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I wasn't plannig on getting a pair, but I figured when else will I get a crack at sub-$300 shell sneakers? Cigar kopped...not sure why people are still having issues, I put it in my cart and paid no problem.
^ pre-orders are pretty much the only way. Start calling all the retailers and ask them to put your name and size down on their lists for the next run of any make-up you want. I've been able to get rare shells in narrow widths this way.
3.5 yesterday after work. I was set to get up early and go before work like I usually do, but it looked like a monsoon outside so I decided to wait. I went after work and it was super hot and humid, and my run definitely suffered. It reminded me why I always to to get up and go as early as possible.
FWIW I haven't noticed any significant stretching in any of my CXL belts from EP.
^ Yep I noticed the same thing when I upgraded as well, all back to normal now
The AoC version has speedhooks, commando sole, and a reverse welt, as opposed to all eyelets, double leather sole, and flat welt on the Epaulet Brixton. I'm surprised they haven't run the Color 8 version in a while, I got mine back in 2011 and they haven't sold another run since then.
Yeah I like the belly on these lapels. Tom Ford did this really well on their suits a few seasons ago.
Epaulet hasn't had any rare shell colors in a long time, but I wouldn't be surprised if they ran these again using other leathers. I'd probably pick up the Natty CXL if they released those again. Actually, a brown CXL version would be pretty nice.
Brixton is just the name of the Epaulet special makeup (they typically like to name their designs) for a wingtip boot with all eyelets, antique edge, flat welt, and double leather sole. They've done it in Ravello (back in '09 I think), Color 8, Cigar, Natty CXL, and Oxblood calf. This new version from TSM I think will be almost exactly like the Brixton, with the only difference being a reverse welt.
EFV - that is an excellent look, and Luxire did a wonderful job on that jacket, the lapel roll is especially well done. Is it canvassed?
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