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I just got a shipping notification for my stuff yesterday, after people were posting that they already received their orders, so I assume they're probably still making their way through everything.
Has anybody heard anything about the Suit Supply store opening in Tampa? I was in Hyde Park over the weekend and saw a sign that it was opening soon. Some quick Googling showed that there is a 3,000 sq ft store set to open sometime this year, but I couldn't find any approximate dates. I'm interested in trying some of their new stuff on and possibly checking out their MTM program. I went back to the beginning of this thread and found that I was on of the first people to...
I bleached mine, and I also have another that I did not bleach, and I still wear both. I bleached the one a little too much so it's very very pale right now, and I haven't done anything to the other one, so I'm still looking for something in between the shade of my bleached shirt and my un-bleached shirt. Also - the un-bleached one has been worn and washed many times over the course of about a year, but has not had any noticeable fading. Maybe over several years of washing...
You make a good point. Clearly I do not have the funds to buy a $20K SC...or even a $2K SC for that matter
Now that would be a good discount!
Is this for shirts too or just pants? Definitely would be interested in more cotton-linen shirt staples. I know I've said it before but a less saturated and more pale blue and pink shirt would be definite purchases from me. The above poster showed again how the pink is a little too saturated and doesn't really match the photos on the Luxire website, same goes for the pale blue. Any chance of finding these in a more neutral shade?
If you have the cash to spend $20K on a SC, getting a discount to something like $18K probably isn't going to make or break the purchase.
+1. I would be happy if 90% of my wardrobe was cotton-linen
Did I need a denim jacket? Absolutely not. Could I pass one up for $25? Did not have the willpower. And figured since I was already ordering something, I went ahead and placed my pre-order for the waffle knit. Ended up going with derby over oatmeal and got the wood buttons.
Very cool that Epaulet finally has a product that actually features epaulets! I need to get fitted for Individualized...
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