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How on earth did you accomplish this? Other retailers have had Ravello models on pre-order for 3+ years that haven't been confirmed by Alden yet. Seems a little far-fetched that a pre-order from last January is already expected for delivery in just a few short months from now.
First wearing of the wool/cash English houndstooth. So glad I snagged the last one of this fabric:
I've never agreed with the notion that it's too hot to wear boots. I live in Florida and I wear shell boots year round, and my feet don't get significantly hotter when I wear boots compared to when I wear shoes. Just my $.02
^ one of these days I'll get it right...let's hope my Vass pre-order in a narrow width works out for me
Luxire just responded and the remake is the correct fabric. The first one was probably the classic blue oxford. So, they essentially just made my shirt from the incorrect fabric the first time, and I ordered the remake based on that fabric. If I would have known, I would have just asked for the classic blue oxford fabric on the remake. They offered to remake it again, but the shirt fits so I'm just going to keep it, and I'll get the blue oxford on my next order.
I just sent an email to Luxire and here are the pics: Original shirt (my order was for the blue pinpoint oxford): Remake: It's hard to properly capture the texture in the photos, but you can see that the original shirt looked more like a regular oxford cloth, while the remake almost looks a little more like a royal oxford. Does anyone else out there have the blue pinpoint oxford fabric? Care to comment on how the fabric feels IRL? The more I look at both shirts,...
Received my remade shirt after waiting about a month...the shirt fits perfectly, but Luxire used the wrong fabric It was supposed to be the pinpoint blue oxford. I don't know what it actually is - it's a light blue fabric that is thinner and has more of a sheen to it than my original shirt that didn't fit. I saved the first shirt to compare measurements when the remake arrived, and I could tell right away that it was not the same fabric. Time to take some pics and send...
Thanks! These will ship tomorrow
Shirts are the one thing I've been neglecting lately...I have 17 right now but I only really like maybe half of them. I'm doing a one in - one out right now and I'll slowly be replacing most of them. However, I don't see myself going over 20 or maybe 25 at the absolute max.
Todd V - I'm certainly no expert but the main issue looks like the front balance is off. Maybe it's just the way you're standing, but the quarters look completely closed. It also might be due to the height of the buttoning point. The jacket doesn't look excessively short, but you might need a 37S rather than an XS so that the buttoning point is more proportionate.
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