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I think there were some issues sourcing the museum calf, at least that's what I was told regarding the delays
Thanks for the info! I think there used to be someone on SF that had a proxy service for Vass MTOs, I can try and look him up as well.
Still hanging on to summer here, Alden x LS tan suede LWBs with brown linen trousers:
What is then average cost of a single MTO with Vass? I'm still waiting on the Epaulet GMTO museum calf double monks to arrive (going on almost a year now at this point), but if they fit well I'd probably be interested in getting something else done through Vass.
I luckily saw this thread and grabbed one of the last pairs of Cigar on an impulse. I think they sold out a few minutes after I got my pair, super lucky
21894.6 + 14 = 21908.6
4.5 on Friday and 7 this morning. I've been working on running hills more often so I'm definitely starting to see improvements pretty quickly.
Congrats neutrino! I've done two half marathons and I'm training for a third in January...check out the How Many Miles thread on SF, helps me stay motivated, especially when you see the kind of miles some of those guys are putting up on a regular basis!
selling some Kent Wang brown captoes in size 12D, check my sig if interested
First to pay gets the item, FREE CONUS SHIPPING, PAYPAL only, PM me with any questions! I recently picked up this Stark at a discount, but missed the return period, so I'll pass along the savings to a fellow SF member. This is a brand new with tags Stark cardigan, Blue Static Mix, in size XL in the newer fit. I have a few size L Starks in the older fit, and this fits remarkably close to those. So if you're an L in the old fit, you should be confident trying this XL in the...
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