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Yep, shoes are $200 for this first initial run, not sure yet how much the price will increase on future runs. They said that 2-3 people got in but I haven't seen anyone else post about it here since then.
If I remember correctly someone came in here maybe 6 or 8 months ago and asked about getting drop crotch pants made.
I don't think there's such a thing as "new" and "old" colors. Some of the more recent Ravello and Cigar batches were dark, but there have been some light offerings as well. The new Ravello medallion bluchers from Alden DC are significantly lighter than the chukkas posted from Alden SF, and those were released after the chukkas.
Thanks! These have a 36" inseam and I have a 2.5" cuff on them right now. The high rise (11.75") helps the inseam feel a bit longer. If the rise was lower, I'd probably need a longer inseam. If you order from Left Field directly, you can add a chainstitched hem for 10 bucks if you need a shorter inseam. Also for reference I'm 6'4" and weight about 200 lbs.Yeah I'm a pretty true 34 - most of my dress trousers have a measured waist between 34" and 34.5", but these fit pretty...
Cyclone flax houndstooth and a yet-to-be seen navy stripe grenadine
^ probably one of the most versatile spring ties I can think of. Excellent choice. I almost bit on that one right away but I have a Panta from a few years ago that is very similar and couldn't justify getting this one as well. Now that I see it again an it's sold out, I'm kicking myself as usual. I have two others on the way soon from YHNT, so those should hold me over for this season.
I agree their website does a horrible job at distinguishing sale vs non-sale items, and they definitely need to fix that and honor the customer's return, especially if there was a phone conversation where nobody mentioned the item being final sale. Having said that, I wanted to share my positive experience (which had nothing to do with customer service and only with the product). I've been having an impossible time trying to find a pair of jeans that fit properly. I was...
^ wow, congrats! And going EP x 5 for the proposal...I think Mike deserves an invite to the wedding.
Which cloth are you considering that would be an $850 suit from Luxire? I figured a $199 trouser fabric would be roughly a $450 jacket in the same fabric, coming out to around $650. Are you thinking about going with a more expensive fabric?For my Epaulet rivet chinos I need to size up because I need more room in the thighs, so I always need to get the waist taken in to account for sizing up. I'd also probably get a higher rise if I could go MTM in a similar fabric. Luxire...
Epaulet has some great duck canvas chinos here:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-special-order/products/mto-rivet-chino-duck-canvasI really like the fabrics and have a few pairs of these, but I'd tweak some of the measurements if I could get Luxire to make an MTM version wih similar fabric.
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