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Man, some of those LBM guncheck fabrics look great, but even with the 2" additional length they're still a tad too short for me.
Welp, looks like I'm out of luck on the HH sport trainers. If anyone needs a size 13, hit me up. @epaulet I think I already know the answer, but is there any way to special order anything bigger than a size 13 on the sport trainers? These are too tight and I probably need a 13.5 or maybe even a 14.
Hmmm...without seeing the photos I think the Loden moleskin might already be the winner in my book.
EP is doing a good job keeping this under wraps. I've only seen the camo sample, but I'm dying to see how the moleskin options turn out! I believe Mike said they should be available by 11/15.
Haha, I saw these and thought the guy who ordered them must be like 4'10". They look like they have a 20" inseam.
Really digging that tan Chelsea sample, can't wait to see all the leather and suede options, awesome price point as well. I feel like I bough a crap pair of Kenneth Cole Chelseas about 8 years ago for not much less than that.
aikiman44 those look great! My pair won't be arriving until Thursday...which is fine because I can't wear them until Friday at the earliest anyway. Need to wait for casual Friday at my office before I can break these suckers out.
Yeah I'm pretty sure my H&S were $350 last year. $200 for the Campore seems like a no brainer.Before I order another jacket I want to make sure Luxire can do a natural shoulder a little better. I like the shoulders on my cotton unstructured jackets from Luxire, because they're completely unpadded and unstructured. On my VBC hopsack blazer, I still like the jacket a lot but I think I would like it better if the shoulders were more natural, and not as roped looking. I'm not...
^ those Campore trousers you posted look great Cruz. And they're $150 less than H&S? I bought a pair of brown herringbone H&S last year and they're really great, but i didn't realize the price difference for these new lighter weight tweeds was so different. Next pant purchase will definitely be one of these. Also, would it be too crazy to get a completely unstructured tweed jacket in one of these Campore fabrics?
Great sale, just made it under the wire...picked up 5 shirts for under $300 total after the discount.
New Posts  All Forums: