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@luxire those shoes look great, if you could make my current iteration look like those I'd be very happy, with maybe slightly less burnishing (those toes look pretty dark). I love the sole, and I like the tan color of the leather as well!
I was about to ask if you had them tapered, they look great!
Good to see you're wearing the pants DV! I was so upset that I grew out of those, and when EP sold another pair recently in the same fabric, I jumped right in them in a bigger size. I was hoping I would have gotten them in time for Christmas this year but they're not ready yet. I'll definitely be wearing them next year.
Christmas Day price drop, treat yourself to some Buttero for only $135 shipped!
+1, that fabric looks amazing. And Merry Christmas to all...I treated myself by placing an order for 4 more shirts and a pair of brown tweed Holland & Sherry trousers. This is my first pair of H&S, so I'm excited to see how the fabric turns out.
Awesome snow shots! I barely remember what snow looks like. I did 6 tough miles today, it was mid 70s and extremely humid, and I wasn't prepared for that since it actually started cooling down recently. I was drenched in sweat and had no energy, but I managed to finish, albeit at a very slow pace.
12 miles yesterday in 1:49:30, so if I can keep that same pace for another 1.1 miles, I'll hit my half marathon goal. Although, my right ankle was really sore all day after the run, and it still hurts a little bit today. I'll have to assess it in a few days and make sure it's OK, the last thing I want to do is get hurt again and have a weak finish to my third straight half marathon.
7 miles this morning, felt great and finished under 9 minute per mile pace, which is good for me at that distance. I pretty much always have my phone with me and use the RunKeeper app, which I've been happy with for the most part. I almost always run outside, I might use a treadmill on maybe 0.1% of my runs.
Totally forgot about this thread. Here are my miles from the last couple months since the time since I last posted: 22,256 + 142 = 22,398
another price drop, only $150 per pair
New Posts  All Forums: