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I'm legitimately thinking of flying to Budapest to get properly fitted in Vass so I can start buying their shoes and boots.
Still waiting on the waffle knit measurements as well, I haven't shipped my current one back yet either.
one more drop, insane price on these now for a like new pair of Viberg
both sold!
Justified & Ancient may be the new winner for an EP garment with the best old school reference in my book
^ I think Mike said he should have those measurements at some point today.
Depending on measurements, I might go up 2 sizes to get a more relaxed fit. The size 42 I have is very tight, so I don't know if going up to 44 will make enough of a difference for me. I also got 2" additional length (I'm 6'4" and I really don't like short knitwear, especially cardigans), and that worked out pretty well so I'm going to keep that in my replacement.
Same here, my first Luxire pants were copied from a cheap poly-blend pair from H&M, and it only took a few iterations to get it perfect.
another drop
more price drops
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