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Glad to hear the shoes are getting better, hoping to see some pics of mine soon!
5 this morning for me. Longest run since my half marathon in February. Felt pretty good, but definitely couldn't run as fast as my shorter runs.
Yes, they gave me fit advice and it helped get rid of most of the bunching under the seat on my trousers. Email Luxire and they should respond with advice.
+1 guys, don't feed the troll.
When I checked with Alden SF about 3 months ago they said they had no current plans of placing an order either. I'm a non-standard size, and DC is pretty good about keeping lists, so hopefully they'll reserve a spot for me once they decide to re-order.
Anybody have good recs for a mid grey linen pant? There's so many options available, not sure which one would work best. I'd be using them mainly a business casual pant to wear to the office during the summer. I was looking at these Luxire grey linens or maybe this similar Dugdale cloth. Ditto for a khaki/tan/ecru linen pant, there must be 30 different options there. Looking for something not too white or see through, and not too brown, but somewhere in the middle. I...
If you don't mind me asking, which retailer are you on a list with for whiskey PTBs? I asked Alden DC, and they said my name is on a list, but they currently have no plans to re-order at this time. They just said they will let me know if and when they do.
3.5 miles today, felt unseasonably cool, perfect running weather.
This was already answered, but here's a pic of what I'm wearing today, these are Barrie in size 12B with trousers that have a 8.5" leg opening (17" total circumference)
I'm a 12B on Barrie and my trousers have a 17 inch opening. Anything less than that I think would look too skinny for my frame.
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