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Crap. The number of places that sell Buttero in size 46 is basically nil.
I feel like once a year or so there is always a exercise/nutrition tangent in this thread. I'm pretty sure these same conversations have taken place in the past.
+1 The shoulders on this jacket look very rigid, was that by request? I'm interested to see some naturalshoulder examples.
Interested in this as well
+1 for sure, great patina on those.
They fit slightly large, I'd say most would be comfortable with their Alden Barrie/Trubalance size in these boots.
I have a pair of leather Buttero trainers that squeak like crazy, so much so that it bothers me to wear them most of the time. If there are any tricks to stop that I'm all ears. I've tried the usual baby powder trick too and that didn't do much. I think the squeaking on mine might actually coming from the leather uppers.
I'm so depressed I can fit into EP sneaks, I would get multiple pairs of the new offerings - that smoke horsehide is incredible.
both sold!
price drop!
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