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Damn you NAMOR. I think the problem with the dub monks was sourcing the new museum calf. I think the original estimate was 3-5 months, but we got an email about delays recently. It's been about 9 months already at this point, and it will probably a few more still.
5 this morning at an 8:36 per mile pace, super speedy for me.
GMTOs seem to be pretty slow. I ordered the museum calf DMs a while ago and I think it will still be a few more months before they're ready, most likely one year from order date to delivery date.
I have some linen pants that are unlined, but I do 1/2 lined to the knee for my wool pants.
20179.1 + 5 + 6 + 10 = 20200.1
TR7089. I have it and still wear it fairly often, great fabric
10 miles this morning, first double digit mile run in about 6 months. I wasn't trying to run too fast, but I still ended up with around a 9:24 pace, really good for me at that distance. I'll do the same next Sunday and try to do not a little quicker.
That's too bad they don't have it anymore, I love this fabric. It was my first pair of Luxire pants and I still wear them all the time.It all depends on how people dress at your workplace, linen-cotton blends may work for most workplaces that are biz-casual, but if people at your office dress up more then you should start with something dressier. I have a hunch they should be fine for 95% of biz-cas environments. And when winter comes, try some of the flannels, because...
Awesome, thanks guys! These should be almost exactly like the EP Brixton boot that never happened in that case. I think the only difference will be flat welt (Brixton) vs reverse welt (TSM). I think I actually prefer reverse, so as long as the color is on point, this will be my grail boot.Yep, I just assumed as well, but it's probably wise to never make assumptions when it comes to Alden!
I think TSM version will have speedhooks as well. They didn't really say it at the time I placed the order, but the last time they ran a Ravello WT boot those had speedhooks.
New Posts  All Forums: