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now only $95 shipped...under $100 for like new Buttero!
I like the idea of an app. Probably 90% of the time when browsing the Internet and shopping online, I'm using my iPhone or iPad, so I'd definitely get a lot of use out of an app.
another drop to only $125 shipped
one more drop, down to only $105 shipped
I like noine cm Bigi ties as well (I have 2 from NMWA), as someone else already said, being a tall guy I'm already making my knot in a section where the tie is getting narrower, which sometimes produces a knot smaller than I'd like. Any narrower and I probably wouldn't buy.
price drop to $115 shipped...insanely low price for a pair of like new Buttero
can't get much lower here...I saw Epaulet was selling the same size 13 pair on their website for $170, which just sold. Could have gotten them here for a lot less, only $145 shipped now!
Thanks! Yes the shirt is 100% linen from Luxire, one of my favorites.
Wore my other brown Yellow Hook tie today, linen brown houndstooth from last summer:
Good points. I'd probably ask to open the quarters up a bit as well.
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