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^ correct, Betel and I get confused for each other often.
You will love it. I wore mine yesterday and it is fantastic.
Thank you! The watch is a Tsovet SVT-RS40. I don't know too much about watches, but this one was relatively inexpensive and I really like the way it looks. I wear it almost every day. At some point I'd like to upgrade to a Stowa, but even if I did in sure I'd still wear this one as well.And I still have some hair, but it is fading fast! I guess I should stop complaining about it being gray before it gets mad at me and it all leaves at once.
Thanks! All I can think now when I look at that pic is, man my hair is getting very gray very quickly.
No tie so I think this thread is most appropriate, X-post from the Luxire thread. This fit is all Luxire with the exception of the suede belt which is Epaulet, and the snuff suede Alden chukkas which are not visible:
Thanks! I love this jacket, and I will be wearing it pretty much all summer long.Not too wrinkly at all. I'd say it's only very slightly more wrinkle prone than the sky blue oxford. The cotton-linen blend is very light and airy, perfect for a warm day, and it doesn't wrinkle as much as 100% linen. However, it is still a casual-ish fabric, and in the context of the photo, that's about the most I could dress it up. I would wear a casual tie with it, but it's not something I...
Finally have a quality pic to share, from my best man toast at my best friend's wedding last weekend. Wearing the Brisbane Moss navy canvas jacket, cool white linen-cotton shirt, and sand drab linen trousers, all from Luxire.
Got my most recent pair of Luxire shoes yesterday and I'm taking them out for their maiden voyage today. This was the inspiration: And these are my shoes: They are chocolate brown suede, and they definitely look lighter in natural light and darker indoors with my office lighting. I think Luxire did a really good job on these, with the details and with the slight measurement changes from my last pair. They have corrected the issue with too much volume in the vamp,...
I could probably give some good recs for Tampa! PM me if you're ever in that area...unfortunately don't know much about Jacksonville though.
Did 4.4 miles yesterday with a group of my friends before a wedding in Newport, RI. Beautiful scenery along the Cliff Walk. I didn't take any photos but a friend of mine snapped this behind me as I was running. I wish I had gotten a better shot of the view across the water:
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