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kinda doubt it cuz the TOJ1 basically just came out, and Drew's working on other winter attire atm.
I dunno bout lamb, but i have a calf bomber. It gets pretty warm in that thing. I can wear it anywhere from -10C to 10C and be pretty comfortable.
^ Canada Post estimates $20.
selling my AE varsity to acqure funds for this new varsity. Murdered out with tiger strips lining. Getting daaaat.
Hey guys, got a TOJ varsity up for sale. I really love this jacket but need some money asap. As far as I know, this is the only charcoal colour varsity ever made by TOJ. Not looking for any trades. Looking for Sold. Located in Toronto so available for local pickup. Fit Pic (I'm about 5'9-5'10 150lbs for reference, this jacket actually fits a...
daaaaam. new varsity is amazing. Making me wonder whether i should sell my AE varsity and get a new one..
i don't know if i can agree with that. I have the 2010 WV in Navy Body with Caramel sleeves. It fits me pretty nice, but the insulation layer inside doesn't really feel comfortable. The caramel lambskin is average as well; wasn't as soft as i expected. Personally not a big fan of the raglan sleeves, but i dunno if thats because of the bulky appearance (as someone else mentioned). I also own an AE varsity in charcoal body with charcoal lambskin sleeves. The construction is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver If you turned your shirt inside out this fit would be 10000000000000x better. Haha thanks y'all for the advice. I just like the concept behind imaginary foundation, and their tee's.
Temple of Jawnz Imaginary Foundation Imperial Clarks
Definitely copping a Harrington. Thinking of a colour similar to whiskey in leathers? Is that available drew? Not sure of what other colours would go good with both denim and chinos.
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