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Must be incorrect on the website then, the item description lists it as 32mm, and from the pictures it did look a little slimmer than the CXL belts that are 35mm. Although, there were no comparison shots between the suede and CXL belts to really tell for sure.
Looks very nice M. How have you been giving measurements to them? I need to figure out a way to accurately describe the changes I need on mine (volume in the midfoot and toebox especially).
Hey Mike - is there any chance you'll make suede belts in a 35mm width? I like the snuff and sand suede belts, but I'd much prefer the 35mm version to the 32mm. Also, this is probably the wrong season to ask this, but are there any plans to run different colors in the pique tees? And are you still working on EPLA polos? Finally...Fairfax denim any closer to completion?
Good god that Ravello is unreal. I thnk it looks as good as it has ever looked in the past.
just wanted to thank Greg for going above and beyond to help me out with a weird problem on a previous order...and just kopped my first Bigi (x2) and Buttero
New AoC Ravello looks fantastic. I can only hope the WT boots from TSM look that good when they come in.
4.5 yesterday after work. Rain in the morning again stalled my pre-work plans to run. Luckily I went right as the sun was going down so it wasn't too hot or humid.
Very cool, definitely interested to read your review once you get the shoes.
I thought the first pair was constructed a little better than this new pair. Even though the sizing and some details were off, those appeared to be very well made, easily on par with AE/Alden as far as calf shoes are concerned. I don't have a ton of experience with Euro makers, but I don't think it would be unreasonable to say that they approached similar quality to something like C&J benchgrade or Carmina, which I think are both on relatively similar playing fields. I've...
I've been very satisfied with the whole process so far with regards to the customer service, Theresa has been nothing but professional and courteous every step of the way. I haven't gotten a response yet on this most recent issue with the new shoes, I just sent the email last night right before I posted my review in this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: