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I was on Alden Madison's pre-order for Cigar LWBs earlier this year, and they took full payment upfront for those as well. The whole process was very smooth and they were easy to deal with.This Ravello boot is my first pre-order with TSM, and they didn't even take a deposit, even for a non-stock size like mine. But the order is definitely confirmed with Alden so they should be done by the end of the year.
This will definitely be my grail boot if that's the case
I'm still not 100% sure if TSM Ravello WT boot will have all eyelets or speedhooks. I know their previous version a few years back had speedhooks, but I can't remember if they confirmed one way or the other for this new run.
Wow if TSM got those NSTs that quickly, then then the Ravello wingtip boots should be here soon too!
All these new jackets are awesome. Definitely gives me more confidence to order one now
Been meaning to post this for a while now but had to wait until they fixed an iOS 8 bug that prevented me from uploading pics to SF. Anyway, I got my Luxire shoes last week, and needless to say there were some issues. My original request started with a picture of the below shoes. I can't remember who originally posted them in WAYWRN, but it was one of the Shibumi guys, either Sander or Braddock. I basically asked Luxire for a copy of these: Here's what they sent...
21653.3 + 12 = 21665.3
4.2 this morning, over the weekend I'll be ready to start increasing mileage on my long-ish runs by about a mile per week
Thanks! I agree, this is definitely my best fitting tee. I'm 6'4", and typically between 195-200 lbs, 40-41 chest (I wear a size 42L Epaulet jacket), and this tee is a Large. When I tried it on in-store it felt a little bit snug, but I also tried an XL and that was too big. Glad I chose the L.
New distressed pique tee and natty CXL belt, very happy with these recent purchases. I'm hoping that when the EPLA polos are eventually released, that they follow the fit and details of this tee. I'd probably end up buying one in every color. Are there going to be more colors released in the current pique tees? I got both the rinsed and distressed indigo, but I'd definitely be interested in more colors.
New Posts  All Forums: