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4.2 this morning with some more sprint intervals. I realize how much easier it is to run at a steady pace when I start introducing these intervals into my workouts. I was dead by the time I finished this one. MP - interesting topic on music. I always have music playing when I run, and I created a bunch of different playlists so that I'm not always listening to the same things. Typically it's fast and heavy rock music to keep me energized while I'm running, things like...
I wouldn't really say it's a tonal stripe, but the herringbone pattern is very faint, and unless you're looking at it very closely with lots of light, it mostly looks solid. It's a great tie, you'll love it!
Wanted to double check on this - can anyone from NMWA weigh in?
Moss rivets kopped
^ for oxford patterns, I had a red/white/blue plaid oxford from Luxire that unfortunately doesn't fit ideally, as it was one of my earliest orders a few years ago. The fabric is now sold out, but I'd love to be able to get something like that again.
@ericgereghty here is another shot of the navy herringbone linen, taken in natural light with no filters. I snapped this pic with my iPhone, and the color looks a bit more saturated here than it does IRL, but you can definitely see the pattern here. Worn with a khaki cotton jacket and drab linen trousers:
Whiskey Wednesday
3.2 for me today with some sprint intervals, felt good to crank up my pace a bit.
Any chance you guys can offer larger sizes in Buttero? I have a pair of suede low tops in size 45, and they're semi-wearable but they do feel a bit snug. My toes start to hurt after walking around in them for a while, even after wearing them for a few months. I think ideally I'd need a 45.5 or 46. I've seen some online, but they're like $100 more than what NMWA typically charges.
Sure thing, I'll snap a few pics and post them here next time I wear it, which will probably be sometime this week.
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