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I get no lining on my linen pants to make them more breathable. Linen is supposed to wear cool for the hot summer months and adding a lining kinda defeats that purpose imo.
drop to $85 shipped, can't go much lower on these so they will most likely be donated to Goodwill if they don't sell soon!
+1 definitely liking the look of the lapel from what I've seen so far...looking forward to the surprise when mine lands on my doorstep.
Thanks for the recs, definitely some good stuff in there. Also looking for something like these:Credit goes to Pliny for these
Any good jacketing fabrics available for spring/summer? Looking for some nice wool/linen or wool/linen/silk blends for some unstructured jackets. Maybe a guncheck or houndstooth, some solids would be good as well.
Same for me, definitely happy with the process as a US customer.
I wasn't even thinking about my Southwick EFF jacket but now that people are posting about receiving theirs with no shipping notification, I'm right there with @El Argentino and now I'll be heading home every day hoping for a nice surprise sitting on my doorstep. And seriously...no pics yet from anyone that received theirs??
Those Rota fabrics look great, too bad that thigh measurement is way too slim for me...I always have trouble finding good brands that can give me a true waist measurement of around 35" with at least a 13.5" thigh measurement.
drop to $115 shipped, insane price for brand new GATs
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