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Another drop to only $135 shipped!
drop to only $165 shipped!
both pairs sold!
Another drop to only $185 shipped!
Another drop to only $145 shipped!
price drop for a quick sale - I'm moving in a few days and need to unload these prior to the move...only $45 each or $80 for both! If they don't sell they will be donated!
Wish list request for 2016 is more inexpensive patterned oxfords for casual wear. Plaids and ginghams would be nice.
Thanks guys! I love these pants and honestly I'd probably wear them a lot more if it wasn't so hot here all the time. It's supposed to be 88 here on Christmas Day. I know I live in Florida, but this is getting out of control.
Couldn't resist wearing the infamous Black Stewart Tartans on the last working day of the year for me - everyone at the office enjoyed the festive looking pants. It was supposed to be casual Friday dress code today, so I decided to pair these with green wool Butteros. Not sure if it works but I like it. Also wearing Epaulet natural CXL belt.
Price drop to only $165 shipped
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