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Dang, sold out
Totally worth it for the one week I'll be in the northeast over the holidays this year...and the 2 days in February that it gets cold enough to wear it here.
If I'm a VI in SS Merino, can I fit into a large in the Frank Leder tweed officer's coat, or would I need an XL?
more drops
more drops
That Aero jacket looks really great, I'm intrigued by the upcoming MTO program with them.
Cool, thanks for the link. I have never really tried this extended shoulder myself, so it jumped out at me as looking different than all the other jackets I've worn in the past. I'd be interested to see if Luxire can do something not as extended.
Maybe it's just the angle that the jackets are hanging on the hangers as opposed to being on a mannequin, so that may be throwing me off. Check out the below picture, see how the sleeve is attached to the shoulder, and it's almost a straight line from the armpit area up to the edge of the shoulder. On the Luxire jackets it looks like there's a big curve pointing outwards from the armpit to the shoulder. But again now that I look at the comparison, it might just be the...
It looks like there's a similar theme with the shoulders in all of the jackets in those photos. I don't know if there's a technical term for it, but all the shoulders seem to have a drastic curve and they protrude out pretty far. If you follow the seam starting at the chest point and going up, by the time it gets to the tip of the shoulders it looks like it sticks out farther than it should. Not sure if this is a house style or if they're just following customer...
Love my Valstar field jacket, but I'm still waiting for it to cool down just a few more degrees so I can start wearing it.
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