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Love the shape of the lapel curve at the buttoning point on this jacket, excellent job
Wow that khaki field jacket is so killer. I wore my loden moleskin all winter long, it worked perfectly as a Florida winter jacket. It's already getting too hot here to even wear any kind of jacket most days, but I think I need the khaki as late fall or early spring piece.
$65 shipped, practically giving these away
drop to $70 shipped
drop to only $75 shipped CONUS
Looks great - I ordered the same fabric so I hope this means mine is on its way as well!
Possibly, but I've never had an issue with losing a crease in any of my Luxire linens. And really I'm not worried about having a super sharp crease in linen pants anyway.
I get no lining on my linen pants to make them more breathable. Linen is supposed to wear cool for the hot summer months and adding a lining kinda defeats that purpose imo.
drop to $85 shipped, can't go much lower on these so they will most likely be donated to Goodwill if they don't sell soon!
+1 definitely liking the look of the lapel from what I've seen so far...looking forward to the surprise when mine lands on my doorstep.
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