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Awesome, thanks for the info. I know I'm in the minority but I actually prefer the way these look over the Ravello version.
Where is this specific model from?
^ what he said. And if you need any more convincing, here is one final price drop...crazy low deal on a pair of like new Vibergs here.
another price drop on the Olde Green Stark, great deal here, I've never seen any of the older fit Starks drop this low.
more drops, insane deal on these now, especially the VBC. The cost of the cloth alone is probably as much as the selling price of the jacket now.
^ same for me, my last order is over a month in, which is a little longer than it usually takes, especially since I'm using my same pattern for pants and minimal changes on my shirt.
I have some 12B Barrie and 12.5C Leydon I'll probably need to unload at some point.
Yes Robert was great! I tried on multiple pairs in multiple lasts, and ended up getting a pair of chocolate suede chukkas on the Leydon (which was actually in stock in size 13C) and a pair of the snuff suede medallion captoes on the Hampton, which I had to pre-order and get in on their next run.
Been vacationing on the west coast this week and got a chance to stop in Alden SF today. Robert was a huge help in getting me fitted for some shoes and I ended up buying 2 pairs. And now it looks like I'll be buying a lot more soon since these new shoes are a half size bigger than all my other Aldens and are way more comfortable. I guess it's time to start culling the collection...
Yeah I've been waiting longer for my most recent order too. I placed it during the summer sale so they must be backed up from that.
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