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I digging it for sure. It's already become my go-to navy blazer for days when I need to wear a jacket and tie but don't need to dress too business-y.
This movie came out when I was 10 years old and I think Tia Carrere is single-handedly responsible for jump starting my puberty.
Thanks for the compliments! I agree, any changes at this point are very minor and i have no problems wearing this jacket often and enjoying it every time I wear it. I did send in a jacket to copy and I made some minor tweaks to the one I sent in, and this was the result.3.75"
Speaking of jackets, here are some awful photos of the estate blue hopsack which totally don't do it justice at all. A couple changes I will make to my next jacket: make the shoulders look more natural and not as roped, and open the quarters a bit. Might also add a touch to the length. It feels fine when I wear it but it does look maybe a smidge short in the photo. I think also contributing to that is the fact that these pants are older and I've since updated my pattern to...
I want to get that Dugdale Brown Green gun club made into a jacket so badly
4 miles today at a nice quick pace for me. Typically if I can stay under 9 min per mile then that's a good day, and I got down to 8:39 for this run, with my last mile clocking in at 8:12.
Did 7 on Sunday while I was still traveling, then took a few days off and just got in 5.1 this morning. It was insanely humid when I got out there this morning, but as I was coming back home it started to rain, which really helped cool me off for the last mile or so.
Thanks! I've had very good success with Luxire, and I'm getting to the point of wondering why I would ever buy anything else from another store or vendor. There a couple things like sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, and knitwear that I get other places, but for tailored clothing I don't get anything from anywhere else for the most part.The jacket fabric is a little thicker than I expected, but it's still relatively light and breathable, so it should definitely work well for...
^ correct, Betel and I get confused for each other often.
You will love it. I wore mine yesterday and it is fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: