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I had a couple pairs of shoes that caused my heel to slip a bit when I walked. I have found that tongue pads helped reduce/eliminate the slipping in the heel. Thicker socks also help.
When I went to grad school a few years after undergrad, I had the same notion that I needed to dress up for class. This, however, is a myth. The only people who were "dressed up" were the people that were coming from work, the other people wore what they would normally wear. Some looked like slobs others looked well put together, but no one was wearing suits and sport coats unless there was a need to.
Don't know what size you are, but something like this: For $495 you are getting a fully canvassed suit made from quality fabric.
They will do this selectively based on stock from my experience.
Yes, they are very casual. Suede with rubber soles. They are ok, I probably wouldn't have gone for them if I didn't find them for $30 on ebay.
I've had repeated terrible service at the Madison Avenue BB. I could stand around for 20 minutes with none of the 3 SA's standing around the register bothering to help me.
Just received my Benjamin Granoro today. For the money you can't really do any better and this new model corrects the high button stance issue with the previous generation.
Of those 3 the middle pair is really the only one that would work with a blazer, the other two are casual loafers. The middle pair is also well in range of working with khaki pants. The leather is corrected grain and looks very shiny, if they are patent leather shiny (like tuxedo shoes) I wouldn't buy them as it will look odd. Is ~$100 the top of your price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer At 4 wears per year, the strands will last ages. the sting of the extra money will be forgotten quickly when you realize you bought a better looking, higher quality, more durable shoe. +1 make the investment at 4 wears/year you will have them for the rest of your life most likely. Odds are if you buy a cheap pair now in a couple years (or less) you will buy another, and another, and so on... Edit:...
How much time do you have? My tailor would taper a pair of pants same day if I twisted his arm and paid him a little extra.
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