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The old style rivets that were built more like a dress trouser from a tailoring perspective have a very very very small amount to let out in the thigh. You can try it, but unless all you need is a tiny little bit of more space, I can't imagine it would make much of a noticeable difference.
Not sure how you can have something that fits well, but then at the same time think the cut is unflattering. If you don't like the way something looks on you, I would not recommend sending that in for replication. Try getting it tailored locally until you're happy with the way it looks, then send it in to Luxire to copy. Sending in something you're not 100% happy with and then trying to make significant changes is a recipe for disaster.
I have used both, and they're very different in many respects. Kent Wang has a house cut, he will send you a standard size suit, and you will try it on and make changes as necessary. If you like his house cut and fit in to it well then this is a good option, and the quality is very good for the money.Luxire on the other hand will do anything you want, and the possibilities are nearly limitless. If you have a suit you like the fit of, you can send it to Luxire and they can...
TBNY wingtips sold, Walk Over saddles are going to the donate bin.
scary new price drop for Halloween
scary new price drop for Halloween
scary low new price drop for Halloween
^ 99% of the time if I'm doing biz cas with no tie, I'm wearing Luxire's standard button-down collar, modified with 3.75" collar points, 2.25" neck height, and 1.75" collar band height.
^ agreed, fit on that shirt looks like you got it MTM
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