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Very nice. These look similar to my Cigar LWB from Alden NYC earlier this year.
Easy three and a quarter this morning. Starting to get my legs back.
^ I have the cotton-linen navy, the first one you linked, and it's great. I've posted pics of it here in this thread, and the one review on Luxire's website was written by me.
I recently picked up both the indigo rinsed pique and distressed pique tees and they are fantastic. I really hope they are made in some other colors at some point (heather grey!), because I would buy all of them. The shirt fits like a dream and I love the toughness to it. I've been trying to upload a pic but I haven't been able to since the iOS 8 update for some reason.I really hope that whenever the EPLA polos end up coming out, the fit and finish will be the same as...
4.6 yesterday, first day back at it after some time off. I still have about 4 months until my half marathon, so plenty of time to get in shape for that one.
+1 I'm sick of living in Florida, I'm still in linen shorts and t-shirts when everyone else is wearing tweed pants and overcoats...I need to move somewhere that actually has seasons.
Maybe it's an iOS 8 bug? Mine still isn't working and it seems like it just started after I upgraded.
I'm having the same problem, figured iOS8 might be the culprit as well
I'm having trouble posting images to my replies, tried on both mobile and desktop versions. I click the image I want to post and then it says "embedding image" but when that is complete, there's no image in my post. Tried multiple times but the same thing keeps happening.
Glad you like them. I can provide hourly updates on the tracking if you like.
New Posts  All Forums: