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Just paid for my sport trainer balance...this will be my first pair of GAT-style shoes ever, definitely excited
Good thing I only had one or two fabrics on mine. I haven't bought anything new in a while, and I just looked at the website for the first time in a few months.
Definitely intrigued for all these new offerings...the Chelsea posted on IG looked great and the PTB sounds really promising. Can't wait for the horsehide sport trainers and saddle tennis trainers to be headed my way soon! I've had money sitting in my PayPal account that I've been holding off on spending so I had some funds set aside to pay the balance on the pre-order for those.
Speaking of the website, does anyone's wish list actually work? I added some fabrics to mine a few months ago and went back to check and I get an error when I click on my wish list. I haven't been able to add anything new to it either.
Has the big horsehide preorder shown up at the store yet? I think they were supposed to arrive this week.
^ the Kudu Indy has a pretty substantial lug sole. I don't know why that's not used on more models. I haven't tried it IRL but it looks good in photos.
These are freaking fantastic. Where from?
Awesome, looking forward to the new kicks coming in next week's shipment!For the moleskin field jacket, what colors will that be made up in? I can't remember if it was just the camo sample or if there were other colors as well.
@Epaulet I paid a deposit a while back for a pair of saddle tennis trainers in a larger size, do you know if those are included in the big trainer shipment that's coming today? Or are those coming later this month with all the other pre-orders? I got the unfinished horsehide sport trainers as well, so there are 2 new sneakers coming my way soon.
Just got these in the mail this week...I think Viberg will quickly become my new obsession:
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