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Cool thanks again, I'll check out that superfuture thread. I'm a pretty true 34 so that's probably the best bet for me.
15833.4 + 6.2 = 15839.6
6.2 this morning in the hot sun. Felt like the middle of summer. Longest run for me since my knee hurt a few weeks ago. The run was pretty slow but no pain so I'm glad I'm still feeling good.
Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know how much these typically stretch with wear? Not sure if I should go with a 34 and expect the waist to stretch or if I should size up to 35.
Looking for an older classic fit SNS Herning Stark (the longer model, not the shorter one from recent seasons). I searched all over eBay and SF and can't seem to find a size L in this classic fit Stark anywhere. I'm not too particular on the color, anything from navy to oxblood/maroon/burgundy to grey/charcoal to cream/off-white would work for me. Please PM me if you have one of these available in Large. Doesn't need to be new, I'll take a lightly used one as long as it's...
+1 to this. With so many new "blue dress stripes" fabrics it could get confusing very easily.
IME I've found that UK size equals US size minus one. I've had UK11 shoes that fit similarly to US12 shoes.
Really liking the new options, especially all the hairline stripes, which are usually my favorite type of dress shirt to wear with a suit. I also will probably pick up the navy gingham oxford. Also, here's another wish list item - bold tartan flannel trouser fabrics with red, green, and black in them. I wanted to wear my black/red tartan pants this Christmas, and since I hadn't worn them in a year I good out too late that I've outgrown them since the previous year. Need...
All sold!
Been a while since I ordered MTO suiting, but I think it's around 4-6 weeks.Mike & Co. - any ETA on the EPLA polos? Can you give any hints as to what kind of colors you will be offering?
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