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Suits are still done as a special order. All of their trouser swatches can be made into suits, so you just need to email them and ask for a quote depending on the fabric. They can do CMT as well. I just got a new suit a few weeks ago, and I think the jacket fit is perfect for me, and Luxire nailed my trouser measurements, so the next time I buy a suit I will mail in the jacket for duplication and I'll use my trouser pattern for the suit pants.
4 miles this morning. RE: why do I run...I've always been an active person, playing sports, lifting weights, etc., but I always hated distance running, I would just get too bored. About 2 years ago, I had just moved to a new state and I was still looking for a job, so a lot of days I needed something to do to fill my time. I started off just doing a mile or two here or there, but pretty soon I was increasing my mileage pretty quickly, and here I am 2 years later still...
Makes sense, thanks for the info. Honestly I don't really want to try this unless I absolutely have to, or maybe this is something Luxire could offer for a fee? This easier solution would just be to offer a mid-weight standard white oxford. All the reviews I've read of the warzone and warzone plus is that they're pretty heavy.
I bleach white cotton t-shirts all the time without any negative effects. What would the effect be on bleaching a shirt one time? I'm no fabric expert, so I'm interested in hearing some more details.
Actually, could I theoretically get another sky blue oxford and bleach it white? Or is that just stupid and it wouldn't work?
Drop to $60, practically giving these away at this point!
If I wanted a white OCBD in a fabric with a similar weight and feel to the sky blue oxford, which one should I choose?
I wouldn't wear snuff with plain navy worsted trousers, but I'm wearing snuff chukkas with navy linen pants today and I really like the look.
I still have 3 others (brown CXL, western print, and English bridle leather) from around the same time that are all still going strong, and I wear one of those 3 almost every single day.
Natty CXL belt finally bit the dust after years of consistent wear. Can't wait to try one of the new ones since they're released!
New Posts  All Forums: