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yay for customization !!
Goretex Harrington in Navy or Black (someone suggested a reversible harrington, can that be done Drew? If so I'd get light grey lambskin on the other side) or TOJ1 in Navy goretex on one side, navy with white sleeves on the other. Shit if both came out I'd buy both right now. These jackets would complete my warmer weather outerwear for a couple of years.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one wouldn't modify what is existing... but I'd be open to make an Anniversary piece, not necessarily a varsity jacket as before. Something from the archives, or clean slate. paypal ready
posted by ph1l on SUFU. One more incentive to cop a MDR Quote: Originally Posted by ph1l minimalist dr in dark grey
RFX45, both those jackets look amazing. How'd you size? contemplating on getting a MDR in medium grey or dark grey.
in line with what many others have said, something that'll serve well for those nasty spring/summer/fall showers. I hate the rain
Alativos (A Lot of Us) actually got someting similar to this from one of those word security recognition things when you sign up new accounts. led to this
haha, i like that clark. Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne I think a bigger problem with the suggestion is the lack of english in it I guess if English is what Drew wants it. I'm sure many people can use my base idea to come up with something in English. I just feel attempting to capture a whole range of emotions and meanings in 3 words is hard in English; perhaps its my familiarity with the language, and the lack of plural meanings in...
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara that is so pretentious I'm sorry you feel that way. I agree that my suggestion of Téméraire ou Jouissance doesn't fit into the nonsensical category, but I was just trying to capture the history behind TOJ. As a Media/Marketing student, I'm trying to provide a name that'll appeal to people as something interesting, as well as being a conversation starter in real life. Many times I've been approached by...
Téméraire ou Jouissance (in keeping with the TOJ acronym) French for "Reckless or Enjoyment". Jouissance also means pleasure. This is the vibe i get from TOJ; a company that resulted from taking risks when Drew went to Korea with an idea of a Taco truck, which subsequently led to new ideas for the TOJ project to evolve. This process all started by him taking a dive into unknown waters, and making something wonderful happen. His endeavors has led us to what TOJ is...
New Posts  All Forums: