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It's risky buying a jacket to make a suit with a pair of trousers you already have. Even if you order the same fabric, it may not match up exactly 100% with the pants you already have. But if you do want to have a jacket made, it's best to send in a well-fitting jacket for replication. Several other customers here have done that with really good results. My first jacket is being made right now based on a well-fitting jacket I mailed in. As per an email from Luxire...
+1, and I almost always prefer antique edging with #8. Just doesn't look right with that NST shoe on the Aberdeen.
Summer is practically here already! I know this angers everyone still battling through the winter, but it was 85 here yesterday. Need moar linen, and luckily this Luxire sale is exactly what the doctor ordered.
what a sale...picked up: Blue Micro-Gingham Linen Cotton-Linen: Blue Chambray Sky Blue Cool Linen Cotton Linen: Indigo Blue Mini Gingham Linen: Indigo Pants Linen: Drab Sand Pants All in for 4 shirts and 2 trousers I think the total was right around $500. And judging by the quality of the linen pants I already have from Luxire, when you factor in their already low prices with this discount, under $100 for a pair of MTM linen trou has got to be the best deal anywhere...
I like this idea as well. Although, would a guncheck pattern work on a linen blend? I understand a patterned pure linen is usually a bad idea, if it's a linen-wool blend it might be not as wrinkly and look OK.
another drop...crazy low price on this bad boy
one more drop...this is barely worth the cost to ship at this point, so if it doesn't sell it will be added to the donate pile!
more drops...these are at insanely low prices now!
I'd be all over this
Very nice! Those Kirkwoods look almost like #4 in comparison to the new DC Ravellos
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