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What JezeC said should be correct. Did you click on the link in the email? It should bring you to their website and should have a tracking number there.Oh yeah, it's been a long time coming, thanks!
Now I'm hoping Alden DC is a little late on processing my Whiskey PTBs....just got notification from TSM that the Ravello Wingtip Boots have shipped! I thought I would get a heads up that they have arrived and would be shipping soon, but I just got an email with a tracking number, so they're on the way! Now, the last thing I should do at this point is complain.......but, I moved recently and the boots are shipping to my old address. TSM should probably confirm addresses...
Thanks for the PSA - just picked up the brown bluchers. I'm hoping a 12C works for me, and at only $149 I had to give it a shot!@Burzan those whiskey PTBs look great! Were you on a pre-order with Alden DC? I reserved a pair months ago, and they confirmed my size would be on this run, but I haven't gotten a call from them. I tried following up with Kathy but haven't heard back yet.
Big +1 to this. I haven't gotten any EP jackets recently for exactly this reason. I'm right in the middle of a 42L and 42XL, so if there was just a tiny bit of extra length and a slightly lower buttoning point, then a 42L would fit me like a glove. I'd also like to see slightly wider lapels. Most of my MTM jackets have very wide (4.25") lapels, so I wouldn't expect EP to go that far, but I think widening them from 3" to 3.5" would look great.You're spot on with wider...
6.6 this morning, and according to my RunKeeper app I ran my fastest pace ever at this distance (just over 2 years since I started tracking my runs). Finished in just over 58 minutes. And FWIW, I have no problem with Flying Monkey or anyone here being much faster than me, I realize that I'm one of the slower dudes ITT, and it's inspirational to see the kind of times that are consistently posted here. I think Fueco hit home the point that I was trying to make, it does come...
Eh, that whole post reeks of humblebrag. To say a full marathon in 3:26 is "not that fast" is a bit of a stretch, to say the least. That's like an 8 minute mile for over 26 miles. Outside of competitive runners, I'd wager that there's not a whole lot of people that can do that. This isn't to say that it can't be done, obviously it can, but to act like it's not a big deal is a bit silly. I'm 6'4", so that would be like me saying I'm not that tall, because there are some...
10.2 miles this morning in 40 degree weather. Not too cold compared to what some others here are used to, but I was literally running in high 60s to low 70s temps every day up until today. It felt really cold for the first mile or so, but once my body warmed up I felt fine, and I ended up having one of my fastest runs ever at this distance.
drop to $60 shipped CONUS
6.2 after work today in 55 minutes flat.
Cool, thanks for the timeline. I just ordered mine about a week ago, so I'm not gonna stress about it too much. My last couple pairs of pants were shipped really quickly, but those were fabrics Luxire had in hand. I assumed these would probably take a little longer. And you'll get yours before me so let me know how the Minnis light grey flannel turns out!
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