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Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara that is so pretentious I'm sorry you feel that way. I agree that my suggestion of Téméraire ou Jouissance doesn't fit into the nonsensical category, but I was just trying to capture the history behind TOJ. As a Media/Marketing student, I'm trying to provide a name that'll appeal to people as something interesting, as well as being a conversation starter in real life. Many times I've been approached by...
Téméraire ou Jouissance (in keeping with the TOJ acronym) French for "Reckless or Enjoyment". Jouissance also means pleasure. This is the vibe i get from TOJ; a company that resulted from taking risks when Drew went to Korea with an idea of a Taco truck, which subsequently led to new ideas for the TOJ project to evolve. This process all started by him taking a dive into unknown waters, and making something wonderful happen. His endeavors has led us to what TOJ is...
Lol drew's gonna get a headache. Loving my brown calf bomber, got a lengthy review done for it, just waiting till I finish exams so I can go home and take some proper pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by afc345 What's the concensus on wearing the leathers in the rain? new brown calf bomber arrived yesterday. wore it today in a light drizzle; nothing much happened, if anything, the leather feels softer. ill get a lil review and pics up soon.
I dunno what y'all are seeing but I don't think it's that good of a fit. You can tell from the side picture that the jacket on his lower back curves in, meaning it definitely is too tight and it makes the whole fit look like shit. I wouldn't want a jacket that requires me to put my arms straight up in the air to put on (my wv doesn't and I hope my new bomber won't be like that either)
^ that looks beautiful. Can't wait to get my bomber (next week )
I'm looking forward to that suede baseball jacket; either that or the new collared moto will be my next purchase (fit pics drew ?)
holy shit, the calf looks AMAZING. another 2 weeks and hopefully my bomber will be here (and maybe ill be buying another jacket too )
bought this off another forum member bought a month back. Fits me too small (I'm about 5'9 - 5'10, 150 lbs). I'd say this could fit anyone between 5'4 -5'9. Looking for $240 including shipping and paypal fees, USD if in the States, CAD if in Canada. Shoulder: 17 in pit to pit - 19 in Front length: 22 in Back length(including ribbing) 25.5 in Sleeve length (including ribbing) 24.5 in lambskin leather sleeves (softest leather i've ever felt, no lie. even softer than my...
^dooooope. whats your height and weight?
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