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still more price drops, someone take these off my hands!
one more drop
I've never ordered a safari jacket through Luxire, so I would suggest contacting them directly to get started. Or maybe @CruzAzul would have some good tips since he's been very successfully in this endeavor with Luxire.
They might not nail everything 100% exact on the first go-round, but the sizing should be pretty spot on for the most part. Make sure to explicitly spell out specific details that you want to make sure your suit has. I would not recommend using a suit jacket as the pattern for a safari jacket or a denim jacket, chances are your measurements and then overall construction may be significantly different.
Same here. I wore my SS Merino maybe 3x last year, yet I always lust after all this awesome outerwear that I have no use for. That Camoshita is fire
^ nice! My size is super odd (12.5B) so I hope I could add that with a pre-order.
Wanted to double check on this and see if the #8 Alt Wiens were going to be re-ordered again anytime soon. There might be an order already out there that hasn't been fulfilled yet, so I'm guessing probably no new orders until that one is stocked.
one more price drop
one more drop on last remaining Stark
more drops!
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