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I don't have either, which is why I'm still thinking of getting both! I'll probably start with the tennis trainer and see how I feel a week from now...if there are any still available at that point.
I wish there was a photo of the tennis trainer with some wear. I think most are going for the GATs because of the awesome patina photos, and the unworn photos of the tennis trainers probably aren't doing the finished product enough justice. I definitely prefer the overall look of the tennis trainer compared to the GAT. And having said all that...I still might buy both.
I know I'm in the minority but I don't really like wearing shell with jeans. Something about the shine just looks off when paired with denim. I think suede and CXL look much better paired with jeans.
Thanks! I sent in a jacket for replication that already fit well, and made some minor fit and style adjustments. Luxire did a great job with the replication, and followed all the requests to exactly what I was looking for.And thanks to everyone else for the compliments and comments on the jacket. @emptym I've already made some of the changes you suggested on my next jacket, and I will consider some of the others as well. The gorge is a little high but I don't mind it. I...
And for today, Luxire x3 - got my sand canvas jacket back with the bump in the shoulder fixed. Luxire did a bang-up job on this and I can't wait to get my other 2 current jacket orders finished and shipped. Also wearing the sky blue oxford and my very first pair of Luxire trousers, the chocolate brown linen.
^ good point, that may be the issue, I meant top meaning the top shirt in the stack. A better description would be left to right: sky blue linen cotton, pale blue cool linen cotton, and sky blue oxford. I tried to take a pic in natural light without any filters or adjustments, but I'm just using an iPhone so the colors could be off a bit. The main thing I wanted to show was the difference in the shades, how the pale blue cool linen cotton was more saturated than the sky...
3.1 this morning. It felt like I was running really fast, but I barely finished under 9 min per mile. My legs must have been heavy after leg day at the gym yesterday.
Nope, the pale blue is in the middle and sky blue is on the bottom (left). The sky blue linen cotton is much more saturated than the pale blue cool linen cotton. I'm definitely looking forward to Luxire stocking a pale pale blue linen cotton, I'd probably buy at least 2 of those.On the issue of CMT, if you don't like Luxire's prices, then don't use Luxire for CMT. I don't think they need to defend their pricing, as it's pretty clear that is not a core piece of their...
Here's the comparison shot I promised yesterday, sky blue oxford on top, pale blue cool linen cotton in the middle, and sky blue linen cotton on the bottom:
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