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^ same, love my Greasers. I looked at the measurements of some of the Fullcount options online and they still look too tight in the thigh. Maybe I'd just need to try a pair on and see how they fit IRL.
Thanks! I will look through their models and see if I can find one that has the measurement I'm looking for. Right now my best pair are some Left Field Greasers but I'm looking for other options as well. Also, my last pair mistakenly went through the dryer and shrunk a bit.
@Epaulet Mike - this is a little non-EP related, but a few months ago when you announced that Epaulet was no longer doing jeans, you mentioned a brand you tried that actuall fit well and might be good for other Rudy guys. I tried searching the thread but I couldn't find the post. Any chance you could re-post that brand and model name? Thanks!
Yep that's the one
Just took the delivery of a few shirts yesterday, including the new Cotton Linen: Light Blue Chambray fabric. For anyone else who was looking for a linen-cotton version of the Brembana Sky Blue Oxford, look no further. This fabric is the perfect shade of light blue, not oversaturated at all like the other cotton-linen blend pale blue or sky blue options that Luxire has. It's a little thicker than the other cool linen cotton fabrics I have ordered in the past, but it's...
If you give them the order # of the shirt with the measurements that you like, they should be able to replicate anything from that order.
SVB - that looks great for a first jacket! The nits are valid but pretty minor and should be easily adjusted on your next order. The fabric looks great as well, my next order will definitely be a linen-cotton canvas option.
+1 This is exactly the way I made up my mocha wool-silk order. I plan on wearing it mostly with linen pants, but in a business casual setting. Most of my linen trou have creases and are basically a warm-weather substitute for flannel or worsted wool.
I thought I was just going to get one jacket but now I want that Firenze guncheck so bad. @EpauletMike - I added a comment in the order form when I placed my order yesterday, but before I place another order I want to double check one thing...how much can we change our pattern from the last EFF round? My jacket was pretty much perfect except that the buttoning point was a little high and sat above my natural waist. Can I get that lowered on this round of orders?
Picked up the mocha wool-silk, looks like it will be perfect for the climate here 95% of the year, can't wait to get it. Triple patch pockets, unconstructed shoulder, partial lining.
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