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I live in Tampa and I can confirm that it is a fashion wasteland. There is not one decent shop for men's clothes anywhere in the entire city...and Tampa is a big sprawling city that covers a lot of area. Sometimes I'll be at the mall with my wife and walk around in Nordstrom for about 5 minutes and I'll start thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing here?@Epaulet I think a Florida trunk show might be in order!
Love the shape of the lapel curve at the buttoning point on this jacket, excellent job
Wow that khaki field jacket is so killer. I wore my loden moleskin all winter long, it worked perfectly as a Florida winter jacket. It's already getting too hot here to even wear any kind of jacket most days, but I think I need the khaki as late fall or early spring piece.
$65 shipped, practically giving these away
drop to $70 shipped
drop to only $75 shipped CONUS
Looks great - I ordered the same fabric so I hope this means mine is on its way as well!
Possibly, but I've never had an issue with losing a crease in any of my Luxire linens. And really I'm not worried about having a super sharp crease in linen pants anyway.
I get no lining on my linen pants to make them more breathable. Linen is supposed to wear cool for the hot summer months and adding a lining kinda defeats that purpose imo.
drop to $85 shipped, can't go much lower on these so they will most likely be donated to Goodwill if they don't sell soon!
New Posts  All Forums: