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On a really good day I can do 8 in just under 1 hour 10 min, but I'm also one of the slower posters here.
That looks awesome...don't know if I'm quite hardcore enough for something like that yet, haha. I would need to do a lot more training on off-road trails. The tail I run on that's near my house now is paved the whole way.Did a nice 6.5 miles this morning with hill repeats. First time doing hills consistently like that, but I felt really good and still managed to finish my run under 9 min per mile.
Something I'd love to see that I've never been able to find anywhere (not sure if it even exists) would be Brunello Cucinelli suits/jackets in long lengths. Although, their prices are usually too steep for me anyway.
Thanks Mike! No rush for me, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss an email or anything like that
if I wanted a Hardie cardigan (I do), would I order the same size as my heirloom cardigan size?
Should we be expecting the PayPal refunds soon? I got the email and I responded to get a refund from my deposit, but I don't think I've seen the refund come through yet.
Well, that didn't last long, I already placed an order using the shell trainer discount. Picked up snuff and sand suede belts, and also ordered MTO duck rivets in chocolate and moss. It was nice getting a discount on the MTO stuff, since those are never marked down.
Those Disney runs are insanely crowded. I'm pretty close to Orlando so I thought about signing up for one of them, but everyone I've talked to said they're super packed and you have to wait for several hours at the starting line before the race begins. Although, I'm guessing the other popular marathons (Boston, NYC) may be similarly crazy.
I unbuttoned the lining and completely removed it from my merino when I first got it just to see what it looked like, then when I buttoned it back on I told myself I would never be doing that again. I'm excited that it actually got cold enough here to wear it today, because it is awesome.
PSA: most SNS products are 25% off at Haberdash right now.
New Posts  All Forums: