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Just sent my shirts back to have the collars remade. Is it just me or did the address for the New Jersey office change? I can't remember what it used to be, but when I was writing down the address that's listed on the website now, it didn't look familiar. I hope I didn't ship my stuff off to the wrong address!
Showing my support for buttondowns with ties, here's what I'm wearing today:Spoiler'd because items are non-EP: [[SPOILER]]
@owljohn. Can't get enough of this tie
I almost said the same thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if that order was even confirmed by Alden yet.
I got a response on the collar issues from my last order - all the measurements on the template were correct, so it must have just been human error that they turned out too small. I don't think there were any issues with just referencing the previous order #.
^ this is also true, but I guess it can't hurt to include all the measurements. I just got lazy and it was easier to just write down the number from my previous order.
Yeah I may need to start including the full measurements again in future orders. Although the other problem with that is I've changed my measurements in small increments throughout 3 orders until I got my fit dialed in. And every time I would reference an old order # and make changes like "reduce xxx by 1/2 inch," etc. so I'd have to go back and incorporate all the additions/subtractions to figure out the exact measurements they should have on file for me. Or I could just...
Update on my collar issues - all I need to do is ship the 6 shirts back to their NJ office and they will remake and replace all the collars for me. I received the full order very quickly, hopefully the remakes don't take too long. I'm still not sure what happened with this order - whoever made the shirts must have used the incorrect collar measurements and just copied that over to each shirt in the order.
^ trying to explain the scarcity of the rare shell colors is becoming more and more difficult these days. Everyone has a theory, but none have been proven. You just missed a pre-order for Cigar LWBs at Alden NYC, try calling them and see if they have any spots still available. I'm pretty sure I locked down the last pair, but you might as well check with them just incase. Your best bet for rare shell now is to call all the big Alden stores (San Fran, DC, and NYC) and try...
Well, just tried on my 6 shirts that got delivered at the end of last week, and noticed that the collar felt really tight on all of them, to the point where I couldn't even button the top button without strangling myself. I like my collars pretty snug, but these were simply too tight. Took out the tape measure and found, sure enough, that the collars on my 6 new shirts were all between 0.25 and 0.5 inches smaller than the collars on my last order. Not sure what happened, I...
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