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Best movie ever [[SPOILER]]
Just picked up the antique grey as well, they look like the perfect warm weather biz-casual pant for me, and it will be warm enough to wear those 9 months out of the year in my climate most likely.
RE: tennis trainer dream makeup, I'd be in for a navy suede with a white sole, pretty much just like the first run of snuff suede trainers, only swap out the snuff suede for navy.
That Riders coat is awesome...how is the weight on that one? Still liking the Juncus, but I'm still worried that might be too heavy for what I really need.
Yep they are very different animals! I'm slowly learning that grip has a huge factor in the movement, I need to work on that.That's crazy...but I weigh almost double that so the body-weight exercises always seem to be a little difficult for me at first until I get used to them.I've seen videos of guys do dead hang muscle ups, but it's much easier to start with the swinging ones and then work your way up from there.
No way, you're a PSU grad? I graduated there in '03, haven't been back in ages.
5.1 again today with more pullups and dips at the halfway point. Trying to work my way up to doing a muscle up...some people make those look so easy and even though I've been doing pullups forever, I still can't do one I really need to work on my form.
Is the EXTRA15 code supposed to work on all sale items or just some of them?
Ha, thanks for the diagram! I think the Merino just feels warm to me because it doesn't get too cold here. Although, when I traveled up north for Thanksgiving, it was in the 30s The whole time and the coat definitely kept me plenty warm. I'm thinking really hard about this Juncus now, especially if it can be worn comfortably in 40-60 degree weather. I have a feeling my willpower will break soon.
How much lighter is the Juncus compared to the merino? I kinda need a nice mid-weight jacket, but I'm still a little concerned that this might be too heavy for what I'm looking for. My only pieces of outerwear right now are the merino and a Doyle jacket from Epaulet. There are some days when the Doyle is not warm enough, yet it's not quite cold enough to justify wearing the merino.
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