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I thought all the ties would be picked over from the sale, but I just picked up the English sand plaid. Most of my ties are darker (mostly navy and brown), so I figured it would be nice to break it up with something a little lighter.
^ Minnis Fresco is a great option.
Navy Stark sold, both other sweaters still available
I like the shoulder look on that, definitely no roping at all.EDIT - I love the fabric too. How light is the tweed IRL? Is it wearable in warmer climates?Soft is a pretty vague term. I will probably request an unstructured shoulder with zero padding. Southwick by Epaulet did a really good job on this in their latest round of jackets.
Love these, got my order in for the next run.
This looks pretty good, but it's hard to get an idea of the overall shape with a closeup shot like that. Do you have a full shot of the jacket? Is this your jacket?
Awesome, will do, thanks!
Crap. The number of places that sell Buttero in size 46 is basically nil.
I feel like once a year or so there is always a exercise/nutrition tangent in this thread. I'm pretty sure these same conversations have taken place in the past.
+1 The shoulders on this jacket look very rigid, was that by request? I'm interested to see some naturalshoulder examples.
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