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All my pants are flat front and have big ass cuffs, that's just personal preference though. I have pretty long legs and I think the cuff helps break up the long straight line from waist to shoe.
^ I saw them briefly, but I'm going back to look now and they're not loading.
so much win in those last 2 posts that my iPhone couldn't even handle it. I could feel it literally heating up in my hand as it tried to load all the photos. But I see a few of the 8oz tweeds that I'm definitely interested in getting made up into a sport coat.
I got horn on my ecru, I think it looks equally as good as the wood, but I would have been happy no matter which buttons I got.
Got my order in for the brown fresco, can't wait
9 this morning, hip flexor still giving me issues. If it still hurts on the next run I'll rest a little.
Damn, missed the brown fresco...any of those left?
Living in FL I only get to wear my knits a few times a year. Mine are still scratchy
I wouldn't recommend wearing an heirloom over a tee. When I got mine earlier this week I tried it on fresh out of the box and I was just wearing a tee at the time. It was pretty noticeably scratchy, at least to me. I'd only wear mine with some sort of L/S shirt underneath.
New Posts  All Forums: