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I think #1 actually just offsets the changes made in #2, so that the overall length of the pants stays the same after the changes are made. That's just speculation though, Luxire would have to comment on the exact details.@Monkeyface check out the details I just posted over the past few days, I still don't really understand what Luxire did, but whatever it was it seemed to help.
This is the recommendation they gave me, so I copied and pasted this exactly into the notes on the order:1. Decrease inseam at the back by 0.5"2. Trim the back under the waistband to balance out the change in point 1 above to clean the issue.The more I look at the pics, they're pretty good overall, just need to let out the waist and hips a bit, and probably the seat too. I'll change those on my next order, probably going to try the Luxire navy linen for my next pair.
If you're interested in group MTOs for brand new designs, I'm sorry to say but Alden is not the brand for you. Enjoy the stock models, and the special makeups that certain retailers offer, but don't expect to get a bunch of guys together in order to convince Alden to make a new design. Case in point, the Thor boot that we tried to get Alden DC to make a couple years ago. That one had a ton of interest (maybe too much) and it couldn't get made.
The shirt already has darts, and the waist area is pretty tight, so much so that I can feel it pull slightly when I sit down. The bunching is due to a too-tight hip/bottom hem measurement. FWIW, I never wear this shirt tucked in, I just had it on already so I left it on for these pics. If I wear it untucked with the bottom button left undone then the problem isn't noticeable.This is Luxire and it was a combination of me and them screwing up. I increased the length of the...
Here are some pics. Looking at these, maybe they're not quite as bad as I originally thought. I might bring them to my tailor and see if they can let them out enough to be comfortable. They still feel pretty snug, but I haven't gotten a chance to measure these vs my last pair yet (they should have the same measurements in the waist, hips, and thigh).You can see they did do a pretty good job with the bunching under the seat. It's not totally gone but it's definitely an...
I'll try and get some up this weekend before I ship them back
Kent actually added this pic on his website when you click on the fabric:http://www.kentwang.com/suits/grey-glen-plaid-9.html
Got my Minnis Fresco trousers today...first, the good: This is my second order since their shipping policy changed and they offered the extra duty-free option, but I still haven't gotten charged any duties/customs/fees by FedEx. Not sure if I'm just lucky or if I should get used to this. On the pants, the fabric is amazing, this is my first pair of Fresco and I can understand the hype they get. Wonderful texture, definitely sets them apart from a smooth worsted, and the...
I have:Epaulet #8 Brixton bootAlden NYC Cigar LWB on antiqueLeather Soul Tan suede LWBJ. Crew #8 PCT bootBrown CXL unlined PTB1493 Snuff suede chukka1494 Tan suede chukkaMy wish list:Epaulet Ravello Brixton (maybe one day it will happen, wishful thinking...)Whiskey PTB (I'm on a list with Alden DC for the next time they order this, nothing planned yet)Cigar Cap Toe boot (getting on the list for DC's next run)Leather Soul dark brown suede LWB (on the list for this as well,...
Anybody else get the email from TSM to sign up for their new "Special Edition" Alden email list? I wonder what we can expect from this...I also wonder if Alden gave their OK or if they will nix it if they find out.
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