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Don those Brixtons have aged so nicely
If anyone is having that many issues getting a button fly open before pissing at a urinal, then the fly is not your biggest problem, maybe you need to see a urologist. You're looking at maybe 3 seconds max with a button fly as opposed to 1 second with a zipper.
Probably around $700 or so for an inexpensive fabric, with the price increasing along with the fabric cost.
Congrats Mike and Adele on the move...again! My timing is just a little bit off, I'll be in NYC for a wedding on the weekend of May 7-8, I wish it would have been this weekend so I could hit up the Brooklyn store closing sale. And, I'm planning a trip out west in August, too early to check out the new space in LA!
I think it was just posted on SF, I didn't get an email either.
I started by mailing in a pair of decent fitting pants a while back, and it took several iterations of changes to get the fit exactly the way I wanted. Now that I've gotten this fit I won't be messing with my pattern any more.
Me too! I only have one pair but I need more. I'm thinking my next bigger Luxire purchase might be a full Fresco suit.
^ alright I'm all-in on that waffle, especially with the extra length option. Time to sell the heavier knitwear I don't wear and make some cash for this.
I almost started thinking the same thing, but then I thought maybe it's because I haven't found the right fabric yet. I wear linen pants in all kinds of colors and all kinds of shades - chocolate brown, navy, indigo, drab sand (really more of a medium brown), ecru, etc. I wear linen about 75% of the year so I like to have more than just really light tones to wear. Or I could always just give up and stick to Minnis Fresco if I want lightweight grey pants!
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