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The blue pinpoint oxford I recently got looks pretty close to that Mercer fabric. I finally got around to taking some measurements and noticed some of the changes I requested from my first shirt were not followed very well. The upper back measurement that was causing the shirt to pull pretty significantly when I reached my arms forward was actually decreased on my 2nd shirt, even though I asked them to increase that measurement.I just requested a remake so hopefully they...
Nice 11.5 today, 9:23 pace. I never pictured myself being able to hold that kind of pace for that distance. When I started running just over a year ago, I was in good athletic shape, but was not used to distance running at all. I was lucky if I could run 2.5 miles at that pace, and if I tried to run longer my pace would go over 10 minutes. If I even thought about doing something over 5 miles, I'd have to do a walk/run. What a difference a year makes.
10801.2 + 11.5 = 10812.7
Yeah, still waiting...I actually got refunded the money I paid for them, but I'm still first on the list for my size if they get made.You SOLD those?!?
I'm still holding out for the cognac shell dub monk
If Epaulet's Ravello boot ever gets made, I'm hoping it looks more like this shade than the newer Ravello that popped up recently. That new color looked a little too close to Cigar, but without any of the olive tones.
Haha, yeah it almost looks like it was weirdly photoshopped out or something. Anyway, the fabric I was thinking of that should match that one pretty well is TR7089. It's a navy blue, but the color really pops out in natural sunlight and it looks a bit brighter than a standard navy.
Agreed, love those alt weins.Wearing my 1494's today:
This looks a lot like the first suit I ordered, but I can't remember the fabric number right now. I want to say it was something like TR7065, but I'll look it up and get back to you. That is one weird looking vest on that guy though...
These look great, but you can really see the difference between shell finished by Alden vs another manufacturer. Nothing else has that same kind of shine like shell finished by Alden, so the finish on these looks kinda flat in comparison.
New Posts  All Forums: