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That is a good plan, I think I'll do that.I'd definitely be interested in linen sport coats, maybe with 3/8 lining, to use in a business casual setting.
I need some new SCs and am seriously considering sending in a jacket to be replicated. What's typical pricing for a jacket? Say, if you're using a $199.99 trouser fabric, how much would the corresponding jacket be? The only thing really holding me back at this point is that I don't want to be without my best fitting navy blazer for a month or two while they make the new jacket.
Makes sense, I didn't even look at the box, I was too anxious to pull the boots out and try them on.
I'm hoping there's a white polo on tap for the EPLA line. I think Mike said we're still a while out on those though...maybe April.
Worked for me, but like I said a few posts up, even though my brannock size is closer to 12.5, I have a narrow foot so I end up wearing a 12 in most shoes. I got 11.5 and they fit great. So if you have a pretty standard D width foot, or if it's closer to the wider side of things, you may only need to size down 1/2. Also, I think my Heschungs were actually tagged 11 inside the boot even though I ordered 11.5, but that's normal if I remember correctly from a discussion a few...
I also have a shirt in the fabric and I think it's great. I posted pics in this thread a while back. I agree it's not too heavy, which is exactly what I like in an OCBD, so it works perfectly for me.
Same here. I never even knew about fusing in shirts until I started wearing Luxire. Now that all my recent shirts have unfused collars and cuffs, I'll never go back to fused.
Got my taupe suede Heschung boots, these things are absolutely killer, and I nailed the sizing as well. FWIW, my brannock size is a narrow (between B and C width) 12.5, but I can typically get away with wearing a 12 in many shoes, and I ordered these in 11.5 and the fit is great. I'll break these out on Friday this week for the maiden voyage,
I made an educated guess as well - my Heschungs were delivered today but I have a late meeting and won't get to try them on until I get home later tonight. Fingers crossed I got it right.
Congrats Mike and Adele on the little bundle of joy!
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