will be able to stomach more bespoke shoes after I meet with Cleverley next week. I think I'm more interested in accessories at this point.
I'm finally making it back to Paris for fittings at Charvet the first week of November. I also have appointments at Maison Bonnet and Lavabre Cadet (ahem, now Camille Fournet). If anyone wants to hang out in Paris from November 4 through November 6, let me know!
The 8cm x 152cm brown Cappelli (tie #6) has been sold! The shorter length is still available.
Eight centimeters (just a hair over three inches) is pretty darn classic in my book. It's the standard width at most of the Italian tie makers.
Eight Rubinacci and Cappelli ties for sale. Each is Italian "seven-fold" (read: actually six-fold) with hand-rolled edges. Most are completely unlined (indicated when there is interlining). Each was ordered bespoke and thus potentially one-of-a-kind. All are in unworn or excellent condition, without any stains or marks. Cappelli ties are $90 each. Rubinacci ties are $110 each. Shipping is $5 anywhere in the CONUS. Extra for insurance. Payment by PayPal. Thanks! 1....
For what it's worth, I would have picked the SubC ND too. Regardless of price, I think it is the purer design. First of all, the original Sub had no date. Second, a date indicator seems silly on a watch ostensibly meant for diving, in which context it is far more important that the minute and second markers be clearly legible.Anyways, I'm glad you weren't tempted by increased exclusivity. That's no way to live.
I don't know if GO finishing is better than IWC's. It is definitely more ornate, but iWC finishing is as precise and perfect as they come.
New Posts  All Forums: