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4 miles this morning with more walking lunges after each mile. I was initially disappointed when I looked at my pace, then I remembered that the lunges added about 30-40 seconds on to each mile with hardly any distance actually covered, so overall it was a good run.
Picked this Drake's tie up from the recent Founder's Circle sale. I've never had a tie in this shade of green, but it's super versatile and I'll be wearing it a ton for sure. Also, I'm horrible at tying ties, you'd think after all these years I'd get better with practice, but I'm still bad at it. However, this is maybe the best dimple I've ever gotten:
Been a while since I posted a pic, here's some AoM Cigar LWBs that I wore today.
^ I don't have any issues wearing the casual belts in an office environment. Right now I'm wearing light grey Fresco trousers with an OCBD, tie, and navy blazer, and I'm wearing the casual brown CXL belt from EP and it looks fine IMO. I'm not really a fan of "dressy" belts tho, and I pretty much wear all my casual EP belts with everything except suits. But that's because all my suits have side adjusters and no belt loops
My last pair of pants were ordered on March 30 (existing pattern with no changes) and I haven't gotten an estimate yet on when those will be ready. They are in a VBC fabric that I got at the low introductory price, so they probably had to wait for the fabric to arrive, but it's still taking a little longer than I originally anticipated.
Turns out my VBC Estate blue hopsack blazer did not ship yet It was an error in their system with the order numbers. I will be getting my Sand canvas jacket with the fixed shoulder back in this shipment, so I'll be happy to start wearing that again, and it shouldn't be too much longer before the VBC jacket ships.
^ same here. 3.1 miles today and I got out there before 6am, but it was already warming up by the time I finished.
I'm not a huge fan of the sport trainer, but I think an alabaster tennis trainer would be awesome. Hopefully there is also enough interest for than navy suede tennis trainer as well, I think that would turn out great.
New Posts  All Forums: