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I thought I was just going to get one jacket but now I want that Firenze guncheck so bad. @EpauletMike - I added a comment in the order form when I placed my order yesterday, but before I place another order I want to double check one thing...how much can we change our pattern from the last EFF round? My jacket was pretty much perfect except that the buttoning point was a little high and sat above my natural waist. Can I get that lowered on this round of orders?
Picked up the mocha wool-silk, looks like it will be perfect for the climate here 95% of the year, can't wait to get it. Triple patch pockets, unconstructed shoulder, partial lining.
That is an awesome looking fabric, I'd pick that one up as an odd jacket for sure.
This one:http://custom.luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-light-blue-chambray-gov_10888
Already ordered the light blue chambray...couldn't resist with the 20% off code.
Ok thanks...still looking for that elusive cotton-linen equivalent to the Brembana sky blue oxford.
^ Hmmm...that light blue chambray might be calling my name. Is that less saturated IRL than the other blue cotton-linen blends?
The lapels look fine, don't stress about it.
Speaking of the website, it seems to be getting worse. I just got an email that one of the fabrics from my last order sold out, so I'm trying to search for a replacement, and I can't even get the search function to work now. Tried on Safari on my phone and Firefox on my computer, and both times I just get a result that says "loading..." but I'm not getting any actual results.
There's always time for cotton-linen!
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