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^ i have both the 1.5 wv and the new raglan winter varsity, and for sure the new one offers more range of motion. I can't raise my arms above shoulder height without the old varsity being crazy restrictive. The new varsity doesn't have that problem, for me at least
is this the toj thread where I'm looking forward to new things to come for s/s 2011 and fit pics of previous purchases, or debating whether to wash leather or not? go make a new thread about it lorenzo, if ur so eager to discuss.
drew, have you thought about making a leather and wool down vest? I remember seeing one on highsnobiety a while back and it looked sick. lemme see if i can find pics. edit: http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/200...vest/#more-977
looking forward to the sale. got caught up in the snowstorm for the first time this winter in WV, shit kept me mad warm while my hands froze lol, pockets feel a bit high still, kinda deep, especially inner chest pocket
That is too dope, can't wait to get mine. Is the stitched letter an option?
the cherry one looks pretty good. eagerly awaiting my Navy/Caramel WV (probably another 2 weeks though..)
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