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I actually prefer the snuff with the white sole. I don't think I would like it as much with a gum sole, I really dig the stark contrast it has with the sole.
^ I rarely trust cardio machines to accurately display the amount of calories burned. I've read some articles in the past that detailed how the majority of them exaggerate this number pretty significantly.
If it's too tight in the armholes, just increase that measurement on your next shirt. There's nothing much you can do about a shirt that's already too tight, you can't really let it out the same way you would let out a jacket or a pair of pants. You can send this one back to Luxire for a remake, you'll just have to pay shipping both ways.
5 miles this morning, started off slow but pushed for a good finish at the end
Jimmy's down!!
Agreed, those snuff suede trainers look fantastic. Add that to the list of things I never new I needed until I saw them.
And, Cigar LWB today. These actually look like they're lightening up a bit already compared to when I first got them. It's only been a few months, but I've been wearing them weekly.
Awesome Whiskey PTBs Waterloo. I have my name on the list for the next run of these with Alden SF, but who knows how long that will be from now. Hopefully whenever they are made they will look as good as your pair! Also, I find it interesting that Ravello and Cigar seem to be getting darker and darker, yet Whiskey is still pretty much the same shade it has been for years. I wish there was some logical explanation behind this.
You may be a good candidate for the Rudy fit if you have bigger thighs, check out those measurements in their MTO section
+1 They look very un-jean like. Is there a crease in those as well? Almost looks like a hybrid trouser-jean
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