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drop to $60 shipped CONUS...last week for these, listing will close on Friday.
It's possible that this may have played a small role, but there would have had to be some serious shrinkage to be 100% of the problem.I didn't measure all the parts of the shirts, I went mostly by feel. I could tell there was something off from my older orders to my recent orders just by putting the shirts on and wearing them for a full day. The pants I did measure and there were some big problems, for example the half hip measurement was nearly a full inch smaller than my...
I have dozens of Luxire orders and have been using the same pattern almost the whole time, but little by little I feel like I started to see small changes and the newer shirts started to feel less and less like my older shirts. It was more like I started getting a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy instead of something that matched the original pattern exactly. I wasn't really happy with my last order, the sleeves were too short and overall they felt too tight. I figured I...
FWIW, the stuff I sent in for replication were both previous Luxire orders, and I referenced the order numbers in my new order, so maybe they made them based on those old orders. I'll find out next Tuesday...
I never had a problem receiving TSM 2nds list, been getting them for years, but I never got the most recent one sent out for some reason. Maybe I need to go back and re-register.
Already got a shipping notification for the linen sale items I bought last Friday - 1 trouser and 2 shirts. The problem is, I mailed back a shirt and pants to be used as a template for the sizing and details of this order...and that shipment won't even arrive at Luxire until Monday. Curious to see how the measurements turn out on this order.
I'm a 14 in most Nikes, 14 in New Balance 574, but I'm a 13 in Converse Chuck Taylors. I have a pair of Converse x John Varvatos Chucks is size 13 that fit pretty similar to these.
I just have too many sneakers and these were just sitting in my closet. Since I only wore them a few times, I figured I'd sell them to someone else who will actually wear them. That's proving a little more difficult than I thought!
Still worked as of yesterday when I placed my order.
I live in Tampa and I can confirm that it is a fashion wasteland. There is not one decent shop for men's clothes anywhere in the entire city...and Tampa is a big sprawling city that covers a lot of area. Sometimes I'll be at the mall with my wife and walk around in Nordstrom for about 5 minutes and I'll start thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing here?@Epaulet I think a Florida trunk show might be in order!
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