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He's doing this free of charge, I just figured it was easier to leave everything in one place and have him do it. Since he has the trousers, it made no sense to hold on to the jacket since I can't wear it without the pants anyway.
Yep, if they're listed as C width that means they are likely A/C width as stated in Alden's standard sizing terms.
price drop to $70 shipped!
price drops!
another drop on the moss pair!
I wonder if these linen pants are mine, looks like they might be, can't wait to get them!
The suit is with my tailor right now, I'm not getting the jacket altered at all, he's just opening the pockets & vents and removing the thread through the shoulders (not sure what the technical name is for that). The pants needed hemming and I'm getting the legs tapered just a tad, so I'll be able to pick everything up at the end of this week. I'll post some pics then.
I work in a biz-cas environment and I'm actually wearing navy linen trousers (with a crease, so from a distance they look relatively formal) along with snuff suede chukkas. Nobody bats an eye here to stuff like this.
"How do you store items sent in for copying?" That was the question. I can't imagine how that question could come across as insulting. The rest if the questions were clearly not insulting either, but each of them were met with condescending replies. Also, @clapeyron has been a great champion of Luxire, and has probably single handedly earned new customers for Luxire with his posts here in this thread. So to treat him with that kind of attitude is extremely bizarre at...
It almost seems like Luxire's account was hacked or something. All those questions seemed very appropriate. I personally would not want any item I send in to be opened in any way, shape, or form. These responses seem very rude and totally uncalled for. I've been a Luxire supporter for quite some time now, and I have no idea why your questions couldn't have been answered in a much more kind and straightforward manner. Question 1 could have been answered like this: "We can...
New Posts  All Forums: