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Praying to the Gods of the Temple for fishtails before winter break ends.
measurements? and a fit pic if possible. I'm interested, but not sure how the white trimming will look when worn.
haha there's a couple other posters on here from UWO. And i know some friends at loo that are into TOJ as well.I just want my fishtail already 8)kinda got from hypebeast into SUFU and Styleforum, and found TOJ; no regrets .
Really looking forward to when the fishtails get shipped. London (Ontario) nights are starting to get hectic..
Fit pics pleaaase. I find that Toj jackets only truly come to life when they're put on. It's a part of the magic.
Just put in my order for a cracked pepper fishtail. Hoping to get this baby before the real snow starts falling. I think one more leather jacket and ill be done for the next 5 years.
haha that was probably my winter varsity, caramel with navy body. Next time I see someone rocking TOJ im saying whats up.
I'm in Toronto and go to UWO in London as well. I've seen a grey peacoat and several varsities in Toronto. Didn't see my first TOJ leather in the wild till I came back to school this September. Saw some guy in my building with a black 2010 bomber, wish I was wearing my brown one at the time. On another note, putting in an order for a cracked pepper or navy fishtail as soon as I can get a tape measure.
Hey everyone, Im looking for a TOJ fishtail jacket. Trying to see if anyone has it for sale before I purchase a brand new one. Just need something soon cuz its getting real cold in Canada. Looking for something that'll fit 5'9-5'10, 150 lbs. XS or S. Gimme a PM if you have a fishtail that you'd let go of. and Please provide me with the sleeve length measurement. I just wanna make sure it fits right.
^ what size? Interested for sure Need the Fishtail to come out already; getting ready for a cold winter in Canada..
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