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Just ordered the chocolate brown and military green duck canvas chinos. Looking to make a copy of Epaulet's rivet chino, only with a higher rise and fuller leg.
Yeah, if I bend forward or stick my leg out so that my foot is forward of my hips, all the bunching under the seat disappears. Also, the bow legs look much worse in this robo-pose, so I stood like this to accentuate the issue. If I'm walking or standing in any other pose, the bow legs aren't noticeable at all. I think you are on to something with the front rise/back rise ratio. I'd be interested to see what an actual tailor has to say, if any of them still frequent this...
Luxire provided an update on shoe orders a little while ago, but I'll add my opinions as well. The process started in early February, so we're about 5 weeks in now, and I completed all my measurements about a month ago. I had been waiting to complete the rest of the order, and I sent them a few emails asking about the next steps since my measurements were completed, but the process hadn't really moved along at all. I was hoping to see leather and sole options and things...
If anyone is looking for a discount on Alden from NRO, I just got an email that they have a discount on gift cards, where you can buy $100 worth for only $50. I don't know if there are rules against stacking (I'm sure there probably are), but you can at least use this to get $50 off a pair.
+1, wore my J Crew PCTs today. Mighty fine boot and will last forever, so don't worry about putting some miles on them!
That brown houndstooth linen...I need that
Very nice, thanks. I have a swatch of that and it was on my short list of trousers to order next. It's nice to be able to see how it looks fully made up.
I've seen that bi-swing back on an RLBL sport coat once but didn't know what it was called. I thought it looked weird and returned the jacket. I think the pics of all those shirts posted look really cool though...not my thing, but it's very interesting to see how far Luxire's customizations can go!
^ TTO, what fabric did you use for these? Looks great! I have one linen pair from Luxire and will be adding more as the temperatures continue to creep up.
+1, I'm hoping the new Cigar batch from Alden NYC scheduled for delivery sometime around June looks like this, a nice chocolate brown with slight olive hues.
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