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Lighting kinda sucks, but this is the best I can do for now. Tried something a little different today with the charcoal pants, navy windowpane jacket, pink shirt, brown tie, and tan shoes. Colors aren't reflected super accurately in the photo, but it worked well enough for me. Shirt and shoes are Luxire as well.
Doesn't matter what they're called, they look awesome. People seem to get very hung up on the name of the color. I understand that can be frustrating if you were on a 2 year per-order and didn't get what you were expecting. But if you just walked into a shop and picked these up, I think most would jump at that opportunity.
First wearing today of the Dugdale charcoal tweed trousers from the Black Friday sale. These were an absolute steal at $99, these things feel so luxe. They're super soft and comfortable, not scratchy at all like some other tweeds, perfect material for a pair of pants. Highly recommended even at full price.
one final price drop on these, insanely low price for rare shells!
Theoretically, thy should be pretty similar, but I've never tried an 11.5D so I can't say for sure how well they actually compare.
One with small feet
^ wow, those E Thomas blue flannels are awesome! They look a lot like an old pair of Epaulet trousers I used to have that no longer fit me, I might have to add that fabric to my wish list.
Anyone who is a 6.5D Barrie and wants a whiskey LWB, give TSM a call as they have an open spot on their current open order.
tan suede LWB sold, Whiskey PTB and Cigar LWB still available!
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