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I'd definitely give them a try as well as I still can't find a pair of jeans that work for me either. All my jeans I have to size way up in order to fit by butt/thighs, so the waist ends up being way too big. I'm intrigued for sure.
I see it now, I just didn't scroll past the first page when I searched last time. Luxire actually has a ton of LP fabrics available. I think this would work well for a suit jacket. It will be a very light and airy suit, but if you're getting a linen suit then that should be what you're looking for.
Thanks for the mention razl! Mention this post and get 10% off those Minnis Fresco trousers or any other item I have for sale right now.
I didn't even see those when I placed my last order. If you search for "Loro Piana" on Luxire's website, none of these show up. Oh well, I spent too much money as it is, these will have to wait until next time. My very first pair of Luxire trousers (brown linen) are going on 3+ years with lots of wear, so I'll probably need to find something to replace those soon.
Which fabric are you looking at? I didn't see any Loro Piana linen options.
The jacket was very well made, I don't specifically know how much of it was handwork vs. machine-made, but the quality was undoubtedly very high. Ended up selling due to some fit issues, none of which were Luxire's fault. The jacket I'm sending in this time is a perfect fit, and I'm only making stylistic changes, so this one should turn out better.
I did, but the last jacket I got was over a year ago, and I'm using a different jacket now as a template for this new one.
I sent an email for a quote and I added the amount as additional service in the checkout screen. I just emailed the rest of the details separately.Glad I could help! Sounds like a killer fabric for a summer suit.
Had to jump back in and make one more purchase during the sale - Loro Piana houndstooth trousers and full suit in Minnie Fresco (0511). I'm mailing in a jacket for replication that has soft shoulder and no padding, so we'll see how this turns out! Unbeatable value on a full Fresco suit with the 20% off code btw.
Dang, must have missed that. Do you guys typically get fabric labels inside your garments with Luxire? I think the only time I got one was with a pair of Holland & Sherry tweed trousers I bought a few years ago. I wonder if this is something that can be requested when purchasing a high end fabric.
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