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My PayPal account was already charged for an order I submitted last Friday, so it definitely looks like timelines are speeding up.
Thanks for those side-by-sides. You basically just put more money in Luxire's pocket from me, because there is enough contrast between each pair of shirts to justify buying both.
I understand that fewer shells qualify to be made into exotic makeups, but how exactly would that make it more expensive for Alden to actually make the shoe once they have the shell? Maybe it's more expensive for Horween to produce the shell and then they pass that expense in to Alden. I might be mistaken, but I think most other makers charge relatively similar prices for different shell colors, it's really only Alden that has huge price differences for rare colors.I agree...
I'm a 34 Rudy, 36 Rivet, and I get the waist taken in on both. I need to size up because if I used my normal waist size then the thighs and butt would be too tight on both. Can't wear Walts at all without major tailoring, so I just stick to Rudys.
That blueish green oxford looks great, I may need to pick that up if the blue university stripes oxford takes longer to restock
I figured the only possible chance of the exotics costing more to manufacture would be due to the fact that they are manufactured in smaller quantities. Alden churns out far more black and color 8 shell, so maybe it costs less per shoe when they're making those.
It would be interesting to see what the cost of manufacturing is between black/color 8 and the the exotic shells. The exotic colors certainly cost more at retail, so I wonder how much more it costs Alden to manufacture those.EDIT: I guess this is pretty much the same question you just asked, because once you have the manufacturing costs, you could just compare that to the retail pricing to figure out their margin.
^ Very cool Rob, I'm sure the trunk show is going well! For the Rudy (Bond) denim, is the fit going to be close to an exact copy of the Rudy trouser fit? Or will there be some small adjustments to make it more appropriate for denim? I love my Rudy trousers, but I think the exact same cut in denim would have a rise that's slightly high and a leg opening that's too big. Hopefully there are a few small tweaks. I'll try the first iteration to see if that works for me, if it's...
^ only 15 days for a first shirt order, nice. Timelines are looking pretty good now for most new orders.
All sold!
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