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I've seen that bi-swing back on an RLBL sport coat once but didn't know what it was called. I thought it looked weird and returned the jacket. I think the pics of all those shirts posted look really cool though...not my thing, but it's very interesting to see how far Luxire's customizations can go!
^ TTO, what fabric did you use for these? Looks great! I have one linen pair from Luxire and will be adding more as the temperatures continue to creep up.
+1, I'm hoping the new Cigar batch from Alden NYC scheduled for delivery sometime around June looks like this, a nice chocolate brown with slight olive hues.
Looking for some feedback on the fit of these pants. I have a pelvic tilt and bow legs, so I'm just looking to see what I can do to help the legs fall more cleanly and to reduce the bunching under the seat. Other than that, I'm overall happy with the fit and current measurements. I will probably reduce the inseam just a tad as well.
Here are some pics of the Hunt Winterbotham grey glen plaid flannels that I got with my last order. The pattern is really nice up close, but the fabric basically resolves to a light grey from a distance. Either way, I highly recommend this fabric to anyone looking for a pair of lightweight flannels. The angle these pics were taken at was pretty low, so it's making my legs look ridiculously long and the rise really high, but it doesn't look that exaggerated IRL. Overall...
This, might not be able to resist one of those at a discount.
One of a kind, don't think it ever hit the siteYeah, I was more excited for the navy Easter stripe, but in person the flax houndstooth is really incredible...so buttery soft.
Yellow Hooooook...
Sure I'll try and get something up soon. Still working out some small fit issues - they're still just a tad long and I have some fabric bunching under my butt when I stand up straight. I'll send pics of those to Luxire to see if they have any ideas to fix that.
These:http://custom.luxire.com/products/hunt_winterbotham_grey_plaid_glenThey basically resolve to a light grey from a distance, but the glen plaid pattern with the blue overcheck is really beautiful close up. Actually, I just noticed they added a new pic of the fabric made up into a pair of pants, I think those might be mine.Might get these next:http://custom.luxire.com/products/hunt_winterbotham_brown_plaid_glen
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