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^ alright I'm all-in on that waffle, especially with the extra length option. Time to sell the heavier knitwear I don't wear and make some cash for this.
I almost started thinking the same thing, but then I thought maybe it's because I haven't found the right fabric yet. I wear linen pants in all kinds of colors and all kinds of shades - chocolate brown, navy, indigo, drab sand (really more of a medium brown), ecru, etc. I wear linen about 75% of the year so I like to have more than just really light tones to wear. Or I could always just give up and stick to Minnis Fresco if I want lightweight grey pants!
Wow that full-button front model is killer! It's basically like a Stark but with the option for pockets...pretty much my dream knit.
I saw this fabric during the recent sale and almost got it thinking it was a trouser fabric. I think a linen brown houndstooth like this would look great for some pants. Shirt looks good too though!Some questions for the crowd:Does anyone have a recommendation for a nice mid grey linen or linen cotton trouser? I really like the light grey ones I just got (photo posted yesterday) but I'd like a mid grey pair as well. Basically like a Minnis 0501 but in linen instead of...
Thanks! I'm definitely saving this order number and measurements to make sure all future trousers fit just like these
So this is me apologizing for the order creep comments last week. This is my most recent order, based on the pattern for my best-fitting pants, and Luxire nailed it. My last order before this must have been an aberration, and those have been sent back to be altered. These fit great and I'm 100% happy with the fabric and execution. One of the legs looks a bit wonky at the cuff, but these are straight out of the box and haven't been pressed yet, so that should be fixed...
Thanks Mike, that certainly makes sense from a business perspective, the only problem for me is that spring/summer is about 80% of the seasons here, haha! I have a navy linen field jacket from Valstar, which gets a lot of wear when it's cool enough to throw on, and I really like my loden EP FJ, so my next hole to fill would be a lighter version, both in color and weight. I think I'll give the duck canvas a shot. All my duck rivets aren't too hot to wear most of the time,...
@Epaulet I've been waffling back and forth on the khaki canvas field jacket still. It's probably too warm for me to consider getting another jacket right now, but it got me thinking...any chance you will consider doing a linen version of the field jacket? That would probably suit my needs a little better than the cotton duck canvas. Something in this same khaki color would be awesome.
Just picked up my linen sale stuff from FedEx, and Luxire knocked these out of the park. Fit and details 100% match my best-fitting Luxire garments, so turns out there really was no need to mail anything back. I'll make sure to use this order # going forward for all my future orders to keep everything in line. I guess my last orders that didn't fit as well were just outliers. Well done Luxire!Also - funny story...I hadn't purchased any clothing in about 6-7 months as my...
Paint brush brown fresco yesterday, one of my YHNT faves:
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