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I actually did get a response from them after about a week or so, and they confirmed this was the old fit Stark and gave me the measurement for the length, which is 5cm longer than the new fit. The bad news...it's 250 Euro plus shipping which comes out to about $370 USD. I really want it, but I don't want it that badly.
My vote is Fresco all the way. The texture is really great, but from a distance they just look like like plain trousers for the most part and are definitely suitable for business environments. I don't ever wear my Fresco casually, it's just for the office or when I need to get dressed up for something.
Thanks guys. Order # is 8116 and the fabric was Business-Shirt White With Blue Dress Stripes. The name doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but it's a really great fabric, especially at the price point.
YHNT linen brown houndstooth...definitely still one of my faves:
I got my last order of 5 shirts yesterday, only about 10 days from order to delivery and I couldn't be happier with the way these turned out. I think I finally nailed my collar for a suit & tie fit...wide spread with 3.5" collar points, soft lining and medium fusing:
Very cool! I'd definitely like to see any women's shirts made up by Luxire, my better half was thinking of getting a few made but hasn't been able to take the plunge yet. She's never tried anything remotely like this with clothing before.
20651.8 + 3.1 + 4.2 + 5 = 20664.1
5 miles today. It was so hot and humid I could practically chew the air. Resulted in a really slow run
That makes more sense, there's no way that Alden would have made the new order so quickly.
I'd say either the sky blue oxford or classic blue oxford are similar. I have both of those as well as the blue university stripes oxford. The classic blue is actually not much different from the sky blue in terms of color IRL, at least IMO.
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