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Yes I did! He was very good and finished everything quickly. I actually snapped this picture in the dressing room there. Pretty expensive though, $45 just for a hem and slight taper below the knees.
19384.2 + 8 = 19392.2
Maybe Carmina can't source any shell because Alden is using it all up for all their confirmed Ravello and Whiskey orders that are coming up soon. :P
I like ticket pockets. I've found that a lot of people on SF don't like them, but never got any really good explanations as to why. Usually when I post pics of jackets with ticket pockets, people tell me it would look better without it. It's a stylistic choice, so I've accepted that some people just won't like them. I can't change that off my current jacket, but like New Shoes said, you can do mostly anything you want with regards to pocket options on an individual order.
8 miles this morning, good god it was extremely humid. I weighed myself before and after and I lost 4 pounds in sweat during the run. I started around 7am but I think I'll need to start getting up earlier on Sundays as my runs get longer. The sun was blazing by the time I finished today.
That could work with a much less suit-y looking jacket. Maybe try a linen jacket with patch pockets and I think it would be greatly improved.
Thanks for the compliments! The shoulders on this unstructured jacket don't look substantially different than my jackets with soft shoulder padding, but it definitely feels lighter while wearing it.EDIT - also, this is the first time I've seen this on any of my KW jackets. This fabric was in the Gladson range according to the website, but I'm not familiar with this tag:
^ Matt you are one stylish dude. I might be getting ahead of myself here, but are there any flannel tartans that will be made available for MTO once we start heading into the F/W season? I'm still sad I had to sell my black Stewart tartans from way back when because they no longer fit
Haha, so true. I'm constantly making little tweaks here and there, always striving to make everything juuuust a little bit better
Thanks! I'm quite happy with it. That's too bad about sizing, I would say you could try the 46 trial suit, but KW runs pretty slim.
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