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This is immediately what I thought as soon as I saw Luxire's most recent post. Now I'm nervous for my next order to arrive because I have no idea what kind of fees I'm going to get hit with when I pick it up from the local Fedex store. If I get smacked with something big then I'd be all for a $20 flat rate.
I've never had any duty charges to the US for any of my orders, so a $20 charge for this effectively means I'm paying an extra $20 to subsidize the duty costs for other people in regions that have to pay duties. Not sure I'd be on board for this...
Will do! I took most of the measurements from my Left Field Greasers, just reduced the waist slightly. I'm hoping Luxire can get the construction right, with the twill taping an everything like that.
This is better, thanks, and I agree with most of what you said. When I say slim fit, I'm probably using the terminology in a misleading way, and has nothing to do with anything I learned on SF. As a matter of fact, if you look at the MC WAYWRN thread, there's nobody there wearing anything really slim. I think people on SF (especially the MC side) stopped advocating too-slim stuff a few years ago. What I meant to say is that I'm looking for something flattering without...
2 miles today. First run in 5 weeks, since my knee started hurting during my half marathon on Feb 1st. This was tough because I need to get back into running shape, but at least my legs felt good!
Just ordered the chocolate brown and military green duck canvas chinos. Looking to make a copy of Epaulet's rivet chino, only with a higher rise and fuller leg.
Yeah, if I bend forward or stick my leg out so that my foot is forward of my hips, all the bunching under the seat disappears. Also, the bow legs look much worse in this robo-pose, so I stood like this to accentuate the issue. If I'm walking or standing in any other pose, the bow legs aren't noticeable at all. I think you are on to something with the front rise/back rise ratio. I'd be interested to see what an actual tailor has to say, if any of them still frequent this...
Luxire provided an update on shoe orders a little while ago, but I'll add my opinions as well. The process started in early February, so we're about 5 weeks in now, and I completed all my measurements about a month ago. I had been waiting to complete the rest of the order, and I sent them a few emails asking about the next steps since my measurements were completed, but the process hadn't really moved along at all. I was hoping to see leather and sole options and things...
If anyone is looking for a discount on Alden from NRO, I just got an email that they have a discount on gift cards, where you can buy $100 worth for only $50. I don't know if there are rules against stacking (I'm sure there probably are), but you can at least use this to get $50 off a pair.
+1, wore my J Crew PCTs today. Mighty fine boot and will last forever, so don't worry about putting some miles on them!
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