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^ good point, I agree as well. I always wash the shirts before wearing and all the packing materials go right in the garbage. Well, I do recycle the plastic stuff but it still seems a little unnecessary.
Great fabric and an even better fit. I have some VBC flannels coming from the Black Friday sale, definitely excited to take delivery of those. I got the mid grey but I should have gotten this light grey pair as well.
I just recently booked a trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague toward the end of March in 2017. The trip has some guided sightseeing, but I will have some time to explore each city on my own. Does anybody have any recommendations for any must-see menswear clothing or shoe stores in these cities? I've already been in contact with Vass and I plan on spending a substantial amount of time there to get properly fitted and place some orders, but other than that I don't have any...
price drop!
price drop
more drops, prices are getting crazy low on these
another drop, crazy low price on this!
^ that is so awesome. I need to get me some Formosa. Next time I'm in NYC I'll have to make an appointment to stop by NMWA HQ to get sized up.
Dang, you beat me to it. I had this in my cart but my saved credit card had expired so I needed to wait until I could grab it and update the expiration date. You must have gotten the last one!
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