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Are those the red cores? I was going to order a pair but the shipping from Barney's to Canada is crazy.
My belt came in the wrong size. I let Eric know and he said he would send another, it never arrived and I gave up. Nice belt though.
The pockets stay open. They look like elephant ears from the front.
Quote: Originally Posted by kjamesuvic How is the fit on these guys? I'm looking specifically at these ones: For reference, I usually where a 31 jean and a small in nearly every piece of clothing I have. I wear a 30 or 31 in most jeans, 32 in dress pants and Im about 5'10, 150lbs and have a pair of aussie bums in medium that fit well (same style as the ones your looking at. I also have the...
Parke & Ronen or Aussie bum Parke & Ronen feels higher quality though.
Quote: Originally Posted by zightx What chart are you looking at? neither.
Quote: Originally Posted by zightx Well, I got a 37 chest and 14.5 is supposed to be for 37 chest so sizing up is want I want to. 15 is for 39 chest and 15.5 41. I don't wear a tie to the office everyday but I want to be able to wear a tie to my shirts. 15 for neck size would work pretty good too. Guess I'm trying with 15x33 extra slim fit then. You're kidding right? I said the slim fit was to blousy in the arms. You should check their...
Quote: Originally Posted by zightx Bought two 14.5 x 32 extra slim fit. They were really slim in the chest, actually to tight for me. (I have a 37 chest). And the armholes is really high. The armes were a little short too. The 14.5 doesn't work to wear all day at the office, it gets too uncomfortable after a while. I also bought a ocbd sport shirt in extra slim fit in small but that fits just fine. I've also tried a 15x34 slim fit, the fit is...
Serious eats had an article on this in there food lab --> Slow cook at between 150-200 until its at 125F then take it out, warm the oven to 500F and put it back in to sear. I tried this and it was perfect.
I signed up for it today on their site and was sent an invite a few hours later. Couldnt be that exclusive.
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