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Just snagged the snuff trainers. Very excited.
I think people here have said this has happened to them before, but my shoes are always off going through security so I've never had any first hand experience with walking through a metal detector with them on.
Do you guys wear snuff suede belts with snuff suede shoes? I'm usually not too matchy-matchy with my belts and shoes, I won't wear a black belt with brown shoes or anything like that, but I like to wear leathers and colors that complement each other without necessarily being the exact same color and leather.
^ excellent fit! Looks like you've got your patterns pretty locked down with Luxire now. I'm really happy with my trouser pattern, and I made some very small adjustments to my shirt pattern (my shoulders were also a little larger than I liked, so I reduced that measurement a bit), and I have a new shirt coming in a few days with the changes. Hopefully it comes out perfect, then I'll finally be able to make future orders with no more changes.
4.5 this morning. My RunKeeper app bugged out or the first half mile and thought I ran 0.5 already when I had only really gotten about 0.4. I knew something was wrong when after 5 minutes it told me my pace was like 7:30, when I knew it was probably closer to 9:30 at that point.
I'll go ahead and contribute what I'm wearing today. Standard 1493...I've really been digging snuff suede with navy linen lately.
Just to throw a wrench in here and make your choice more difficult, I had CXL Indys on the Trubalance in a C width and Barrie cordovan boots in the same size, but a D width, and they fit the same for me. The CXL Indy's almost felt a little bigger, if anything. But also keep in mind that CXL does stretch a little more than shell.
19468 + 4 + 5 + 8 = 19485
8 this morning, knocked about 15 seconds off my per mile pace compared to when I did 8 last Sunday. Gonna try for 9 in my long run next week
+1 sneakers can vary a lot, would these fit similar to Chucks? I can wear a 12 in those, but I need to size up to 13 in things like Nike and New Balance. I don't have experience in higher end sneakers like Common Projects or anything like that.
New Posts  All Forums: