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Drop to $60, practically giving these away at this point!
If I wanted a white OCBD in a fabric with a similar weight and feel to the sky blue oxford, which one should I choose?
I wouldn't wear snuff with plain navy worsted trousers, but I'm wearing snuff chukkas with navy linen pants today and I really like the look.
I still have 3 others (brown CXL, western print, and English bridle leather) from around the same time that are all still going strong, and I wear one of those 3 almost every single day.
Natty CXL belt finally bit the dust after years of consistent wear. Can't wait to try one of the new ones since they're released!
Has Alden ever made a shoe or boot in Color 6?
I can see that, maybe one of these days I'll try one without a ticket pocket. I have a blazer with patch pockets and I like the look of that, but all my jackets with flap pockets as of right now have ticket pockets
Yes I did! He was very good and finished everything quickly. I actually snapped this picture in the dressing room there. Pretty expensive though, $45 just for a hem and slight taper below the knees.
19384.2 + 8 = 19392.2
Maybe Carmina can't source any shell because Alden is using it all up for all their confirmed Ravello and Whiskey orders that are coming up soon. :P
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