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I have a list that I keep of all my Luxire orders and I make notes on which ones are my best fits.
Speaking of us more muscular dudes, is the Fairfax Jean still in production? I would love to be able to fit into Wilshires but it's just not meant to be. My only pair of a denim are some Left Field Greasers, and even with those I had to size up in the waist just to squeeze my thighs into them!
Hey Rob - do you know when the pre-ordered brown fresco will be in stock? No rush, just wanted to see if you were still waiting for the fabric, thanks!
I was 100% on team Loden for the field jacket but now FC and tricky' pics have me considering grey...
Read the previous posts ITT. Minnis is possibly discontinuing the fabrics and Luxire is working with them directly to try and get a discounted group buy going.
I bought a pair of Minnis 300 and 301 last year and they are excellent, so I'd recommend getting in on those if there is a good price discount. I remember I bought these in October last year and then I think they were discounted for the Black Friday sale, and I was kicking myself for not waiting. This year I'm holding off until I see what might be on sale for BF this year.
I know I seemed to be the only one that felt the HH GATs ran a little small, hence why I need to sell mine, but here are some comparison shots to other similar sized sneakers: HH GAT vs New Balance 996 - both size 13 HH GAT vs Converse x John Varvatos - both size 13 HH GAT size 13 vs Buttero Tanino size EU46 Photos aren't the greatest but it's pretty clear that the GATs are between 1/2 and 1 size smaller than all the other sneakers. Just thought this might be...
Thee are my first pair of EP sneakers, so if they all fit like this then I'm in trouble (also have size 13 saddle tennis trainers coming soon). But I will say that all my other size 13 sneakers I own fit larger than these (Buttero, Converse, New Balance). I'll post some comparison shots soon to show the size difference. Maybe since this was a special order size it ran smaller than the stock sizes for some reason?
I have a 13 that don't fit that I'm looking to unload if you think those might work for them. I'm a TTS 13 and these are too small. They seem to fit closer to a 12. I have Converse x John Varvatos All-Stars in size 13 and Buttero taninos in size 46 and the size 13 GATs are definitely a size smaller than both of those.
I placed an order during the recent sale for 5 shirts and needed to make an adjustment to the neck size and I got a response confirming the change almost instantly. But then a few days later I sent an email about sizing issues with my last pair of pants and I haven't heard back on that one yet. I need to send them back for a remake (waist 1.5" too small, thigh .5" too small, half hip 1" too small) but I wanted to confirm the details with them before I mailed them back....
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