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Quote: Originally Posted by halisray You kidding? The bomber is amazing. haha, i know it'll be sick. Just took time to save up for it, and now new styles coming out. guess i gotta sell more stuff TOJAE Black/Black Varsity Sz. 44-46 going up soon for sale, fits me too small
makes me wish i didn't just put in an order for a bomber. time to acquire currency again.
true, deerskin doesn't have much of a gloss, but it is definitely one of the softest leathers. I got a pair of deerskin gloves and they've been good for the past 2 years, still crazy soft. I don't really know much about goat leather, but pics of aeglus' goatskin bomber in the gallery makes it look amazing.
Drew, can you make other types of leather be available in the future (goatskin, deerskin, etc)?
hey drew, would sample sale items fall under the $30 loyalty discount? and will the sale drop tonight? debating whether to stay up edit: my mistake bout loyalty, i mean't referral credit.
the fit above looks good, it's just the angle of the photo. i had 1 in added in body length and it came out exactly how i wanted it. It's a winter varsity, can't have it cut too short
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexWb Sickk. Did you put the letter on after you got it from TOJ or did they do it? I got one of those varsity letters from high school too and it's just been sitting in my desk drawer for years lol. I'm thinking about getting a tailor to throw it on my WV got it as an option with the varsity
loving my raglan wv more and more, amazing for those milder Toronto winters.
Hey guys, I got one of the older models of Temple of Jawnz winter varsities for sale. It is between a size 46 and a 48. Selling this to fund for a TOJ bomber. Grey wool body and black leather sleeves (thick leather sleeves). Foldback collar and sleeve. Looking for $260 including shipping and paypal fees, USD if in the States, CAD if in Canada. Measurements: pit to pit: 20 in actual (21 measured) Shoulder: 18 in Sleeve: 25.5 in Body length (front): 22.8 in Body length...
^ glad my suggestion of a turtleneck was good i been debating whether or not to get a bomber for the past couple days. From the pictures i've seen, it looks soooo dope unzipped. But zipped up, the bomber seems to bulge in the pocket area, making the pocket placement look too far apart. probably the only thing holding me back right now.
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