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I think he was trying to say the jacket is too short, and that if it's a short length he should get a regular instead. Or, if it's a regular length, he should get a long instead.
+1 These are one of my most worn pairs of Aldens, I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get in on the pre-order with Leffot.
The pic is kinda dark but I'm wearing the heirloom cardigan here, love this thing. Barely vis is the OG natural bridle leather belt as well.
Finally got cold enough to wear the Merino today, had to make sure not to miss my chance to wear it before it gets back up to the 70s again.
Can't wait for the summer stuff! I have too many winter weight ties and really need some more stuff for warmer weather, which is what I should be wearing for basically 9 months out of the year here anyway. One of my fav ties is still the brown houndstooth linen that I picked up last year, so more stuff like that and I'll be all over it.
^ looks like one of the Hunt Winterbotham lightweight flannels if I'm not mistaken
one more drop...only $50 each or discounts if you want multiple ties!
one last drop...can't go any lower on the price here, only $275 shipped!
Too bad about the polos, I was holding out hope that EPLA would be able to provide the ultimate casual-ish polo that I could wear to work with denim on Fridays. I liked the luchino, but it was a little too formal looking for me. Anyone have any recs for a decent polo elsewhere? And will there be any more pique tees with the chest pocket like the current indigo ones? Crewnecks sound good, but I always prefer the pocket on a crewneck tee as opposed to a plain front.
Henley looks awesome, will definitely be picking up a few of these. Mike - are you still planning on running polos in the spring or releasing some additional colors of the pique tees? I think a heather grey pique tee like the indigo one will pretty much the most perfect t-shirt ever.
New Posts  All Forums: