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I like that Minnis grey tattersall, and the navy as well. I've been thinking of getting a suit made in one, or maybe both of these - unstructured with 1/2 lining for a warmer climate. How bold does the check look on a finished suit? Not sure if I've seen Claghorn's pics of the navy.
I have the pale pink classic oxford and it's great, but on my last order I got some swatches, and I must have not been paying attention when I submitted my order because I asked for another swatch of the same fabric, and the swatch I got is not the same fabric as my shirt. I don't know if they gave me the wrong swatch or switched out the fabric from the previous one they used to stock. My shirt has a nice textured finish, like most of the other classic oxford fabrics, but...
Whitefish....cream cheese....capersI gotta say again that all the new DC Ravello looks amazing, let's hope this is just a preview of more to come.
My measurements are probably somewhere between a 40L and 42L (originally I tried the 40R trial but I increased almost every measurement on my future MTMs), and I have wide lapels on all my suits and jackets from KW. I think they look great, love the proportions.
Fantastic shade on those LWBs, looks a little lighter and more like the classic Ravello compared to the PTBs. I'm hoping my wingtip boots coming soon look as good as those LWBs!
Well that makes sense then why they would show the older fit in the pictures. I probably won't get a response on my emails then either. Good thing I didn't just pull the trigger and buy something! They still have the checkout system set up to go straight through PayPal. Thanks for the info.
Does anyone have experience purchasing directly from the SNS webshop? Saw this on there: http://www.sns-herning.com/online/webshopitem.aspx?id=186 I'm not sure if it's just the picture or what, but this Stark looks a little longer than the newer, shorter versions. I emailed them asking for measurements but haven't received a response. Anyone know which season this one is from?
My Cigar LWB from Alden Madison did not have an extra stamp for the store, just the regular Alden stamp.
20,307.2 + 21.1 = 20,328.3
10 miserable miles yesterday, I crapped out around 8 and did a walk/run or the final 2. It got way too humid and sunny and I started to feel dizzy, so I had to take it easy towards the end. I'm taking a week off to give my legs some rest, and then in August I'll start training for my half marathon in January.
New Posts  All Forums: