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Yeah I've been waiting longer for my most recent order too. I placed it during the summer sale so they must be backed up from that.
I have the Loden moleskin field jacket, and the last thing I really need is another piece of outerwear, but I couldn't resist the 25% off on the khaki duck canvas version. Just purchased
price drop on last remaining SNS Stark!
another price drop!
final price drops, these are heading to Goodwill if they don't sell at these prices!
more price drops!
I'm 6'4" and usually weigh anywhere from 205-210 and an XL is a perfect fit for me in the field jacket. You should measure a jacket you already own in the chest and shoulders and see how that compares. Epaulet's measurements on the website are on point.
That's too bad, hope your suitmaker starts feeling better soon and looking forward to more images shared in this thread.
I'm still thinking I might send in a jacket to have Luxire copy, but keeping some of the details of the previous jackets I've gotten from Luxire, like the wide lapels.
I like e-spoke! I've been able to get jackets made at other places, but the only pants I've ever gotten that I really like the fit of are my Luxire pants, so if I want a suit I'm going to need to give Luxire a try. Fingers crossed they can nail the unstructured shoulder.
New Posts  All Forums: