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Just picked up my first Black Friday order from FedEx today, VBC mid grey flannel and Dugdale charcoal tweed. Both are seriously awesome and an insane value at only $99 each during the sale. Eagerly awaiting my 2nd order for the Minnis Fresco suit and Loro Piana houndstooth trousers, hopefully those will be shipping within the next couple weeks
one more price drop before moving to eBay
probably the last price drops before these move to eBay
Looks like these went quickly, no surprise there. Hopefully some fellow SF members were able to pick them up. I know a few people were inquiring on where they could get a whiskey PTB just last week I think.
Barrie last
TSM has 3 pairs of whiskey PTBs available - 2 in size 10D and 1 in 9D. Call them now if you want a pair!
I'm going to Budapest in March and will be getting properly fitted at the Vass shop while I'm there. Once I've dialed in my size I'll happily jump in on some GMTOs here. I like those longwing boots, but I agree about LWBs in general from Vass. I'm not sure I've seen a great example of a standard longwing blucher from them. Alden seems to have perfected that shape for the most part.
Yeah I couldn't even find anywhere that had them. I submitted an entry for the raffle at END, but I won't hold my breath on that.
Those grey suede XI's are fire. Not sure I would pay $400 for them (resellers already have them listed for $600-$700!). I'm sure they'll still sell out in a minute, but maybe people will be forced to drop their prices once they realize that *hopefully* nobody will pay those super inflated prices. How limited are these going to be?
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