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Strongly leaning toward two of these: Still waiting on bench suggestions to go with. These would not be great with the Tafel. Thinking of something upholstered.
A bench is better than the floor, which is the alternative. Matt, in all fairness to poor P-bear, your Superoblong is as overstuffed as they come.
Still no other contenders.
This is a head-scratcher. Is it a metaphor or the start of a riddle?
A pair of chairs would be in addition to the Tafel. The challenge is that we need more seating to face or interact with those two chairs which are neither: (a) also chairs or (b) another sofa. Maybe my imagination is running short, but that leaves benches. We have in mind a use for a more regular bench nearby. So, we need a bench that is differentiated, yet useful and attractive.
Well, it solves a problem.We are trying to preserve the minimalist approach the previous owner/architect took to the space. Yet, we need to squeeze out more utility. Hence, low-profile furniture than can serve more than one purpose are of premium value. We are thinking of benches because they are bi-directional and can be part of two adjacent living areas at the same time. The Tafel is not bi-directional in the same sense as a more conventional bench, but it does allow the...
Taking bench nominations. Modernist, spare, rational. High quality. If it looks like a bird (really, if it looks like anything other than a bench) or has the slightest whiff of irony, you are dead to me.
The heart wants what it wants. In this case, that means lots of straight lines and right angles.
Yeah, the Three is awful. It looks like something Joey from Friends would put in front of his porcelain dog statue. I can't imagine it works all that well as a sofa, either.I don't need a wood fix--it's just that I am not repulsed by it like certain other people. Most benches seem to be made of it and we need a bench, so . . .Yeah I saw that--but a solid piece of wood is prone to cracking regardless of how well it is crafted with other pieces, no?
New Posts  All Forums: