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Is there a specific boot you're looking for? I have narrow feet (I wear a B width in Barrie last shoes) but I've found that a D width in the same size in a boot actually works pretty well for me. Have you tried on any D width Barrie boots? If you truly need a C and can't wear a D at all, then you might be stuck looking for a pre-order, depending on the model you're looking for.
There were over 30 people that were on the list for that boot, and Kathy was unable to get a group MTO of that size, in an exotic shell color no less, confirmed by Alden. I think some were still holding out hope it could get made, but I'm not surprised to hear it won't get made.At this point I think it would be a good idea to reach out to everyone on that list (email addresses were included) and see who still wants it, that is if Kathy really had a vested interest in...
Agree 100% with this. The ONLY exotic makeups that I've seen in the past couple years have been stock models (LWB, PTB, etc.) or consistently re-ordered makeups from the major Alden stores (SF, DC, NYC). Anything other than that has a snowball's chance in hell of getting confirmed at this point. Hopefully that will change in the future but I haven't seen any indications of it happening any time soon.And with regards to spam in this thread: [[SPOILER]]
Please take your personal vendetta against thebeebs out of this thread, it's pretty lame and getting tiresome. If you respond to his post I won't see it, since I'm blocking all your posts now.
Yep, I'm mainly a Rudy guy, but I usually wear jeans tighter than my other pants, so I figured I'd give these a shot. I went with size 34 - I usually wear a 34 Rudy with the waist taken in a smidge in all my wool trousers. If the Wilshire is too tight, I'll just return them and wait for the Bond fit.
The tracking # on the shipment for my Wilshire jeans still says estimated delivery as Dec 24, but it's after 6pm here and my mail was already delivered, so looks like no early Christmas present for me It's weird, the actual tracking information hasn't updated since Dec 22, and it just says depart USPS sort facility in LA, and no new updates since then. I'm sure USPS is slammed this time of year, but it's weird that it was shipped 2-day priority mail and hasn't shown any...
^ seems like ordering swatches before you buy would solve your issues. I realize sometimes fabrics sell out by the time you get your swatch and are ready to place your order, but for the most part they do a pretty good job of keeping popular fabrics in stock.
While you may find PM'ing a small group of people repugnant, it's probably the only way to get something like this done. Not trying to be a dick, because I'm sure I would be shut out as well if that's the way it was done. But, let's say mdubs or any other member is working with a retailer on a special makeup, and they tell him something like "we can do this if we keep the order to 20 or less." Complete speculation by me, I have no idea what his conversation with Kathy...
Agree with this as well. And this might sound bad, as it kinda goes against the spirit of the forum and this thread in particular, but if you really want to get something like this done you probably shouldn't advertise it here on SF. I realize this works with other makers like Carmina or Trickers, but it's tough with Alden. It's probably better to do it over PM with just a select group of people to ensure that the order doesn't get too big or too muddled with requests for...
Yeah, I want to say it's somewhere between 3.25 and 3.5 but I'll measure tonight to find out the exact length.
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