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4.5 this morning at a 8:37 pace, fastest run in about 5 months for me, felt great
I'm returning my snuff suede trainers in size 12, so you should see them pop back up soon, just waiting on confirmation from the store before I ship them back
+1. Been there several times, never disappointed.
The pale pink oxford is pretty similar IMO.I just received my two most recent shirt orders today (1 BD and 1 spread collar) and they're both fantastic. Luxire nailed the measurements so I now have a dress shirt pattern and a casual shirt pattern that I don't think I need to change at all. It's late and the shirts need a wash, but I'll post pics post-wash. I got the cotton-linen: navy, highly recommended for a casual summer shirt, and the Monti: pale blue pinstripe ICE,...
Got my snuff trainers today, they look amazing and I was pumped to start wearing them, but unfortunately they are too small and will be going back. The biggest stock size offered is a 12, so I can't exchange these for a bigger size. I ordered the same size I wear in Chuck Taylors, but these are substantially smaller. I have narrow feet, so the width was good for me, but they were much too short in length. See below for a comparison shot of the EPLA snuff trainers next to...
+1 on the Sky Blue Oxford. Great choice as a first, second, third, or any number order for that matter. Can't recommend it highly enough
^ very nice! The pattern looks fantastic and if mine come out looking as good as those I'm sure I'll be happy
This looks pretty close to the details in the pair I'm waiting to be made. Hopefully this means it might not be too much longer!I agree with this, when I placed my order I was looking for a slightly dressier shoe, so I think the welt should probably not protrude too much. I don't think the last looks too bad, maybe could be slightly sleeker, but I don't like really chiseled lasts, I like a rounder toe. Also, I'd like the edge trim color to be a little darker, it looks more...
19762.5 + 4.5 + 5.5 + 9 = 19781.5
9 miles today, super hot and humid out compared to my run on Friday morning, but I was able to keep a consistent pace and still finished strong.
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