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I have different collars for different shirts that serve their own purposes. I have cutaway collars that I wear with a suit and tie, and I have BD collars that I wear either without a tie or with a SC and tie. All my button-down shirts have one or the other.
Seeing MrDV's Cigar boots reminds me that I'm still kicking myself for not taking up the offer from Epaulet to take a pair of Cigar Brixtons when they were available due to the fact that the Ravello Brixtons still had no release date. I decided to stay on the pre-order because I thought it wouldn't be much longer before they were produced. Cut to a few years later...Ravello Brixton will probably never get made, Cigar Brixton is long gone, and I have neither
It looks like they still have duck canvas on the website. I'm still hoping they add more colors, but the original ones (chocolate, military green, etc) are atill available.
Ah, didn't even notice that. I just saw that the listing ended and assumed they sold for the list price.
Holy moly these sold for $955 including shipping! I think the only Aldens I've seen cross the $1K mark were some Color 4, but this came damn close.
^ I had something similar on one of my shirts a while ago, I sprayed it with some Oxi Clean, rubbed it in, and then washed the shirt. Came out like it had never even been there.
I can definitely vouch for the linen brown houndstooth, I'm actually wearing it today and it's fantastic.
Got shipping confirmation for my last order, ordered March 19, shipped May 6, should arrive Friday May 9. These will hopefully have the fixes to remedy some of the seat problems due to forward hip posture. I'll post pics once I receive them. Also, first pair of Minnis Fresco for me, can't wait!
I realize I'm probably in the minority here, but I have no problem wearing antique edge LWBs (such as Cigar or Leffot's version of the 975) with a suit. The only suits I wouldn't wear with antique edge shoes would be the most conservative, such a plain navy or grey in a smooth worsted fabric. Anything else I don't think it's that big of a deal, just IMHO.
EP has lots of great options for conservative office wear, but grey hopsack would be my personal number one choice.
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